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CF-151 (Rafale) * What-If

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CF-151 (Rafale) * What-If

Complete aircraft based on JAT81500 terrific Export Rafale Pack v1.0 :



Fictional Royal Canadian Air Force Rafale Mod for SFP V2 (CF-151)

This addon represent the folowing versions of the Rafale :

- Canada (F3+ version) 
*** Same version as India ***
Rafale EH

Changed the roundel on the skins and the decals on this pack are  made by me.

Background :
As the original Lockheed Martin F-35 Lighting II Canadian Procurement have been froze by the Liberal government after their 2011 election. It's been long speculated which fighter would replace the aging CF-188's of the RCAF. In 2017, the Liberal government announced the 18 Boeing Super Hornet would be bought as interim aircraft to fill the holes of the current Fleet of CF-188's so operational status can be maintained at 100%. As the tender for the replacement still went on, many manufacturers when on the line to win the replacement aircraft contract.

In the year 2017, Boeing sued Bombardier (Canadian Aerospace Company) over a dispute on aircraft sales (CS-100's below cost) to Delta Airline. Many actors in Canada, USA and even Britain went to defend the Canadian Company that their was nothing wrong by doing so as Boeing did it in the pas itself (like Air Canada Boeing 787). The response by the Canadian Government was to initially re-think the 18 Super Hornet's order. On septembre 25th, the US court stated the Bombardier was at fault and a double 80% sale tax was then charged on every CS-100 sale to the US market. The Canadian response was immediate with cancellation of the Super Hornet buying. 

On september 26th, the Liberal's announced that a new fighter have been chosen for the RCAF. The secret have been well kept in the RCAF and government ranks. The announced was the cancellation of the F-35 Lightning II procurement and the buying of 72 Rafale C (same as EH model of the India Air Force) with armament, support and maintenance for a life span of 30 years. The Rafale C under the RCAF would be called CF-151 Rafale-C and would equipped the 6 Tactical Fighter Squadrons (401, 409, 410, 416, 425 and 433).

The 12 first planes (serials 151101 to 151112) were delivered as early of 2018 to the 410 Cougars for training and transition of the CF-18 pilots.  Then the other squadrons received their 12 planes each in late 2018- early 2019 time line.

Here is the 12 serials per squadrons :

410 Cougars        151101 - 151112
425 Alouette        151113 - 151124
433 Porc-Épic        151125 - 151136
409 NightHawk        151137 - 151148
416 Lynx        151149 - 151160
401 Ram            151161 - 151172



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