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I think it would be really cool to do a mission where your fly cover for a Special Forces team on the ground ( meaning a huge strike package coordinated by a FAC birdog) Anywho itd be cool to fly in there and dop some snake and nape on charlie!


Or a Arc Light mission designed for lots of B52's flying into intensely hostile airspace with sams and flak to pound the heck out of Hanoi.


Id do these if i knew how to make a mission geez :sad:

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Guest Saganuay82

This is kinda sad and abandoned.


You have to go to Check 6 website. Look for SFP1 ont he left sidebar, click on it, then Utilities. Click on that. You will need to download WOVQMD. Thats by Kreelin.


Install that program into your main SFP1 folder. Once it is in there, double click on it and open the program.


Click on Terrain Map - Load Map. Then navigate to your terrain folder in your game and it should find a map for you. There is a better one in the Desert.CAT but I wont go into that here.


The click on File - New Mission. Give it a mission name and make sure it is saved in your mission folder. A window will open. We will work with the default A-4. You can see down the right that you can change many things. Leave them alone for now.


Double click on the A-4 on the left and that window will disappear. Then by holding your CTRL key down and clicking on the map you can start adding waypoints for your plane. You will see the blue icon and that is where the plane will start. You will now also see airfields around. Drag this blue icon over a friendly field. Right click on the map somewhere and a window will open. Select Mission dialouge in there. You will see on the right TAKE OFF. Click that. It should come up with another window saying player will take off from airfield XX.


Click Save All.


You can minimize the editor now and start the game. Go to Single Missions, Load Mission and you will see your mission in there. Click on it and start the mission.


This doesnt cover anything to do with targetting, adding carriers, ships, enemy flights. Play with it and it is easy to learn.

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Guest Saganuay82

A little continuance with this.


There are certain waypoints that the game requires. TAKEOFF, INITIAL POINT, OBJECTIVE POINT, LAND LINEUP and LAND TOUCHDOWN.


TAKEOFF and LAND TOUCHDOWN are easy. When you have your A-4 as above then all you have to do is put that icon over a friendly airfield and click Take Off. A box will come up and say that that flight will take off from XXX airfield.


LAND TOUCHDOWN is the same. Your last waypoint is on the runway you are landing on. Highlight that WP and then right click. Select Land at this waypoint and you will get the dialouge box again.


If you do not have the landing point defined and hit ALT N to fast forward, your game will lock up.


Oh and remember to save often.

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