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  1. F-5E Early Versions Pack

    Project aborted?
  2. Yeah, but in your "nations.ini" this nations does not exist anymore. All of the AI Planes for this sides become "mercs" and lost the decals
  3. I installed it, but my Campaigns for Strike Fighters 2 using Dhimar and Paran sides stopped to working...since this "sides" dont exists anymore...
  4. Mirage F-1EQ-2

  5. I have read all the posts, and I have seen that they have reported the problem of lateral instability. I also noticed that the right wing aileron does not work visually. Thanks for everyone's suggestions, I'll wait for the definitive version to fix on my files =)
  6. Recoinassance mission over Libano, night operations and a sad thing: i change the carrier objetcs for a new one, instead of TW CVA-63, and now every AI who try to land get fucked :( , and my campaigns are over.
  7. Tornado GR.1B

    Amazing experience! Thank You!
  8. Thx for the asnwers!!! Actually i change the cockpit position to: [CockpitSeat001] ModelName=MIG-23BN_cockpit_V2 OpenCockpit=FALSE Offset=0.0,0.0,0.0 Position=0.0,2.95,0.95 <<<<<<<< And apparently its ok (but the pitot sensor is gone)
  9. Hello!!! I follow the instructions, as always...but: Some tips?
  10. Hello!! Veny nice model, but i noticed the aircraft is rolling by itself to the left. Some tips?

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