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  1. Nesher RWR

    Thanks Wrench I'll try! Gisnni
  2. Hi all guyys, is quite some times now than I wonder about a RWR in the Nesher. If I remember well,it was present in WOI and after all,the fin' leading edge of the planes had a RWR receiwer,so I wonder if at least an aural tone will be present. This will be a very useful thing in the Yom Kippur campaign.... Stay safe guys. Gianni
  3. The Corona Virus Thread

    There in Rome we are in the first week of lockdown and in some instance,looking at streets and road look almost as the 1st season of Walking Dead...when Rick is in the outskirt of Atlanta! Like always some idiot still take the situation less than seriously and ignore the advice to don't exit and in some cases people organized even birthdays for their sons with many kids! At least I can finish my modeling work,so when all will finish I can make happy my collector!
  4. SF2 and Windows 10

    VICTORY!!!! I disabled the Game bar as per MigBuster suggestion and now ODS work!!!!
  5. Any ETA for the new skins/decals for bot GR.1 and GR.1A? Awesome job!
  6. SF2 and Windows 10

    Thanks Erik, the logic suggest me this answer but better to ask....
  7. SF2 and Windows 10

    Sorry guys for the stuoid question,but today I retired the new PC and tomorrow will install all the SF" games;the question is ,as my games are all updated at July 2013,I need to install TW patches or not?
  8. That's great, I simply love these girl!!!
  9. Check here if you haven't already done
  10. Just downloading now the free Complete Edition!
  11. SF2 and Windows 10

    Honestly I've already prepared the new PC for the dual boot mod
  12. SF2 and Windows 10

    Thanks for the info, i've already try to run the game as administrator and nothing. I think that I'll install Win 7 on the second SSD ( actually totally untouched) and run all from here as dual boot. Maybe this will preserve me from future headeches
  13. SF2 and Windows 10

    Thanks Geary,this's what I've done. After copy an .exe ( SF2NA),I started and closet it to create the appropriate ODS folder in Saved Games. Here, I cleaned all the Object subcategory and added the files from the three zipped folder downloaded,made the option.ini correction and...nothing,when start the exe I've a normal SF2 screen running. I tried twice the re-installation of the modded campaign and nothing. I'm a noob ok, but in m the old Pc Win7 I added at least 4 complet modded campaign + a lot of skins,planes,etc...and all running (almost) smoothly. Start to thing more and more at the dual boot option
  14. SF2 and Windows 10

    To be more correct,the "vanilla" 3rdW games start without problem,when I try to run the ODS mod, what start is the basic SF2 game, with all the stock Campaign and DLCs. I started to think seriously to the dual boot...
  15. SF2 and Windows 10

    Ok guys,my fear is true. A pair of days ago I bought my new PC with Win 10.I've reinstalled all the SF2 titles and all merged and upgraded to July 2013 + all the DLC. At this point I installed the Desert Storm mod following all the instructions,as if it was the first time and nothing... Any ideas?

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