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SPAD XIII C1. "Zig-Zag" for First Eagles 2 & 1

This is a skin for SPAD XIII C1. "SHOWBIRDS" to be used in  First Eagles 2 and 1

Historical notes:

This skin depict the SPAD XIII C1. Flown by Lieutenant Ben "Casey" Jones of 94th Aero Squadron. 
Ft. Alexander, Koblenz, Germany. April of 1919.

The pilots of the 94th Aero Squadron decided to paint their SPAD XIIIs. In an attempt to outdo one another they came up with what were termed the "showbirds". The planes were painted up for the April 1919 Air show at Koblenz. 

During the Spring of 1919, "Zig-Zag" took part of the "Showbirds" SPADs during the occupation duties in Germany, with more eight colourfull SPADs of 94th Aero Squadron.



This skin do not uses decal files, so will be easy install.

To install this skin and ini file, copy or drop the folder named "Zig-Zag" in any SPAD 13 aircraft folder that you wish. (it will work with all SPAD 13). 


In order to work properly on your loadout menu option, inside the "Zig-Zag" folder, there is a TXT file that you must open and COPY the content into your SPAD13_XXX.ini.

Directory=Zig Zag
Name=Zig Zag

Replace the (XXX) in the [TextureSetXXX] top line, with the appropriate number following your "ini" file order for others skins that you have already installed.



- Julio Junqueira skin

- Historical references by Bob Pearson. 

- Third Wire Productions for the original files that I used as base to my work.

- special thanks to CombatAce.com hosting the files.

This is freeware; you are allowed to use it as you wish, but The names of all contributors listed here, must be added in any new released readmes. This skin may not in any way, be used in any payware additions.


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