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  1. Not being able to purchase North Atlantic is indeed a shame, as IMO it changes the game via nautical ops the most for the better. Since you have Euro, the mod I'd recommend most is the NATO Fighters 5 campaign. It's large, comes in 7 different archives and clocks in at about 2.5 GB, but it adds so much quality and quantity to the Euro theater that it's worth every bit the effort. Kudos to all the modders here who put in the effort to create it.
  2. Oh yes, please do! The A-6E is among my favorite mud movers in SF2. Your work on the Tornado is amazing - I had no idea that a WO cockpit could even be modeled to that extent! I'm looking to produce some AAR's based on SF2 NF5 missions that work in conjunction with missions for the Global Mobilization expansion for ArmA 3 - 1983 cold war ground conflict around the vicinity of Weferlingen in the GDR. My idea is to have SEAD and CAS missions in SF2 NF5 affect the amount of Shilkas and T--55s that are on the battlefield in my ArmA3 GM missions. The Weferlingen area is covered in SF2 Euros with airbases in the vicinity, so it definitely seems doable. Considering I'll be focusing on the Tornado and F-4F Phantom II in SF2 missions, this mod will be very beneficial to my project. My biggest hangup so far is figuring out how to script missions with the ArmA3 Eden Editor, so that they allow for armor strength/numbers to be auto-adjusted based upon the the results of SF2 missions. Like SF2 though, there's lot of quality fan-made tools for Eden editing, so it's just a matter of continuing to throw myself at the learning curve. ;)
  3. Top Gun 2 Maverick Trailer (Official)

    Will it match the thrills of the original, or simply be The Mummy flies again.
  4. One of the problems I'm having with Shoot, is that it's maxing my mic's recording level. That could be the cause of the notrecognized wave continually being triggered, as it might be picking up background noise. I have noise suppression and echo cancellation enabled, but with levels being maxed it still might be responding to some noise or interference. I believe i have .NET 1.1 on my PC because of the installation of a legacy game. If you could post the original Shoot install, I'd be interested in installing it to see if I get better results.
  5. My country flew the F-5A and I've flown them in SF2 Europe - used to fly one a lot in Wings over Vietnam in what-if scenarios. It's dangerous to fly in heavy SAM theaters as it doesn't have a Radar Warning Receiver and consequently can't do, or is poor for SEAD. When flying strike or CAP with lots of AA, fly nape of the earth and pop-up to about 6000' at 1 NM distance from the target. It's decent with LDGP bombs delivery and is a very good rocketing platform. It's maneuverable and reasonably fast and therefore good in a dogfight; especially when going guns. Again though, without a RWR it's vulnerable to any A-A radar based missiles and without flares is vulnerable to heat seekers. So if you're going to dogfight get in close and gun them out of the air. You could also add the F-104 Starfighter, as it was specifically designed by Lockheed and funded by the US government for export to allied countries. I personally don't care for it, because it's a bitch to turn at high speed - also not that good in a dive. It's damn fast though and at least it has a RWR and a radar scope IIRC. [Edit] Forgot to mention that the F-5A for SF2 has a very pronounced roll when applying rudder. Some players are probably OK with it and you might prefer it, but I felt it was off. I use the RCAF CF-5A freedom fighter and there's alternative flight models that correct it. The F-5A wasn't good on takeoff and required a lot of runway and IIRC the base fan-made F-5A for SF2 is similar. So go full throttle before releasing the wheel brake. In real life the CF-5A had a variable undercarriage that would raise the nose and change the AoA so that it could take off easier. My grey cells are failing me though and I can't remember if that feature is modeled in the SF2 CF-5A.
  6. I have the .NET Framework 1.1 and .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed. The wave files play fine. What I'm hearing is the notrecognized.wav being repeated. It only plays once when [Capslock] is 1st pressed, but the moment I say something that notrecognized wave keeps playing in a continuous loop. Yes, I've done fairly extensive training with the Win7 voice recognition feature and for the most part it hears my reading of the voice-training text reliably.
  7. I tried it by loading your SFWov profile, but when I click the push-to-talk button [Caps Lock] I just get a pulsing, buzzing sound that occurs about every 2 seconds. As well, all of the menu items under Speech, with the exception of Recognizer > Profile (does correctly select my Win7 login name as the default) can't be accessed. Even using the keyboard shortcuts won't pop their dialog boxes/forms. I'm guessing there's some registry keys missing or maybe a system config file? I did check my mic under Win7 recordings and playback is very audible and clear - matches feedback I get from online teammates. I tried setting the Shoot.exe to WinXP SP3 compatibility, but it didn't make a difference.
  8. Well I'm certainly not shy of trying new things when it comes to software apps. Part of my skepticism though comes from Internet posts I read when trying to get Voicebot working. Those posts claimed voice recognition was defective in some editions of Win7 and Microsoft never did manage to get it to be stable - certainly fits with my experience. I'd also read that voice recognition was much improved in Window 10, which I plan to upgrade to before the year is out. So my skepticism is probably better described as hesitation, in that I'd be better to postpone any voice command software that uses OS voice recognition until I'm running on Win10. That Streakeagle had Shoot running on Win7 64 though, sounds promising and certainly worth a try.
  9. I've been looking for a functional voice command app too. I had to thrown in the towel on Voicebot, but in my case the failings seemed to be related to problems with core voice recognition in my install of Win7 64 Ultimate, which Voicebot leverages. I suspected my mic for a while, but team members in online games have said my voice comes across loud and clear. It seems to be the consensus that Voice Attack is the superior voice command product. I've wanted to try it, but poor results on my PC with even just training voice recognition, has made me a skeptic. I'm curious if either Shoot or Voice Attack use some alternative to the voice recognition built into the OS?
  10. Well the CF-188B mod is based on the Team Hornet F/A-18, so if the latter has it then it should be there. I have the CCIP mod for the Intruder from the A-6 Superpack and it's an excellent mod that makes one heckuva difference. Maybe I'm just not loading the correct armaments to see it in the CF188B?
  11. Agreed, the naval warfare has been a challenge to learn, but it's now become the best experience I've had with the any game in the series. I'm not sure of whether I have a CCIP in the CF-188B, but I have been getting good results using the EOD's like the Maverick a and have been wracking up lots of kills with the Laser guided Paveway II's. Verdict's still out a bit on the AGM-65a though, as I seem to have to get within 4 NM for it to be accurate, whereas everything I've read, including Bunyap's Weapon Delivery guide, states that I should be able to be accurate up to 7.5 NM out from the target. I am firing them at very low elevation, but even so you're supposed to have a decent chance after 7.5 NM, but fired from 7.5 - 4 NM my mavericks just hit the dirt or dive into the sea.
  12. I game with a very long-in-the-tooth PC (i5 2500, 4 x 3.3Ghz CPU, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX680 w/2GB, Win7 64) and I find both BMS Falcon and IL2 CloD TF 4.5 to run well; in the high 40s -to- low 60 fps with all the bells & whistles. So IMO the move to 64 bit and a newer gen of DirectX hasn't made them too unplayable. That said, I've found the optimal requirement specs posted on Team BMS and Team Fusions' respective website to be way out of line. Those seem to be for players that are doing mplay online on high pop servers, with 240 hz monitors at high resolutions who want bleeding edge fidelity. Initially Falcon BMS is a bit of disaster for weapons use - you don't have access to them until you issue the commands to get a weapons clear and to uncage them. That's confusing enough, but that it's so poorly explained if explained at all in the BMS user manuals, makes it that much worse. I agree about objects in Falcon BMS - there seems to be some real limitations imposed by the engine or the time constraints of the team. While the terrain got a significant improvement by the free inclusion of the once paid for 3rd party terrain tiles, objects seem to locked in the past. I still enjoy it when I want to click buttons in a high fidelity cockpit and I appreciate Team BMS's efforts, but TBH SF2's approach of device mappable commands with some relaxed realism is more my speed. IL-2 CloD with Team Fusion's 4.5 patch on the other hand, has intro'd significant improvements in terrain and objects. And considering their soon to be released TF 5.0 will be a whole new game set in North Africa with completely new aircraft, objects and terrains, that's a good deal of object and terrain enhancement. The game still has some warts like very quirky take-off physics in the Spitfire, but IMO it's evolved to be miles beyond the unplayable game it debuted as.
  13. Yes, I'm have Weapons Pack 2 installed, as well as weapons included with various aircraft such as the Intruder Superpack and the CF-188B which I'm assuming has the same weapons as the Hornet Team pack.
  14. That did the trick - after copying in the edited data INI I immediately had the AGM-84A and AGM-84C available to my flights. And wow what a difference having those weapons has made!
  15. Oh yeah, that's more like it! Now that I've got the Harpoon Block I and Block 1Bs available for my Hornet's, things are different. I loaded up 4 CF-188Bs with AGM-84A's, 4 with AGM-84C's and 4 with Walleye II's. The AGM-84C's did the trick and after 5 hits sunk the carrier. I fired last and it was a hoot to see my 4 AGM-84As plunge into the sea where a carrier had once been. Wow to the punch of the Walleye II - a single hit sunk a frigate. One of my pilots after firing off all his AGM-84As went guns against a Destroyer, landed 107 hits on it and survived to tell the story despite having 3 SAMs fired at him - psycho, absolutely psycho!

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