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  1. Well, you can usually pick up an Odyssey + for around $300, which is a pretty good headset. I think the Reverb offers the best resolution for the price though..but yeah, it's a commitment of money.
  2. Honestly - it doesn't look like the weapons editor offers much insight over what you can see through directly looking at the INI files.. (says the guy that is stuck on an effect duration..LOL...)
  3. Where is the weapons editor? I don't appear to have that in my install. I do have SF2 Complete, but didn't install it since I didn't want it to overwrite my MOD folders. Found it..! http://thirdwire.com/downloads_tools.htm
  4. Yeah, I tried BoosterDuration and SustainerDuration too. I figured out that you can use Sustainer and/or Booster Accel to make a bomb sit steady in the air..LOL...I think making it -1.00000 gives it an equal thrust to weight ratio perhaps? But I'll be darned if it will run any longer than 60 seconds despite changing a bunch of other stuff. I literally spent all day yesterday futzing with values. The ole' Strike Fighters INI rabbit hole...haha...
  5. Yeah, I've tried duration - every flare always extinguishes at 60 seconds. I'm out of ideas....
  6. Hmm..I tried messing with the MLU-44B flare, which references LumFlareEffects and adjusted a few things in LumFlareEffect to no success. The only thing I was able to change was the rate of falling, not the total burn time. I'm sure I'm missing one line (isn't that always the case!)...
  7. Man, I've spent a whole day on this and feel like I'm doing circles. I did some searching, and found several threads on this here, but I can't seem to crack the code on illumination duration. No matter what I've changed in any of the weapons or effects.ini files, I'm still unable to extend flare burn time. I'm trying to get the flares for the A-1 Skyraider to float down slower - which I did accomplish by adjusting the SubsonicDragCoeff and SupersonicDragCoeff values (to 6.52 and 10.222 respectively, as suggested Wrench. This causes them to float down slower - which is great, but they still extinguish at their default values of what seems to be 60 seconds. Any idea what I need to change to extend that burn time? Regards, BeachAV8R
  8. And, on request of another user - I gave IL-2: Cliffs of Dover (Blitz edition) a whirl last night and this morning and it looks great... (sorry for the topic drift here to other sims..but thought it might be interesting)
  9. On another (unrelated note) - I did manage to get Falcon 4: BMS working in VR the other day...still tweaking it, but it is pretty nifty...
  10. Sorry for the late reply..was having a crazy week at work with lots of weird flights and long hours. So these through the lens videos were all taken with my HP Reverb Pro. I absolutely love this headset. The resolution is fantastic, and it is really a very good headset for seated sims and gaming. The thickness of the cable makes it not so great for full room scale VR, but for sims it is great. It uses WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) software, which many Oculus fans would point out as a negative, but I think WMR has actually had some very good software updates and continuous development over the past year or so..it is always getting better. With any VR headset, I would always recommend either trying before you buy, or buying it through a site or store that allows for hassle free returns - just in case you don't like it.
  11. Some phabulous phfun, phairly phantastic mission until I got phragged by an SA-2... <small>I take getting shot at too personally..I should have never rolled in on that SA-2 site!</small>

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