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CP-122 Neptune

Royal Canadian Air Force Neptune Mod for SFP2 v1.0 (CP-122)

*** This is a mod of the original P-2H (P2V-7) released by Tracker and the Argentine Modders Group ***

This Mod represent the CP-122 Neptune of the RCAF :

You fill find the complete aircraft in this package.

404,405 and 407 Squadrons
Early (AB + 3) 
Early (RCAF + 3)
Late (RCAF + 3)

All decals are made by me. I redraw the panel lines and rivets. 
Serials are real one's but not squadron specific.

Background :
The Canadian version of the Lockheed Neptune (P2V7) served as an anti-submarine, anti-shipping and maritime reconnaissance aircraft in the RCAF Maritime Air Command from 1955, replacing the Avro Lancaster maritime aircraft. The Canadian P2V7 was fitted with piston engines initially, although, in 1959, the Neptunes had two underwing Westinghouse J34 jet engine pods retrofitted, similar to those fitted to US Navy variants. Armament included two torpedoes, mines, depth charges, bombs carried internally plus unguided rockets mounted externally underwing. A total of 25 Neptunes served with nos. 404, 405 and 407 squadrons until 1960. Upon unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968, the Neptune was retired and retroactively re-designated the CP122, The RCAF Neptune was replaced by the Canadair CP-107 Argus in the same year.



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