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CAF Panavia Condor Mk.50 'IDF'

Panavia Condor Mk.50 'IDF' for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2 

This mod places the Panavia Condor in service with the Israeli Air Force in the 1980 to 2020 timeline. Skins and decals are included for the following IDF/SF squadrons;

69 'Hammers'

107 'Knights Of The Orange Tail'

117 'First Jet'

119 'Bat'

201 'The One'

Whilst most skins are classic IDF camo 117 'First Jet' squadron have a grey skin but feel free to swap things around and a nifty little patch template will help.


1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the Condor50 folder into your Aircraft folder.

2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the Condor50 folder into your Decals folder.

3. From the GUNS folder drag and drop the BK-27 folder into your Guns folder (you might already have this).


Thanks to everyone at Cocas Aircraft Factory and especially to Nyghtfall(skins) and Spinners (decals & screens).
packing read me and screenshot by Spinners


Version 1 - 06/05/2020


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