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  1. Condolences to the family, close friends and evyone who had the chance to know him!
  2. S-2F RCAF Skin pack (CP-121) + layered template

    Seems I forgot to add the decal folder in the package. Simply unzip and drop this file in the Decals/S-2F folder and problem should be solved :) RCAF.zip
  3. Took a while, but CFB Bagotville and Cold Lake will get their Lightning II. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-canada-finalizes-19-billion-purchase-of-f-35-fighter-jets/
  4. I saw schemes of F-18E, F-18F and F-14 of Top Gun Maverick, but not the bandit one... Well this one will be out soon :)
  5. The US have kept secret the development of special weapons that were made for the newly Space Force. In the year 2023, the United Space Space Force received their 12 first fighter pod for their Earth Base (tail code EB). In the year 2026, the squadron to be based on the moon (tail code MB) will received their 12 fighter pods. Picture of the Space Force fighter pod 007 after takeoff from Earth base.
  6. Well, look where i got with a Huey :) Went higher but can't remember how high it was before i exploded
  7. CF-115 Northern Eagle

    Replace these 2 files in the decals/410 folder as the one i included in the pack are the wrong one's :) SQNLTail410_.tga SQNTail410_.tga
  8. That simplifies a lot. Note that the ''side'' roundels have changed in 2017-2018 period. See this image as exemple As for the squadrons, you must have the 410 as this is the Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron. Would be a good thing to have the 401 or 409 (Cold Lake) as the West component, but i would surely put the 425 or 433 (Bagotville) for the East component. And i would not go with more than 24 birds (2 sqn of 12 unit) if it's to fill a gap (we don't have that much money) :) For the Sqn decals, a lot have already been done on the CF-18 i made the decals for on the ODS30th anniversary project. Might have to take a look :) As for the name, as there is already the CT-155 Hawk in RCAF inventory and going with the RCAF plane number designations, i would doubt they would name the F-15 CF-155. So I would go with CF-115 instead. All serials number will have 6 numbers beginning by 115 (115001, 115002, and so on). You can send me what you will have done and test it with pleasure and give you my comments :)
  9. Canadian F-15 version... a what-if that was almost reality when the US wanted us to buy the F-14 that were sold to Iran but not been delivered when the agreement collapsed due to regime change :) Plan to do what exactly (sqdn, time period, etc.)
  10. These CF-5A's (CF-116) always looked good. My two cents : Your side decals are wrong :) ''CANADIAN ARMED FORCES'' on left side and ''FORCES ARMÉES CANADIENNES'' on right side. and Canadian flag is too big on the tail. But great looking!
  11. Went on to do a campaign with the O-1E Bird Dod in Korea. Have been assigned to a rare Armed Recon mission and i laugth when i saw what was my target :)
  12. A-10 Hog sites?

    Have you seen these sites : https://www.airport-data.com/manuf/Fairchild_Republic.html https://www.spottingmode.com/opad/fleet/united_states/air_force/fairchild_a-10_thunderbolt_ii/
  13. Hi Stratos, Maybe these should help :) These are the templates for Tchad scheme i made for ODS 30th anniversary :)
  14. RCAF taking delivery of their first two CF-355A
  15. SF2_OpDarius_2022_F35_401TFG.zip

    Don't get me wrong, but the marking for the RCAF on your bird is not ok. Especially the tail which do not represent the RCAF markings system. You should also use the current system markings. I made a 410Sqn RCAF F-35 skin but i did not posted the file at CA because is was far from my standrad for a release:) I think the RCAF might call it the CF-135 or CF-355 (a plain guess here) if i got with their past designations... However, always glad to se people wanting to do RCAF stuff! See pictures of what i done then. Forget the beginning of the serial numbers (151...) as it as on the CF-151 thing months ago :) I think i might revisit the V2.0 skin i started for various squadrons. You can be sure the 409, 410, 425 and 433 will get some of the new fighters along with the 414. But now that the choice is almost made to get the F-35, i'm just wondering if they will go for a dark scheme or not :) Updated version :

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