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  1. MISSION ACOMPLISHED! I had to create a naval group for each nation, because from what I understood, it is not possible to have several aircraft carriers in just one. So, I created one for each nation that wanted to fly, with their respective ships of the same flag, and this worked: If anyone wants to try out the campaign, I'm attaching it here for testing. I just fixed the bug that didn't let it work, and edited it using the correct aircraft used in the real operation (since they are available in the SF2 world). I don't know who the original creator was, but if anyone knows, please include it here. Operation Allied Force.INI Operation Allied Force_DATA.INI
  2. I will check the ships. I find some incompability like the AV-8B allowed only in MEDIUM carriers, and the Italian Carrier are set to SMALL. I put all in the same level, need to test your suggestion. Gracias!
  3. Hello guys! So, there was a campaign in my old files, which I don't know who created it or more details. I only know that it refers to Operation Allied Force, but whenever I tried to start it, the game crashed. I decided to try to find the error, and I managed through a few edits to get it to work, however, no matter what I do, the Italian Navy and French Navy aircraft refuse to spawn on their respective carriers, and instead, always spawn on that damn frigate. Does anyone have a tip or maybe can see something I haven't seen to try to get it working on their respective carriers?: Planes Campaign Data: [AirUnit009] AircraftType=AV-8B-Plus_Marina Squadron=Gruppo Aerio Imbarcati ForceID=1 Nation=ItalianNavy DefaultTexture=MM1 CarrierBased=TRUE NavalUnitID=3 ShipID=7 RandomChance=100 MaxAircraft=8 StartAircraft=8 MaxPilots=8 StartPilots=8 Experience=100 Intelligence=50 Morale=70 Supply=100 MissionChance[SWEEP]=20 MissionChance[CAP]=60 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=10 MissionChance[ESCORT]=0 MissionChance=40 MissionChance[CAS]=60 MissionChance[SEAD]=40 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=50 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=10 MissionChance[RECON]=40 MissionChance[NAVAL_SEARCH]=0 MissionChance[NAVAL_ATTACK]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_JAMMER]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_DECOY]=0 MissionChance[CRUISE_MISSILE]=10 MissionChance[EARLY_WARNING]=0 UpgradeType=NEVER [AirUnit010] AircraftType=Sea Harrier_FA2 Squadron=801RNAS ForceID=1 Nation=RoyalNavy DefaultTexture=801 CarrierBased=TRUE NavalUnitID=3 ShipID=9 MaxAircraft=6 StartAircraft=6 MaxPilots=6 StartPilots=6 Experience=100 Intelligence=50 Morale=70 Supply=100 MissionChance[SWEEP]=10 MissionChance[CAP]=10 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=10 MissionChance[ESCORT]=0 MissionChance=40 MissionChance[CAS]=40 MissionChance[SEAD]=40 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=40 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=0 MissionChance[RECON]=40 MissionChance[NAVAL_SEARCH]=0 MissionChance[NAVAL_ATTACK]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_JAMMER]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_DECOY]=0 MissionChance[CRUISE_MISSILE]=0 MissionChance[EARLY_WARNING]=0 MissionChance[TRANSPORT]=0 UpgradeType=NEVER [AirUnit011] AircraftType=Etendard Super SEM45 Squadron=Flottille 17F ForceID=1 Nation=FrenchNavy DefaultTexture=17F-C CarrierBased=TRUE NavalUnitID=3 ShipID=1 MaxAircraft=16 StartAircraft=16 MaxPilots=16 StartPilots=16 Experience=100 Intelligence=50 Morale=70 Supply=100 MissionChance[SWEEP]=0 MissionChance[CAP]=0 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT]=0 MissionChance=20 MissionChance[CAS]=10 MissionChance[SEAD]=10 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=10 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=10 MissionChance[RECON]=0 MissionChance[NAVAL_SEARCH]=0 MissionChance[NAVAL_ATTACK]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_JAMMER]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_DECOY]=0 MissionChance[CRUISE_MISSILE]=0 MissionChance[EARLY_WARNING]=0 UpgradeType=NEVER [AirUnit012] AircraftType=EtendardIVPM Squadron=Flottille 16F ForceID=1 Nation=FrenchNavy DefaultTexture=Aéronavale1 CarrierBased=TRUE NavalUnitID=3 ShipID=1 MaxAircraft=4 StartAircraft=4 MaxPilots=4 StartPilots=4 Experience=100 Intelligence=50 Morale=70 Supply=100 MissionChance[SWEEP]=0 MissionChance[CAP]=0 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT]=0 MissionChance=0 MissionChance[CAS]=0 MissionChance[SEAD]=0 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=40 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=0 MissionChance[RECON]=30 MissionChance[NAVAL_SEARCH]=40 MissionChance[NAVAL_ATTACK]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_JAMMER]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_DECOY]=0 MissionChance[CRUISE_MISSILE]=0 MissionChance[EARLY_WARNING]=0 UpgradeType=NEVER -----------Fleet Data-------------------------------------------- [NavalUnit003] UnitName=NATO Standing Naval Forces Mediterranean ForceID=1 //Nation=NATO Nation=UN StartDate=03/24/1999 RetireDate=06/10/1999 RandomChance=100 MaxObjects=13 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=100 Intelligence=50 StartPosition=590000.00,490000.00 ObjectivePosition=674000.00,515000.00 HomePortPosition=664000.00,454000.00 MinFleetSpeed=7.717 Ship[01].Type=R98 Ship[01].Name=Foch Ship[01].Number=99 Ship[02].Type=Le Triomphant Ship[02].Name=Triomphant Ship[03].Type=Jules Verne Ship[03].Name=AOR Jules Verne Ship[04].Type=F122 Ship[04].Number=F209 Ship[04].Name=F209 Rheinland-Pfalz Ship[05].Type=Maestrale Ship[05].Number=570 Ship[05].Name=Maestrale //Ship[06].Type=RN_Attack_submarine Ship[06].Type=Type206 Ship[06].Number=234 Ship[06].Name=HMS Splendid Ship[07].Type=GGaribaldi Ship[07].Name=Giuseppe Garibaldi Ship[07].Number=551 Ship[08].Type=Type_23 Ship[08].Number=234 Ship[08].Name=HMS Iron Duke Ship[09].Type=Invincible Ship[09].Name=HMS Illustrious Ship[10].Type=Amsterdam_class Ship[10].Name=HNLMS Amsterdam Ship[11].Type=TepeClassFrigate Ship[11].Number=F-250 Ship[11].Name=TCG Muavenet PS: I don't know how or why the text got a risk on it
  4. I had the opportunity to help port YAP to SF2 as a tester and help with some edits and suggestions, making John Shelton's legacy live on. The project continues, updates are posted on the official website or Facebook group. Phase 1 has already been completed and now the focus is on Phase 2.
  5. Man, I see myself in your answer. I generally pick some time and edit and fix some old files, a few each time...
  6. I imagined something like this, because some appear in flight on the map, and you can lock your radar on them. I figured it was one of NA's innovations. But can I simply just change everything from WeaponDataType=1 to WeaponDataType=7 or do I need to change something else in the data.ini? Because I did this as a test and they get "stupid" without hitting anything. Thanks for answering.
  7. I've noticed that some of the Harpoons I have in my SF2 Full-Merged just don't hit their targets. You shoot them and they fly until they hit the ground. Others follow in low flight until they reach the target. I noticed that some have WeaponDataType=1 and others WeaponDataType=7. Does anyone have a list of Harpoon variants available in the game and what is the correct Weapon Data for each one?
  8. Tem muitos brasileireiros ou lusófonos aqui ?

    Sim, São Paulo na área!
  9. If you're counting on the Allied side, yes. The UnitID for you to fly the aircraft will be its count starting from 1. That said, if you are going to fly on the "enemy" side, you have to disregard this XXX.data.ini count and start the enemy side from 1 again. Example: You have a MiG that in XXX.data.ini is [AirUnit024], but if it is the FIRST aircraft on the Enemy side, you should consider it as UnitID=1, like this: "[IraqUnit001] Squadron=No.1 FBS ForceID=2 UnitID=24>>> Here you must put 1 instead of 24<<<<<< StartDate=09/22/1980 DescFile=Campaign1Desc.txt StartText=Campaign1Start.txt AircraftType=Su-20B" And so on consecutively. For the enemy side you should always start counting from 0 in the order they appear, ignoring the AirUnit sequence they are in.
  10. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

    I have this and other Tom Cooper books, but I have to admit that nowadays I'm afraid to trust everything he says. I had him added to my Facebook network, and one day I saw him posting a video of a fire in a forest, where he said it was in my country, but those who know the country know that it was not filmed there, the people in the video even spoke of another language. By pointing this out, in a polite way, he came to attack me in a rude way, then deleted my comment and blocked me. My mutual friends with him said that everyone who pointed out the error in his publication did the same. Therefore, I can no longer trust those who apparently publish fake news knowing that it is fake news. Not to mention that over time, I saw that he has very orthodox political positions, closer to an extinct red flag block with the hammer and sickle...
  11. I'm not complaining, just adding information that may have been left blank that even others can correct. I wish Menrva to recover his health as soon as possible, and all the best to him always.

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