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  1. Already downloaded and installed mate,great job!
  2. Done, so easy... But why is so massive? In my other installation look much smaller Also when I move the the head,look like if also the probe move
  3. Ok guys,I've reinstalled the A-6A/B,this time directely from the A-6 Superpack,again with the FOTI cockpit.The only issue look to be the absence of the IFR probe when look from inside the pit. The solution? The same plane in SF2NA Exp pack look perfect.
  4. Ok,I've checked my other installations and all work fine. In SF2:NAExp/MedCrisis and ODS,the A-6s if I'm not mistaken they come from the A-6 Megapack,that I've already downloaded and stored in my back-up folder.So I think can replace the "corrupted" in the SF" Vietnam with the A-6A from the megapack and add the only extra skin I've added,can this work? Wilches,Ive tried to editing the OpenCockpit=FALSE but is even worse...look
  5. Thanks guys, Snailman,I've the plane contained in the Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air and Ground War Expansion Pack with the FOTI' A-6 pit.
  6. Hi all guys, today I've started a 'Nam campaign with the Intruder,the first with the A-6 since my PC crash in the Christmas' days,and look like if the canopy and windshield external and internal frames don't match.Any Ideas? Also,now I've a B/N seated on my side...
  7. This's great mate! Personally I don't have a precise preference,but probably the date switch is the best option
  8. Congrats,you deserve all the honor mate,as your list show...
  9. Solved also the ODS' Saudi option in campaign. In both the "default" Campaign .ini and DATA.ini the Saudi slot read //*********************************************** // Saudi Air Units //*********************************************** Instead,will be read //*********************************************** // Saudi Arabia Air Units //*********************************************** This simple change save the day... P.S.What I've to do to edit a my previous post? In other site exist a simple Edit button to hit,but not there,any help will be appreciated!
  10. I don't want "hijack" this thread,but any way to obtain this skin?
  11. Such a beautiful work! Where the last skin comes from?
  12. SF2 F-4B Phantom (Mytai) CVW-9 Skin/Decal Pak  

    Oh mate thanks!
  13. Great job mate! Today my PC refuse to start and when happened I was forced to restore it,I don't know what happened. The result was that I lost some inis and units in some installations,so I passed the day restore ALL the lost file,and still some missing... At least I was able to restore some quickly thanks to some back-up file I've done.

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