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  1. Hmm..I tried messing with the MLU-44B flare, which references LumFlareEffects and adjusted a few things in LumFlareEffect to no success. The only thing I was able to change was the rate of falling, not the total burn time. I'm sure I'm missing one line (isn't that always the case!)...
  2. Man, I've spent a whole day on this and feel like I'm doing circles. I did some searching, and found several threads on this here, but I can't seem to crack the code on illumination duration. No matter what I've changed in any of the weapons or effects.ini files, I'm still unable to extend flare burn time. I'm trying to get the flares for the A-1 Skyraider to float down slower - which I did accomplish by adjusting the SubsonicDragCoeff and SupersonicDragCoeff values (to 6.52 and 10.222 respectively, as suggested Wrench. This causes them to float down slower - which is great, but they still extinguish at their default values of what seems to be 60 seconds. Any idea what I need to change to extend that burn time? Regards, BeachAV8R
  3. And, on request of another user - I gave IL-2: Cliffs of Dover (Blitz edition) a whirl last night and this morning and it looks great... (sorry for the topic drift here to other sims..but thought it might be interesting)
  4. On another (unrelated note) - I did manage to get Falcon 4: BMS working in VR the other day...still tweaking it, but it is pretty nifty...
  5. Sorry for the late reply..was having a crazy week at work with lots of weird flights and long hours. So these through the lens videos were all taken with my HP Reverb Pro. I absolutely love this headset. The resolution is fantastic, and it is really a very good headset for seated sims and gaming. The thickness of the cable makes it not so great for full room scale VR, but for sims it is great. It uses WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) software, which many Oculus fans would point out as a negative, but I think WMR has actually had some very good software updates and continuous development over the past year or so..it is always getting better. With any VR headset, I would always recommend either trying before you buy, or buying it through a site or store that allows for hassle free returns - just in case you don't like it.
  6. Some phabulous phfun, phairly phantastic mission until I got phragged by an SA-2... <small>I take getting shot at too personally..I should have never rolled in on that SA-2 site!</small>
  7. I would say probably so. VR gives stereoscopic vision by slightly shifting the image viewpoint between the left and right eyes. I couldn't really see much advantage to VR eyesight was limited to a single eye, although you'd still get the excellent head tracking and perhaps a wider field of view and "presence" in game over a 3D monitor and Track IR. It is an interesting question, but not one I can really give much insight on..
  8. Very rough video of EECH. Hard to hold the phone in the eyepiece while holding the VR headset and sort of trying not to crash. Obviously, it is much, much clearer in the headset..I'm trying my best not to let my phone camera hit the lens of the Reverb lest I scratch it. https://youtu.be/VJt5EasWLWk
  9. Hey Stratos! No, it's a piece of software that basically tries to turn 2D titles into 3D/VR capable games. I don't know how it does it..I assume it uses some algorithm to shift the frame slightly, make two of them, and then send those images to the left and right eye pieces of the VR headset. It has worked pretty well on the titles I've tried so far..but it is definitely a tool for tinkerers. I held off buying it for a long, long time because the reviews for it were generally negative, probably mostly because people were expecting it to do something it doesn't do. It doesn't take 2D games and make them VR native. You can't expect it to be like Skyrim VR or Fallout VR that eventually got reworked for VR, or native VR games like Arizona Sunshine. vorpX just provides a hack if you will to make it happen. https://www.vorpx.com/ Games it works with sort of out of the box..in that they have profiles that get "hooked" to these executables and it is sort of no-mess/no-fuss or very little anyway... https://www.vorpx.com/supported-games/ A few more pictures I just took - it works pretty darn good with EECH as well! https://forums.mudspike.com/t/vorpx-impressions/9628/51
  10. Good to hear it works for ya' GKABS..! This morning, prompted by another user, I gave IL-2: 1946 (modded) a whirl and am very impressed with how it looks and the gameplay. I could use a slightly wider FOV (I might look into a mod for that), but overall it is really nice. Some pics and videos here: https://forums.mudspike.com/t/vorpx-impressions/9628/42
  11. Cross posted from a post by me on Mudspike talking about vorpX: So this was some fun single-mission action while I was doing some testing. The thing I really like about SF2 (at least my modded version) is that I can see the enemy bullets coming at me and can react to them. Ultra realistic? Maybe not..but it is FUN! Particularly toward the end of this mission, I can see the anti-aircraft artillery chasing my wingman across the sky ahead, and can see the tracers and puffs of smoke from the enemy that is shooting at him, so I'm able to roll in on it has its attention on him. For VR, I'm probably going to need to pull those wingman menus and other onscreen text closer to the middle edges of the screen since I can only barely see them in VR. Though I could just map a different button to the "edge peek" function of vorpX - right now it defaults to the middle mouse button. Edge peek just lets you hit the button and the whole screen zooms out to allow you to see the entire screen in a theater type mode..it is quick, efficient, does not affect the game, and works. You have to love the anti-aircraft artillery effects in SF2 as well. The thump and pop of the shells blowing up near you, the smoke puffs, and the occasional hits on your fuselage..all are fantastic. My loadout on this mission were CBUs, 500 pound bombs, and rockets. I also like to modify the aircraft INI file to allow for larger bomb intervals. Many of them are like 20,50,100 choices and I prefer 50, 200, 300 to give me a nice spread of bombs that usually result in better results. And yes, I'm using a modified cockpit other than the one that usually is installed with the A-1 (Dells created the original) - this cockpit borrows the F-8 Crusader cockpit, and I just like it..purists can string me up... Regarding wingman commands - I could see where this game might benefit from voice activated wingman commands via Voice Attack or something. I'll have to investigate that. And finally - this sim/game in its modded state would be absolutely KILLER in multi-player. You know you want to do it TK - so do it!
  12. OK, so VIEWLIST.INI does hold the key to overall game field of view settings. Interestingly though, it wasn't my experience that the FOV value changed the in-headset FOV. It was OffsetDistance that seems to widen and narrow the field of view in the headset. So you'll have to tinker with the OffsetDistance and the vorpX overlay menu to find the setting that both fills your entire view in the headset, and doesn't appear to be too zoomed in. One slight artifact of messing with OffsetDistance is that there appears to be a slight 3D distortion perhaps..hard to explain, that you quickly recognize after the change, but quickly goes away as your eyes and brain adjust to it. I haven't settled on these settings, but I'm getting close. The takeaway in this ini listing is the OffsetDistance change to -.175 (negative value). [ViewClass002] ViewClassName=CockpitViewClass ViewType=FIXED_VIEW ViewGroupID=1 DefaultView=CockpitFront AllowFromDiffGroup=TRUE SnapView=FALSE InsideView=TRUE FocusObjectOnly=TRUE FOV=120.0 //FOV=60.0 PitchControl=CAMERA_PITCH_AXIS YawControl=CAMERA_YAW_AXIS RollControl= ZoomControl=CAMERA_ZOOM_CONTROL JumpToViewSameGroup=FALSE JumpToViewDiffGroup=TRUE SmoothAngleTransition=TRUE SmoothPositionTransition=FALSE SmoothFOVTransition=TRUE RememberAngle=FALSE RememberFOV=TRUE LimitPitch=TRUE LimitYaw=TRUE LimitRoll=FALSE ZoomFOV=TRUE ZoomScale=0.01 PanScale=0.00160 MinSpeed=100.0 MaxSpeed=10000.0 Acceleration=2000.0 AngleRates=480.0,360.0,360.0 FOVRate=60.0 MinAngles=-135.0,-20.0,0.0 MaxAngles=135.0,110.0,0.0 MinFOV=15.0 MaxFOV=120.0 //OffsetDistance=0.06 OffsetDistance=-.175 TrackIRUseAbsolutePos=TRUE Video through the lens..was clearer and sharper than what is shown here, just trying to mash my phone up into the eye piece... Here you can see my vorpX settings. Important settings: Full VR Mode Pixel 1-1 Image Zoom .75 The .75 works against the FOV setting to make it so that you can't see the edges of the screen in the headset. It feels pretty close to right. I think this would be headset dependent though that would vary with horizontal and vertical FOV...
  13. So I did mess with the Cockpit.INI file for the Skyraider, and indeed, settings the values to 360s and 180s gives total 1:1 freedom of looking around with vorpX. Still hunting for the Field of View adjustment though..looks like it is VIEWLIST.ini... [CockpitSeat001] ModelName=F-8C_pit Offset=0.0,-0.10,0.0 Position=0.0,-0.26,1.20 //Position=0.0,0.0,0.75 ViewAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 MaxYaw=360 MinYaw=-360 MaxPitch=180 MinPitchFront=-180 MinPitchRear=-180 //MaxYaw=180 //MinYaw=-180 //MaxPitch=90 //MinPitchFront=-90 //MinPitchRear=-90 LightRange=1.5

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