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How can I get Steel Tiger to use North Vietnam map?

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I've managed to stump myself once again this morning. So here is the scenario:

I'm trying to fly A-1s out of Nakhon Phanom RTAFB in the Steel Tiger campaign (Vietnam). When I load that campaign and select A-1s and Nakhon Phanom, for some reason it loads the South Vietnam map and I'm just getting default textures. If I go to create a Single Mission and select Nakhon Phanom and North Vietnam, the textures for North Vietnam (Green Hell 3.5) load correctly and it looks gorgeous. I tried editing the campaign.ini, but just changing the CampaignMap=SouthVietnam to VietnamSEA results in a freeze.

Any ideas? I'm wanting to start a campaign against the Ho Chi Minh trail flying A-1s out of NKP but I'm running up against a brick wall on getting the proper campaign map to load.



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Malibu to the rescue:

"The Steel Tiger campaign uses the South Vietnam map, so that part sounds correct. If you try to run that campaign in the North Vietnam map (“VietnamSEA”) it will crash and cause all sorts of issues…

Did you install Green Hell 3.5 in the South Vietnam folder as well? You need to install it there, but rename the VietnamSEA_Data.ini that GH 3.5 installs to SouthVietnam_data.ini. (I think those are the file names - double check)

FWIW - the North Vietnam and South Vietnam maps are the same map. The difference is what target areas are placed and active. North Vietnam has target areas in the heavily defended North. South Vietnam has softer targets in Laos, Cambodia, and just north of the DMZ with no SAMs and light AAA. It was created specifically for A-1 type missions."


I'm all set!!


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