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  1. Guys, in the past days I received the Gulf Air War Debrief from World Air Power series ( I search this volume for quite some times ) and there are a couple of map that I think can be useful,one with the Iraqi and the other with Coalition air bases. I can send the pics but only in PM,copyright issue... Let me know!
  2. Yesss! I love she! Sad I haven't decals to build a 1/72 model...
  3. Look better and better! Did you programmed AWESOME ANNIE for the ODS skins? I think's the most beautiful nose art on the "Granby" Tonkas...
  4. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    Ok,edited the aforomentioned lines and all work like a charm! Thanks again guys!
  5. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    So,for use on the Ahits,I?ll edit the lines from Exported=FALSE to Exported=TRUE and also the ExportStartYear= and ExportEndYear= lines? But if this is the problem,why one pod assembly show correctely and the other one not? ( I checked the DATA-ini on both right and left pods and are identical)
  6. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    You're right,for this reason I edited the various loadout.ini in order to show the correct weapons on the correct hardpoints. But as you can see,the trick worked for the 'Nam Skyhawk ( and even A-7s) but not in SF2I.... As a rookie,I don't know if the single Israeli A-4s DATA.ini will to be touched,
  7. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    Mate, in my full-merged,SF2I ExtensionPack I've the issue you can see in the pics. Conversely,in the SF2V Air and Ground Expansion Pack,all work fine. Any tips?
  8. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

    My hero! The perfect load for Iron Hand A-4s
  9. The correct skn is present in the Top Gun Campaign for the F-4B_65 and look great!
  10. AV-8B Harrier II - Operation Desert Storm. SF2.2018

    Finally correct skins for ODS Harrier! (especially for VMA-231!) The pit is great too,thanks for all!
  11. SF2 Vietnam Scooters - A-4 Skyhawk in Vietnam

    Beautiful pack,I waited your work since our last discussion. Fantastic! Gianni
  12. AV-8B Harrier II - SF2. ver.2018

    Great pack mate! Gianni
  13. The A-4Q of Argentinian Navy employed US-manufactured Mk-82s,with both conical or Snakeyes fin assembly;in the days preceding the start of the war,was also used for CAPs from the carrier 25 de Mayo armed with a fuel tank and a pair of Aim-9B,but during the conflict flown only attack missions. For the Argentinian Air Force A-4Cs,again before the start of the war,for the CAP,the planes was armed with a pair of Shafrir 2 missiles and 2 or three external tanks. For attack missions,the typical bomb load used comprised three Explosivos Alaveses 250kg bombs,either parachut-retarded (BRP,Bomba Retardada por Paracaidas and close resembling MK-82s) or with convntional tails.Also.from 11 May tha Skyhawks began using the 1000lb Mk-17 bomb..In the missions,the planes used always two external wings tanks 'cause the distnace involved taking off from the mainland bases and the Falklands. Hope this help
  14. Mate, I don't know if you continued to follow the thread on the ARC site.but look like if four guys of the bottom row of pics don't show pilots ( lack of golden wings) but ground pounders. Check it Nyghtfall! Gianni

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