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  1. PC Rebuild Questions.

    KJakker, I just waded through your thread on Techreport. I had forgotten that the 3700X does not have any graphics capability. That would certainly explain the lack of video output. Did you re-install your video card to see if you have any on screen error messages? If your current bios version does not support the 3000 series processors, you will have to flash to a current bios version. Before flashing the bios, you really need to get video output to check for error messages. Do a google search for" ASRock B450 Pro4 and AMD 3700X " for any potential hints on your current adventure. If it is a bios compatibility issue, you will find some other poor souls sharing your experience. Check ASRock's user forums for helpful info.
  2. PC Rebuild Questions.

    KJakker, from the pictures it would appear you do not have a video card installed. Are you using the onboard video? Just trying to determine if you have any video output to check for error messages. I watched the attached video, and saw the blinking led on the case front. First impression is the system is looking for an operating system. Since you are going from an intel chipset to an amd chipset, your new motherboard and processor will not be able to read any of the previous system's chipset drivers. Do you have a speaker plugged into the motherboard pinouts? Do you get any beeps, which can be used for diagnostics. You mentioned you have not been able to have the bios show up on screen. If I remember correctly, you need to hold down the INSERT key on startup to enter the bios. Check your motherboard manual to confirm the bios is accessed with the INSERT key. After opening the bios, you need to set a boot drive. If you have the boot drive from your prior system connected, disconnect it. Do you have a Windows 10 installation dvd? If you do, set the dvd drive as your boot drive and insert the Windows 10 installation disk in the dvd drive after opening the tray. Before giving anymore advice, let me know if you have been able to access the bios. I am kinda flying blind without knowing the answers to the prior questions.
  3. PC Rebuild Questions.

    Kjakker, are you swapping an Intel chipset motherboard with another Intel chipset motherboard, or are you going from an Intel chipset to an AMD chipset motherboard? If you are changing motherboard chipset manufacturers, the system will not find any compatible chipset level drivers which load before the operating system. It will be unable to access any drives, which is where then chipset level drivers are located.
  4. Both Sundowner and Wrench: positive thoughts, energy and prayers (whatever works!) to both you guys. You both have been significant figures and familiar voices in this community for an awful long time, and hopefully you will both remain active, energetic and healthy for a very long time to come. This would be an appropriate time for a group hug, but everyone should be mindful of the stitches! Please be well!
  5. Russo: Are the model names case sensitive? Your Rail entry is ModelNodeName=LOW_RAIL, but you said in Max it is LOW_Rail.
  6. I look forward to any of your new projects! The Spanish Civil War had such an interesting mix of aircraft, testing for the upcoming big event (WW2).
  7. Mue: This might be helpful: Moments are non-dimensionalized using length (either span for lateral coefficients like Clb, or chord for pitch coefficients). Moments due to force (Clb and Cnb) are divided by (span), and moment due to rate (Clp, Clr, Cnp, and Cnr), are divided by (span*span*0.5), I _think_... So, equation wise, (where q=0.5*density*v*v) [Roll moment due to sideslip] = q*S*(span)*(Clb) but [Roll moment due to roll rate] = q*S*0.5*(span)*(span)*(Clp) [Roll moment due to yaw rate] = q*S*0.5*(span)*(span)*(Clr) [Pitch moment due to pitch rate] = q*S*0.5*(chord)*(chord)*(Cmq) etc. TK
  8. Mue: This is from my SF Notes files: mac = Mean Area Chord, Is used as Reference Chord=x.xx under the aircraft data section. It's also the area of the wing surface from where one would calculate the Xac tables from. Usually a range starting 25% of the distance along a longitudinal line drawn along the mac, aft from the leading edge (LE), and ending 60-70% of the way back from the LE along the chord. BTW, calculate the the coordinates fore or aft of the centerline using an accurate three view for reference...not the 3D model. Ymac = The mean area chord as represented along the "Y" axis, measured out to either side of the centerline of the aircraft(left=-value, right=+value). And yes, the 'significant digits do matter.... if you're taking the trouble to do it, why not do it right? BTW, Kreelin's Aeroconvert is under utilities, in our downloads section. I'll rummage around through my FM files to see if I can find more for you.
  9. Tornado F.3 skins?

    In answer to Wrench's question about Bobrock's F.3 SF2 update:
  10. New Aircraft

    Geezer, It is great to have you back after your period of absence. Greatly appreciate all your efforts towards making FE and FE2 some of the most impressive abandonware on the planet. Someone way brighter than I said: "Better a diamond with a flaw, than a pebble with none". I guess he was saying everything reaches a point of diminishing returns. Most importantly, do what you enjoy. Thanks again.
  11. Anatra DS and Anatra C.I updated

    Stephen1918: I gotta tell you, this is some pretty extraordinary customer service! Thanks yet again for your amazing contributions to the FE and FE2 community.
  12. UllyB, thanks for all your efforts to find a way to get the Su-34 model done and for generously sharing it with the community. I always thought the expression, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" was pretty sound advice. I'm sure quite a few people are looking forward with great anticipation to seeing the final fruits of your endeavor! Thanks again for sharing it with us all.
  13. PFunk, I'm looking forward to your updated Operation Darius. I would be flattered to have the JH-7A included. Best of luck on your project!
  14. baffmeister, you might take a look at Geezer's 1930's Bomb Pack which I think was in the FE downloads. He includes British, Italian and German bombs from the late 1920's through 1945. I just got back into the WW2 material, and have been trying to update the old bomb models. Some of the weapons are pretty long in the tooth. Ravenclaw has some dazzling dumb bombs, HVARs and RP-3 models that will fit the time frame and make your ordinance look good.
  15. Still in the Game

    Raven, it would seem that you are truly a survivor. Be well, and best wishes.

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