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Kurnass Early Skin Pack

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Kurnass Early Skin Pack

Kurnass_Early F-4E TW For SF2I
Kurnass HiRes Skin by NeverEnough
Hangar and Loading Screen by NeverEnough
F-4E Template by Sundowner
Mk7 Ejection Seat by ravenclaw_007
IsAF50s Pilot by Diego
Improved Afterburner Effects by Spillone104

These skins are for the TW Kurnass included in StrikeFighters2 Israel.
Simply extract the contents of the Kurnass_Early.zip to your desktop or a temporary folder.  Then copy/paste the Effects and Objects folder into your Mods\StrikeFighters2 Israel folder.  If asked to "OVERWRITE" or "Replace The Files In The Destination", click yes.
Shift 0 will open and close the canopy.
Israel had first expressed an interest in acquiring the Phantom in 1965, but the U.S. was not yet willing to sell the fighter to Israel. In December 1968 the "Peace Echo" deal was signed for the provision of 44 F-4Es and 6 RF-4Es to the IAF, and on Friday, September 5th, the first Israeli Phantoms landed at Hazor AFB. The four planes, wearing an IAF color scheme but still carrying their American markings, joined the new 201st "Ha'ahat" (The One) squadron, commanded by Shmuel Hetz. Delieveries continued at a rate of 4 a month and on October 23rd the 69th "Patishim" (Hammers) squadron was reformed at Ramat-David, headed by Avihu Ben-Nun. The type entered service as the "Kurnass" (Sledgehammer), the last aircraft arriving in May 1971. 
The skins are for the The One (201st) and Hammers (69th) squadrons.
Thank Sundowner for the insanely detailed templates, and ravenclaw_007 for the droptank details and the two sharks mouths.  The artistry and craftmenship in their contributions to our community never ceases to amaze me.
To ensure you realize the whole nine yards, be sure to add the ravenclaw_007 Weapon Packs to your install!
I hope you enjoy!


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