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  1. Mirage F1EJ

    Another superb Mirage F-1!
  2. F-4K/M/J United Kingdom pack

    S U P E R B
  3. To be honest, a new version wouldn't even need to have new planes or objects. It is more than clear that the community would take care of it. It should only focus on the mechanics, update the engine, migrate to 64-bit...things that would only need code and not 3d modelers and stuff like that. I don't know if it would cost that much.
  4. Well...I changed, and still happening. Dunno anymore...
  5. I dunno how its calculated, but I will check other Campaigns and see if they are related. Thanks, its something to look
  6. YES for every single question. I can fly a single mission with no problems, with the same aircrafts, nations and etc. But inside the Campaign, the loadout menu didn´t show the weapons, only a few per aircraft, and all air to ground weapons. I look inside Campaign data but can´t figure out wtf is happening..
  7. Guys, despite the supply limit being FALSE, dates checked and everything else, I can't make the weapons appear on the weapon selection screen. Only few weapons appear, like fuel tanks, some bombs and etc... any tips? I'll attach the campaign files below if anyone wants to try: OP_PE_Data.ini OP_Pelayo_1987.ini
  8. Well, it was a hell of flight test!!! During my test drive, escorted by my wingman in a ROCAF´s M2000, I was surprised by a chinese J-15 who send me some love, but I was fortunate to return to base with my test plane. He SURVIVED, so its a good thing!!! My 2 cents: - (I changed the afterburner effect for another, to satisfy my personal taste, and needed to apply a F/A-18 cockpit to fly) - I think the rudder visual movement need to be decrease a little, to some like the F-16, FBW planes do not have so much amplitude of movement in the rudder. - The only issue I detected its the black line coming from the cockpit, like said in the post above. Congratulations and thanks for the work of everyone involved!
  9. This is awesome! Because, now, I have this kind of chaff around the ships (I do not remember what happened on this screenshot btw):
  10. Godspeed Marty! Fly High brother!!!
  11. If I´m not crazy, I saw the ALARM missiles climbing after launch, before going down on target in the Gulf War campaign.
  12. Wow, I did not know that. Is everything okay with him? Anyway, I worked on the campaign he created, if you fly it, tell me later if it was cool.
  13. I did some editing, corrected some typos and add more "historical" flyabe aircrafts. Its still a "beta" like your files, but if you wanna try it...: Korea85.ini Korea85_DATA.INI

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