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'Euro' mod for Dan's early A-4K

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Here's another fun custom mod inspired by Dan's A-4Ks.  This one is an early A-4K 'Euro' mod for the stock TW Red Lightning '79 campaign. 

It has the Euro 1 paint scheme from Dan's mod which I managed to edit with chaff and flare dispensers (I didn't make the prettiest job, but good enough :smile:) and ALQ126A electronic counter measures from the A-4M.  It's armed with AIM-9Ls, Mavs and GBUs, but with the pre-Kahu steam-gauge cockpit.  It has proper LAU-7 and LAU-117 camouflaged missile rails.  Mod also has Pave Spike, and NZSAS and NATO ground laser designation teams. 

This thing is great fun to fly in Red Lightning, and doesn't disappoint as a WVR dogfighter with 4 AIM-9s on recce missions (although it doesn't have the legs for true Intercepts, CAPS and Sweeps); it's also a real can-opener with 4 AGM-65Bs! It has an .ini edit for low-level flying (AI pilots) and is almost invisible with the wraparound Euro 1 paint-scheme--the Kiwi Stealth Fighter!

Backstory is that 75 Squadron RNZAF traveled to Europe on the deck of a US Navy LHA in mid- '79 as NATO reinforced Germany.  An NZSAS detachment traveled with them, and may, or may not, have had anything to do with the acquisition of ECM, laser pods, GBUs, Mavs and Lima-model 'winders...  the Kiwis aren't talking, and the Marines aren't either! 

Mod is properly .ini edited into Red Lightning (rather than using the stock TW campaign editor) and flies beautifully in the campaign. :good:





Cheers to Dan, Ravenclaw and Nyghtfall for their awesome mods, on which this little mod is heavily based!




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