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Grumman F9F-2 Panther Aviación Naval

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Grumman F9F-2 Panther Aviación Naval

The only foreign buyer of the Panther was the Argentine Naval Aviation, which bought 28 ex-USN F9F-2B aircraft in 1957;
the first 10 arrived in 1958. Only 24 aircraft were put in service, the rest were used as spares.
The first flight of an Argentine Panther was in December 1958, and the last aircraft was put in service in January 1961.
The catapults on the then only Argentine carrier, ARA Independencia, were considered not powerful enough to launch the F9F,
so the aircraft were land-based. However, in July 1963 a Panther (serial 0453/3-A-119) landed on Independencia as part of trials;
becoming the first jet to land on an Argentine aircraft carrier.
Argentine Navy F9F-2 Panthers saw combat in the 1963 Argentine Navy Revolt, bombing and strafing a column of the Army 8th Tank Regiment
which was advancing on the rebelling Punta Indio Naval Air Base. The attack destroyed several M4 Sherman tanks, at the cost of one F9F Panther shot down.
The Argentine Panthers were involved in the general mobilization during the 1965 border clash between Argentina and Chile but no combat occurred.
They were taken out of service in 1969 due to the lack of spare parts and replaced with Douglas A-4Q Skyhawks.
The Argentine Navy also operated the F-9 Cougar.


- a new, dedicated Armada plane [needed to be used from carriers]; 3 Skins
- decals, screens


- BobRock: Panther
- Paulopanz: ARA mod


- put all in your mod folder


To land the Panthers from carriers (even if I made Independencia to use with):

Carrierbased=FALSE <------

or simply use the skis editing data and userlist inis USN Panther mod






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