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Dassault Mirage 5D/ DD/DE /DR

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Dassault Mirage 5D/ DD/DE /DR

Mirage 5 Gheddafipedia

Mirage 5D : Export single-seat ground-attack aircraft of the Mirage; 53 built.
Mirage 5DE : Single-seat radar-equipped fighter-bomber version for Libya; 32 built.
Mirage 5DR : Export version of the Mirage 5R; 10 built.
Mirage 5DD : Two-seat trainer for Libya; 15 built.


- All planes done, with Matra Magic rails in 77 upgrade
- a plenty of skins 3 and 2 tones (maybe fake but nice).
- EAF skins for borrowed planes 1971-73 (Kippur War)
- new LARAF pilots (no oxygen mask tubes outside the pit anymore!)
- historical decals (3 decalsets for each type)
- historical loadouts
- weapons
- real ATAR sound


- 3D parts & Rhinoplastic surgery: Dr. Denis Oliveira
- new pilots (4 types): GKABS
- loadouts and avionics: Crusader
- Weapons: Ravenclaw & The Mirage Factory
- template base: Ludo
- sounds: Spillone104
- references & testings: RustyKurnass
- skins, decals, screens, ini edits: paulopanz


- You need SF-2 or SF-2I and DLC 28
- delete all your previous Mirage 5D and Mirage 5DE mods
- put all in main mod folder and overwrite


- Mirage 5D/DE/DR: Key 10 to canopy open


- inside DE and DR folders you'll find some reverse camo skins
  as option. I followed mostly Crusader in this skin confusion,
  but if you don't, you can change!
- this mod starded from the RustyKurnass who liked to use Matra
  Magic on Mirage 5 in 77 agaist Egypt campaign. It needs upgrades.
  Please send a good OBB if you have to edit it.
  No more LARAF MiG-17, please!
- Denis gave me some of his famous spare noses and now its's a real
  Mirage 5 Gheddafipedia
- this pack waits a second one from Ludo, Denis, Crusader, Pierre,
  etc. etc. Go on gents, please.
- try some ship kill using AS-30 .... a scourge (see pics!).





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Amazing deltas!!!!

Congratulations to everyone involved!

PS: I notices some "strange shadows" in the biplace version, like some kind of shadow with transparency covering the fuselage...what is that?:




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I have no idea and I haven't  never seen it before at unlimited shadows settings.

Anyway remember that is a fake pilot addiction and new parts made in Brazil perfectly fit in place ....



Edited by paulopanz

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