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  1. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    RustyKurnass, probably due a differents DATA.INI for Israeli and US Skyhawks. This weapons need to be selected each side individually. And some planes dont give this option, when you choose, the 2 wings pylons are changed at same time.
  2. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    You talking about MIrage F1...i really expecting some nice guy (unfortunately im not a modder) make a new F1-EQ from Iraqi..its will be tremendous upgrade to Iran-Iraq...
  3. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    DIO SANTO! Amazing job!
  4. F-5 Super Tiger rolled out

    Nice plane! The Brazilian Air Force are very happy with the modernized F-5E´s.
  5. RNoAF Starfighter in air again.

    Amazing! I living in northern Norway now, i hope to see this Starfighter flying soon!
  6. I do everything like the instructions said, but when i start the Campaign, i suffering game crash. Any tips?
  7. Operation Blue Scimitar

    The carriers are bugged, they appear inside land. its possible to update this campaign to the Desert4 terrain?
  8. SF2 F-15 Strike Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018

    What changed in the last update from hours ago?
  9. SF2 Su-24 Fencers

    I have shadows problems too..
  10. Available only for SF1...no one bring him to SF2 :(
  11. Amazing job indeed! but, i see soviet ships navigating inside land.

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