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F-4C_67 557th TFS 1969

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F-4C_67 557th TFS 1969

A new historical skin and decals for F-4C_67 Phantom II.

Based on Sundowner great template slightly modified removing and/or deleting some markings and stencils and adding some more weathering here and there.Also I changed the colors of the belly aux doors and the area of the BLC .
Started as a tribute to my friend (then) Capt. Gene Korotky, flying with the Squadron during his tour of duty in 1968-69.
My original idea was to realize only SANDY BAY-BEE,the plane assigned to Capt. Korotky, and in some way I involved Paulopanz to help me with the decals; but the skill of Paulopanz are so high and Gene sent me so much pics and first hand refs that we decided to create a whole mod ...

- Sundowner for is great work on the original template
- Paulopanz that create almost all the decals and improved those created by me and had the patience and will to teach me many things!
- Capt. Gene Korotky for all the references

We tried to add as more historically correct pilots names as possible, but it must be noted that crew names on the aircraft changed since the tours in Vietnam were for one year, meaning a constant changeover of personnel.


The mod include a new skin and decals, a background file writed by Gene with info about the 12th TFW of which the 557th TFS was part and pics of the Squadron at the time of his 1968-69 tour of duty taken by Gene Korotky


- As always all in main mod folder and that's all!

Good hunting



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