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  1. I'll just add that if you ended up buying Milberry's CF-100 book, it'll probably be well worth the $ and wait. I have his Canadair Sabre book and it's top shelf stuff.
  2. I purchased SF2 Europe and the Mission & Campaign utils about 3 months ago and then SF2 North Atlantic the next month. My email from TW with the product keys arrived within minutes in both cases.
  3. I decided upon SF2 Euro, SF2 NA and the Mission and Campaign utils as my initial purchases. With NF5 and the 2 additional terrains I downloaded for those as well as the Intruder super pack which I got working with my old WoV A-6 cockpit, I'm content with that for the time being. I'm currently on a sort of 80s cold war theme inspired by a reread of Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising. So I'm tooling up to run campaigns in SF2 and are currently playing similar themed scenarios in a strategy game called Command Modern Air Naval Operations. I also dug out my old Dangerous Waters naval sim game, installed it and downloaded the fan-made Red Storm campaign. So I'm way too spoiled at the moment with all I have to play. :) SF2 Israel still beckons to me though and it'll certainly be my next purchase in the series. And hell yes the F-15 which IIRC the IAF still has the best ever kill ratio with, will be awesome to fly!
  4. I went looking to buy it a few months ago when I was looking for a cockpit for the Intruder Super pack, but I couldn't find a retailer. Sure looked to be discontinued to me. The WoV A-6 + Intruder Super Pack, makes for a good SF2 Intruder though.
  5. Maybe those tanks appear to be rolling on top of the water, because they're actually the vastly improved 2nd gen hover tank. Because we all know the original 1st gen really needed some improving upon....... ...
  6. Are we sure this is a kludge? Perhaps it's an attempt to model a X project version of the Cobra, where a 3rd air/ground man with a modified bionic body could pick up the helo when landed and walk with it. Seems like a good idea if you ever have to put it down and quickly move it under cover. Heck, there was a lot of projects like this buried deep in that mountain military lab in New Mexico - overheard a conversation about those projects recently at a rally for a certain famous politician. I'm just sayin, there's people out there who are in the know!
  7. NICE, I so want Soviet super-amphibian tanks in the North Atlantic to strafe and rocket! :-P Is it really just as simple as plunking a waypoint down on the water and would it be doable with TW's mission editor?
  8. I only queried about seperate USB ports for mouse & KB, because I get similar behavior to what you experienced with my PC if I have them connected to my USB 3,0 hub. Typically USB 3 hubs are better at handling multiple USB 2 devices, but my KB & mouse are no goes for being connected that way -TracIR 5 isn't cool with it either. When connected to the hub they'd work fine in some games, but as soon as I launch a game that uses my USB gaming devices they wouldn't work. Meanwhile my throttle quadrant, rudder pedals, joystick and an old USB 1.1 gaming keypad are perfectly fine connected via the hub. It took me a while to track it down, but I discovered that some motherboards with early gen Eltron USB 3 chipsets, don't handle some USB devices well when connected via hubs. Even worse, I've read that some of those defective chips are still being socketed onto more recent mboards. Anyhow, glad hear you got it fixed in the end because this game is too much fun to be missed. ;)
  9. If you're running the game on a desktop computer, are your mouse and keyboard connected to their own USB ports?
  10. A Russian Ilyushin IL 20 transport was shot down over the Mediterranean by Syrian Air Defenses, but Russia places the blame on Israel who were conducting air strikes with F-16's in the same region. Here's 3 different news reports: BBC News Military.com The Military Times I guess it comes down to whether you accept that 1 minute is, or isn't adequate warning for an impending air strike. Or whether you believe Syrian ground forces have the sophistication to have averted it with better warning. Based on all I've read about the Syrian civil war, I'm skeptical that official Syrian forces have such capabilities.
  11. Well to be fair to Third Wire, for the majority of the radar avionics modeled in this game, conveying the sort of information you're suggesting for a radar lock wouldn't be that realistic - probably not even for a "normal" setting. Until you advance to the targeting radars available in the early 4th gen aircraft in this series like the F-14 or F-15, the most the radars provided was a single target acquisition strobe. Even those early 4th gen radars only symbolically conveyed a bit more info. There were some specialized exceptions with more info such as the Intruder's DIANE, but it was ground targeting. I'm not sure if it's in the download section here anymore, but if you google Buynaps Range Opertations Guide, there's an excellent section on performing an intercept with the Phantom F-4E radar. It illustrates a lot of what a pilot had to do with those early radars, to tactfully maneuver into position on a target where they're close enough to ID it.
  12. Something else to be aware of; the Boresight radar mode can auto-lock a friendly target with no information warning you of that. I recommend mapping the 'Deselect the current radar target' command to your HOTAS or some other convenient device, so you won't be committing any unwanted fratricide.
  13. Ah OK - that makes sense. So am I correct in assuming the seat -which has it own LOD- can be attached to one LOD only?
  14. I wanted to change my TrackIR 5 integration in my recently enabled A-6E Intruder, which felt far too restrictive. So I did some searching and came across the LimitPitch=FALSE, LimitYaw=FALSE, and LimitRoll=FALSE edits for the VIEWLIST.INI. Extracting that INI and making those edits has allowed me head tracking movement that's less restricted for all my aircraft, which I'm perfectly happy with despite it not being realistic in all cases. The less restricted forward / backward movement however, has revealed something that I couldn't see easily before - that I can't view anything internally on the cockpit floor other than center and side consoles. My TrackIR 3 broke before I got much stick time in the WO series, so TBH I can't recall if that was also the case for the earlier series - something tingling at the back of my brain is telling me it was the case. So just for some clarification - has it always been the case that you can't view the cockpit seat internally and only externally?
  15. The fan-made patch out there for Comanche Vs Hokum (EE 2) includes the content of Apache Vs Havoc (EE 1.) From what I recall, that content was released by the owner of the IP to the creator of that patch . If memory serves me correctly, the owner of the IP is Empire Interactive while Razerworks was the dev studio. I wouldn't be surprised though, if that green light for EE 1 content only applies to it's use with EE 2, because one of the big complaints by fans at the time of C vs H's release was that it didn't bring enough new & shiny to the table. I certainly wouldn't assume it's open source to be used in other flight simulation games. [Edit] Well apparently memory doesn't serve me too well - dug out my old flightsim disk caddie and noticed that I have disks for 2 Enemy Engaged games. There's disks for Comanch Vs Hokum and a 3rd game just called Enemy Engaged 2. I think I forgot about that latter game, because it was pretty much just a repeat of C Vs H with the added fan stuff.

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