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  1. Love ravenclaw_007 new F-4G, I can't wait the release....
  2. Thanks for the answer mate,I love the Sader but I haven't much infos; I need to fill this gap in my knowledge, especially as a (maniacal) modeller that have some F-8s to be build...
  3. Good day mate,I solved,there're a wrong line in the ini about the LoadoutFile,instead of F-8E_66_LOADOUT.ini the lines read F-8E_66_non_vietnam_LOADOUT.ini Now look like if work fine
  4. Sorry mate,but for both the F-8E and E_66, in campaign, not A/A missiles are showed,despite I can normally add them in the loadout screen. Any idea?
  5. That's true and I'm very glad of the job you're done! I love that finally can use the F-8C with four 'Winders with the VF-24 for example ( love this squadron and made the appropriate change in the number list to have it in the 4xx range of Modex). What I mean is if you or someone else know how work the assignament of the decals to specific squadrons by the game ( I know that can be edited the appropriate lines in the decals inis). As you already knew, the squadrons rotated on the various 27C carriers during the Viet War, and this is a complication for the decals, but have the correct carrier name on the planes will be great ( for other planes also) Last stuèid thing,I'll expect that also the basic F-8C will be able to load the Y rack,is there a specific reason to ignore it? Only couriousity
  6. Mate,just a question: maybe create a single decals for the various carrier names and added separately from the NAVY's will help to have the correct markings of the various Squadrons. After said this, AWESOME job,thanks!!!!
  7. In SF2 is very simple, maybe work also in the SF1 series. open the Campaign you want to fly,open both the Campaign.ini and Campaign_Data.ini Add in the Campaign.ini the new Unit under the respective Nation ( USN,USAF,USMC) and at this point you will be able to fly the Campaign. For example the CampaignV1A In the Data.ini [AirUnit166] AircraftType=RF-101C Squadron=15TRS ForceID=1 Nation=USAF StartDate=4/1965 RetireDate=4/1967 DefaultTexture=Grey StartNumber=0 BaseArea=Udorn RTAFB BaseMoveChance=0 RandomChance=100 MaxAircraft=16 StartAircraft=16 MaxPilots=16 StartPilots=16 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=100 MissionChance[SWEEP]=0 MissionChance[CAP]=0 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT]=0 MissionChance=0 MissionChance[CAS]=0 MissionChance[SEAD]=0 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=0 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=0 MissionChance[RECON]=100 UpgradeType=FIXED Upgrade[01].Date=1/1966 Upgrade[01].Type=RF-101C Upgrade[01].Texture=SEA The new entry in the CampaigV1A.ini [USAFUnit021] <------------------- New unit sequential number ForceID=1 UnitID=166 <---------------------------------- This number match the one in the Data.ini AircraftType=RF-101C <------------------------ Interested plane UnitName=15th TRS <------------------------- interested unit StartDate=04/02/1965 <------------------------- DescFile=wovRTStart.txt StartText=wovRTStart1.txt All the lines indicated above are to be changed accordingly to the relative ones in the Data.ini
  8. Thanks for the additional infos,think will be useful in future!
  9. New Guuruu' Midway is great,and I've finished the correct skins for the whole CVW-13 during the '86 MedCruise,with correct Bu.Nos. and markings.
  10. Ok,all worked as hoped,passed from this... ...to this.
  11. Thanks mate, will try later today

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