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  1. Thanks for the heads up Wrench. The frequencies were missing for the CF-188B's ECM setting, but I found the same AN/ALQ-126 ECM on the Intruder A-6E I'd earlier downloaded with the one exception that it was the A model instead of the B. That had a MinFreq=1.0 and a MaxFreq=10.9 and it did have a value of CanJamCW=True, so that's what I went with. I opened up the F-15A_Data.ini from NF5 for comparison and it had a MinFreq=2.0 and a MaxFreq=20.0 and a JammerStrength=60.0. Which makes sense as it's ECM was more capable/stronger, since it was equipped with the AN/ALQ-135. Anyhow, I hope those are correct settings or close to it.
  2. Cool & good to know. I found the ECM entry in the CF-188B's DATA.INI and it's an AN/ALQ-126B, so not as good as the AN/ALQ-135 and reported to be ineffective against strong SAM radars. That explains why during my 2nd to last mission those Soviet Goblins found me like a wasp buzzing along a white-washed wall. On the other hand that ALQ-126B was damn effective against some Floggers in my last mission that were trying to lock up my flight. They got 1 wingman, but that was with guns - we got 5 of them. I believe I can grok the actual entry where it aligns with some of the values you mentioned. This is what's listed: [ECM] ReferenceName=AN/ALQ-126B SystemType=ECM_JAMMER JammerType=DECEPTIVE_JAMMER JammerStrength=50.0 MinExtentPosition= -0.424,6.383,-0.287 MaxExtentPosition= 0.417,6.676,-0.409 I can see it's a deceptive radar and its strength (not sure what measurement unit that strength references), but I'm wondering if those MinExtentPosition & MaxEntentPosition values are related to the frequencies you mentioned? As well, it looks like this particular jammer has no continuous wave jamming capability, or is that possibly what the SystemType value is enabling? I haven't ever seen it mentioned, so I'm assuming the SF2 series has no support for dedicated ECM aircraft like the EF-111A Raven?
  3. I'm curious what internal ECM system is modeled in the CF-188B - since the readme mentions it's based on the Hornet Team F/A-18, I'm guessing its the same that's modeled in it? I'm fairly certain the radar is based on the Hughes AN/APG-65, but is that ECM perhaps the same as the AN/ALQ-135 in the F-15A? Or am I getting to granular here, when in fact that level of distinguishing detail isn't possible in this flight sim?
  4. Mostly, I'd just like wingmates to be able to effectively defend themselves while only equipped with external ECM, chaff & flare pods. I'd say I'd love more eyecandy and higher fidelity sound, etc...but the truth of the matter is my gaming rig isn't that terrific at powering DCS and IL2 BoS & I won't be upgrading anytime soon. I'm not much for online competitive multiplay, but co-op mplay would be a nice, fun feature. The other thing I'd love to see in a SF3 if the Vietnam theater were updated for it, is a few nice terrain objects for some of the legacy French Indochina forts and blockhouses in N. Vietnam. That way it'd be possible to do a French Indochina air war in Tonkin featuring recon and a heckuva lot of mud moving. And on that note, I'd like to see transport, air drops and para drops in a new edition. With all that, I'd be able to recreate some of those harrowing air mission flown in the Flying Boxcar.
  5. Excellent catch MigBuster, that was indeed the problem - all is good now. And doh!...to me being so preoccupied with the radar that I didn't even notice the HUD.
  6. Version 1.1 is what I downloaded with a Zip archive name of; CF-188B V1.1.zip. That's what I installed, but still no radar?
  7. I'll 3rd this - running Win7 64 bit Ultimate and TrackIR is always available as soon as I'm on the tarmac or deck, even with mouse view enabled.
  8. I downloaded and installed the CF-188B some months ago. While I really like the look of the skin and the cockpit, I don't have any working radar. Last night I tried to lock up a Flogger and Fishbed in SF2NA with my Sparrow 7Ms, which I'd maneuvered into optimal position for, but nothing. As well, pressing the turn On/Off Radar hotkey doesn't display any message on my HUD neither does pressing the change radar mode and range keys. Turning on ECM does display a message and appear to be working correctly. I noticed this in the CF-188B readme... The CF-188B does come with Effects, Flights, Objects (to my eye the Objects\Aircraft folders seem complete) and Sounds folder. All of which I installed, but was careful not to overwrite existing weapon files that were newer and larger, as I have the 2013 weapons pack installed. So do I need to also have that Hornet Team mod installed to have a fully functional CF-188B?
  9. $30 say what?!? The individual entries in the SF2 series haven't sold at that price for quite some time. I bought SF2 Euro and SF2 NA last year at $39.99 a pop, which ended up costing me about $53 CDN. I would have been a lot happier to have bought them at a 25% discount for $30. ;) With the mission & campaign editors throw in, it's the most I've spent on a flight sim in over a decade - even FSX Steam with enough add-ons that I can't count them on 2 hands, cost less. I'm only interested in still acquiring SF2 Israel and SF2 Vietnam, so if I were to opt for the Expansion 1 pack (I'm well read on the Suez Crisis, so don't see why I wouldn't) this will save me $10. I do prefer to buy them one at a time though, as that usually make me more committed to flying that particular entry and exhausting some of the game play before I move on...so I don't know. It does also get me all of those individual downloadable planes -most importantly the Mirage- so there's certainly that. ;)
  10. Great news! Any chance the download of the recent picks could be hosted on a different site than Zippyshare. When I click the button on that site to start the download it pops up a form asking me to install a file download manager. Yeah sure...no way in hell I'm doing that.
  11. Wow, didn't know this mod was even available. I used to love flying Razbam's Skyraider in WoV and doing close support missions. I don't own SF2 Vietnam yet and wasn't planning on getting it anytime soon, but this is very tempting.
  12. Yep, now that you mention it I seem to recall reading that too.
  13. Ah well, no doubt it would have been very attractive to my country's air force. I know our RCAF are insistent upon a 2 engine requirement, so the F-17 would have checked that box. To the best of my knowledge, the RCAF has never made use of the F-18s strong capability for landing on Aircraft Carriers. Mostly because my country's navy hasn't owned an aircraft carrier since 1969 - doh! I'm guessing other navy's don't allow aircraft from other nations to land on their carriers anyways. That said, I'm betting that strong F-18 undercarriage has saved some RCAF pilots from injuries on poor landings.
  14. I did a post and some searching a while back about this very question. From all I could find, it appears that the creator of this game (TK) never provided guidelines on how to do build a custom campaign. The current official campaign mod tool from 3rd Wire, is just a simple tool that lets you change the aircraft in an existing campaign to any nation's aircraft that you have installed. From all my reading in some of the forums here and a few external ones, it appears the only way to create a custom campaign is to modify the file for an existing one. That said, I couldn't find a document or posting that explained in detail many of the settings in a campaign file. I'd personally love to attempt some Northern campaigns (Iceland, North Baltic or Bering Straight), but trying to figure out the file was too daunting a task. Maybe I missed something though and one of the vets here could expand upon or correct what I've said?
  15. Question that comes to mind; would that aircraft be more like an evolution of the F-5E Skoshi Tiger, or more similar to the F-18 Hornet? Or might it even be something more akin to the F-16 Falcon? I admittedly know very little about the YF-17, but I'm very intrigued.

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