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Level Bombing - Sight Setting Aid?

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I've always wanted to do level bombing in jet aircraft, but have only ever tackled it in WW II prop planes. I do almost all of my jet bombing from a 20 or 30 degree dive at a speed of 500 KCAS and have become reasonably accurate with it. Now that I have the Range terrain installed and are flying my what-if RCAF CF-105 Thunderchief in a campaign, I'd like to try to master level bombing in the Thud. One of my problems with starting though, is determining what the bomb sight depression setting should be?

I have Bunyap's Weapons Delivery Manual and his Ripple Planner, but the Sight Setting tables in the WDM only contains dive angles as shallow as 10 deg. That leaves me wondering what DefaultDepression should be set to in the F-105 cockpit INI for a 0 deg/level release? I could probably fudge with the math in the WDM Sight Setting tables and eventually extrapolate a setting for a 0 deg. dive, but I'm a bit too lazy for that.  :smile:  So...I'm hoping someone here might know of another reference source, or what the depression setting should be? Or for that matter; whether it's even possible to have a bomb sight setting for a level release? 

Any info would be much appreciated.

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