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  1. Amazing work! Thanks for your effort! PS: check the ailerons position for a future update, they are moving in wrong positions.
  2. A suggestion for the next revisions: correct the location of the WingtipVortex and FuselageVortex Emitters
  3. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

  4. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

    The general mods existing today, let me astonished. Nice LODs, HQ textures, a lots of passion involved, change completely the SF2 experience. Thanks to all!
  5. SF2 The Forest Bowl Terrain, V.2

    Very nice!
  6. Amazing deltas!!!! Congratulations to everyone involved! PS: I notices some "strange shadows" in the biplace version, like some kind of shadow with transparency covering the fuselage...what is that?:
  7. All right, I did that and now its working properly. I never seen it happen before, but, living and learning, right? Thanks!
  8. Let me explain: I have the full merged SF2 with tons of gigs of mods that I gathered during these more than ten years flying it. I downloaded your package, and installed it for testing. In order not to conflict with the old mods with the same name that I had, I cut them out and pasted them into an out-of-game folder. It was something that I noticed the texture errors. Basically, Soviet aircraft work without problems, but all gray skins have this problem "(LOD?), And decals from several nations do not appear. I don't know if the problem with decals has to do with me using the medal and expansion pack available here (I don't think so, as it always worked perfectly.) As I didn't want to overwrite the old MiG-23 I already had, because many of them have skins that don't exist in the package you created and use in several campaigns that I created / modified, I decided to rename your files and fly both, in the hope of one day there will be these skins for your mod, which is fantastic. That is the explanation of you seeing the names changed, but the errors already occurred with them default.
  9. I try it before rename the file. In the original zip file is like this too. And other textures from other skins are like that and I even renamed it:
  10. Amazing work!!! I found something: Inside the MF version, the decal files are missing inside the Czech Camo, so, the decals is not showing in the game. Beside this, I got stunned, the Floggers are in very high quality! Waiting for new skins like Cuba, African countries and etc.
  11. Hello! I suffering from this issues with the last version:
  12. WW2 PTO PV-1 Ventura (Early)

    Very nice work, congratulations! Only need a fix in the elevons, who are working inverted.

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