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  1. Hi guys, I have been out of the loop for quite some time, just recently got back into gaming/SF Series... and this time I am using a Windows 7 based machine, so the file structure is a little different. I try adding downloadable content to the install folder on the C:// program folder, but the Mods didn't work in the game. Thought I'd ask if I am putting add-ons in the right folder. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated! Mark
  2. Can you guys post some pictures of the MF F-14 pit? Can't wait to get to my pc at home and try it out! It looks amazing!
  3. Thanks for the help Fubar! BTW, where is the entry for the wingtip vortices for stock aircraft? For example, for stock aircraft is there a F-4B effects .ini file that I have to extract from one of the objectdata00X files to edit? Thanks again!
  4. Hey guys, I'm tinkering with the latest F-14 vapes and trying to add them to the F-4(Perfect for those HOT HUMID HIGH DENSITY ALT. days in Nam) Haven't figured out what .ini edits are needed, but when I do I'll post. Just curious if this was tried by anyone else and if it worked!?
  5. Hi guys! I'm trying to get the Ultra-Mod 2.0, the link takes me to 000webhost.com and informs me about their hosting services and different rates.... no link for actual download. Did i mess up!? Thanks
  6. A big thanks for the heads up dave! I hear that if you get it from steam instead of yuplay, the swastikas are removed from luftwaffe aircraft. Is that so?
  7. Hey guys! I was looking into buying Wings of Prey which is supposidly similar to IL-2. Just curious if anyone else here has it and what they have to say?! Also, I noticed it's available via digital download from steam or yuplay websites. Does anyone here have any dealings with these sites or should I stay away and wait for the product to come out in stores (Sorry I'm very conscious about my credit card/info)
  8. Hi guys I had a quick question. How do you edit the aircraft's data.ini so that your navigator/nfo will appear next to you in the right seat? I tried searching for the thread and looking over the .ini from FastCargo's F-111 Series... couldn't remember how to get it to show unfortunatly!
  9. Any word on how this project is comming as of late?
  10. Hyperlobby

    I tried your method of creating an account, but unfortunatley I can't get it to work! I typed in a newly made user-name for the new acct. and clicked "connect" ... never got the option to fill out the rest of the account details and so forth. I tried it again with my newly made user-name and a new password and still didn't get anything :/ *StreakEagle, do you think you could make an acct. for my use if i fwd you a user-name/pw?
  11. Hi all! I'm trying to create a new user account from hyperlobby's webpage, however when I click on the "Create Account" link, it says "Sorry, this Module isn't active!" Any ideas on how to fix or work around this?
  12. Now F-35 is in a bit of trouble

    Here's the kicker. Israels piece of the pie making up funding for the F-35 JSF will likely be withdrawn in substantial amounts in favor of cheaper 4th gen fighters/UAS, reason being the US will use Contracting/Maint./Production/Engineering/Support of the JSF program to make Israel fall in line with it's foriegn policy. More or less "we won't support your hardware if you keep such a hard line against iran and palestine." Thankfully, Israel will have none of that.

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