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FW-190 A5 Flight Model

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FW-190 A5 flight model attached. It's for the Wolf/Wrench package available here: https://combatace.com/files/file/13692-sf2-ww2-focke-wulf-fw-190a-5/

I started out making an A8 version for Battle of the Bulge use but found the various versions and potential engine options so confusing it seemed better to build an earlier version first to get a baseline BMW-801D engine table and finalize the aerodynamics. Here's a brief review of some of the engine boost systems used for the FW-190:

Water/Methanol Injection: This was tried with the early fighter bomber versions but caused engine issues so wasn't continued with. Water/methanol may have been used on later versions but I'm not sure!

Injection of C3 fuel directly into the supercharger: This seems to be the system that found favor with the fighter bombers. An additional tank was installed in the fuselage giving a 30 minute supply and could be used for 10 minutes at a time with 10 minutes rest between use. The system could only be used in low blower at low altitudes. Also, due to overheating issues, it could only be used in level flight. For later versions the low blower and level flight restrictions may have been lifted but..........I'm not sure!

Nitrous Oxide Injection: Used on some versions to boost high altitude performance. Not going there.

The usual "increase the RPM and Boost" system. Going there for this version. The standard WEP boost of 1.42 ATA gives about 1700hp at sea level 1540hp at 20000ft compared to the 1.32 ATA climb power rating of 1480hp at sea level and 1405hp at 20000ft. The max speeds for a good A-5 were around 350mph at sea level and 407mph at about 20000ft. The speed checks I've done with this FM are quite close but I still have to refine the engine table a bit. From about mid 1944 the "Dry Boost" limits were increased again, with a 10minute limit. I will probably make a "standard A8" with those limits at some point as well as a dedicated fighter bomber version.

Other Stuff:

The A5 FM is meant to represent the "Standard Fighter" version but there were so many assorted "kits" available for the FW-190 it's hard to say how common a standard version was. The fighter bomber versions have a considerably higher empty weight so for this reference FM I'm paying very close attention to the actual empty weight and flight weight of a standard A5. Some Focke-Wulf documents list the flight weight as 4000Kg/8818lbs and I'm very close to that but CHECK YOUR AMMO WEIGHT! From the Focke-Wulf document the ammo weight should be 201kg/443lbs. I was well over that when I checked it but didn't see anything obviously wrong with the gun datas except for a missing cartridge weight entry. I used some data from an AvHistory gun and now the ammo weight is at 520lbs. I've seen what I think are occasional weight glitches in the load out menu but there may be a gun data error somewhere.

Here's the FM: FW190a5_DATA0.95.zip


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