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  1. Amazing work! I really loved, but for me, only the fin decals are showing, nothing in the wings.
  2. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Yes, in the SF2 manual they explain this like if someone in the ground is "lazing" the target..
  3. Hawaii, Central Pacific (1959-2028)

    Can you tell us whats the update contains?
  4. Very nice work! PS: the rudder and ailerons (elevons?) are moving in inverted directions.
  5. Veltro, amazing work as always! But, I dunno, I think the windshield is a little off...did you double checked? If its ok, sorry for my comment.
  6. SF2_Ural-375 Camo Cuba

    I did not understand something. The zip contain a mess of files, and no .inis, apart the texture.ini. This is just a skin for a model previous released? If yes, its not suppose to be in the skins section?
  7. For some reason, my 72' version dont have a canopy. Becomes a convertible Dart...some tips?
  8. AMX International

    can you share?
  9. SU-30SM

  10. SF2 A-26N Invader Nightfighter Pack

    To fix the ailerons movements: [RightAileron] <<<< Do the same for the LeftAileron SystemType=CONTROL_SURFACE InputName=ROLL_CONTROL MaxDeflection= 20.0 MinDeflection=-16.0 CDdc= 0.0091 Cldc= 0.0548 Cndc=-0.000 CldcAlphaTableNumData=15 CldcAlphaTableDeltaX=4.00 CldcAlphaTableStartX=-28.00 CldcAlphaTableData=0.000,0.111,0.410,1.000,1.000,1.000,1.000,1.000,1.000,1.000,1.000,1.000,0.410,0.111,0.000 ControlRate=2.5 MaxControlSpeed=180 ModelNodeName=R_Aileron //ReverseModelOrientation=FALSE <<<<< Put the // or change it to TRUE ReverseModelOrientation=TRUE This can be done in all the A-26/B-26 with the same error.
  11. Sukhoi Su-17/20/22 (Fitter B-C-D-F)

    I fixed the missing ejection seats (out of position). If someone want: [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=Red3203 SetCockpitPosition=FALSE Position=0.0,3.029,0.905 SeatModelName=K-36D //SeatPosition=0.00,2.929,0.475 SeatPosition=0.00,3.018,0.873 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< fix MinExtentPosition=-0.25, 0.72, 0.65 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25, 1.66, 1.80 CanopyNodeName=CanopyStrut
  12. Very nice work!! Thx! In a future update , check the spoilers and ailerons, they are moving in a wrong way.
  13. Excellent map!!! Thanks!! For a future update, maybe you want to fix this:

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