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  1. AV-8B Harrier II - Operation Desert Storm. SF2.2018

    Finally correct skins for ODS Harrier! (especially for VMA-231!) The pit is great too,thanks for all!
  2. SF2 Vietnam Scooters - A-4 Skyhawk in Vietnam

    Beautiful pack,I waited your work since our last discussion. Fantastic! Gianni
  3. AV-8B Harrier II - SF2. ver.2018

    Great pack mate! Gianni
  4. The A-4Q of Argentinian Navy employed US-manufactured Mk-82s,with both conical or Snakeyes fin assembly;in the days preceding the start of the war,was also used for CAPs from the carrier 25 de Mayo armed with a fuel tank and a pair of Aim-9B,but during the conflict flown only attack missions. For the Argentinian Air Force A-4Cs,again before the start of the war,for the CAP,the planes was armed with a pair of Shafrir 2 missiles and 2 or three external tanks. For attack missions,the typical bomb load used comprised three Explosivos Alaveses 250kg bombs,either parachut-retarded (BRP,Bomba Retardada por Paracaidas and close resembling MK-82s) or with convntional tails.Also.from 11 May tha Skyhawks began using the 1000lb Mk-17 bomb..In the missions,the planes used always two external wings tanks 'cause the distnace involved taking off from the mainland bases and the Falklands. Hope this help
  5. Mate, I don't know if you continued to follow the thread on the ARC site.but look like if four guys of the bottom row of pics don't show pilots ( lack of golden wings) but ground pounders. Check it Nyghtfall! Gianni
  6. Mate,I published the link of your discussion on the ARC forum,a lot of ex-pilots there,here you can follow the thread. Gianni
  7. Thanks amariani,that's what I search for!!!! Yakarov,your skins are beautiful! And last sundowner.I think there're more Phantom Phanatic than you think,personally I'll build each MiG-killer for both USAF and Navy in the 'Nam...I collected a lot of decals and kits but think that probably I'll die before finish my projects!
  8. Yes,specifically the first one!
  9. Thanks guys! Daddy,I've already downloaded and installed the TMF RF-4Cs and this triggered my request. The Alconbury skin ( of which exist a separate skin also) is similar at my idea. Honestly I don't know how work on a skin,out of my skill,but will try in some way. Also check the KB section.
  10. Hi all guys,I searched in the download section,but look like if we miss the SEA/wraparound skins for the 26th TRW RF-4C during his day at Zweibrücken. I noted that in TMF RF-4C package we have the Euro 1 camo,but not the previous ones ( the 38th TRS ,one of the Wing Squadron with the short-lived 17th TRS,operated the RF-4C since 1965). Is only a my error or the community lack these skins?
  11. Remove slime light

    Ok,so what I do 'till now is add the following lines at the end of the AircraftData section Component[016]=HideLeftStabSlimer Component[017]=HideRightStabSlimer Component[018]=HideFuseSlimers Component[019]=HideLeftWingSlimer Component[020]=HideRightWingSlimer The Data.ini already have a section called // Node Removals,and I've added here the following lines: [HideLeftStabSlimer] ParentComponentName=Left_H_Stab ModelNodeName=LSTAB_SLIMER_OFF ShowFromCockpit=FALSE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE DestroyedNodeName=LSTAB_SLIMER_OFF [HideRightStabSlimer] ParentComponentName=Right_H_Stab ModelNodeName=RSTAB_SLIMER_OFF ShowFromCockpit=FALSE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE DestroyedNodeName=RSTAB_SLIMER_OFF [HideFuseSlimers] ParentComponentName=Fuselage ModelNodeName=FUSE_SLIMERS_OFF ShowFromCockpit=FALSE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE DestroyedNodeName=FUSE_SLIMERS_OFF [HideLeftWingSlimer] ParentComponentName=Left_Inner_Wing ModelNodeName=LEFT_WING_SLIMER_OFF ShowFromCockpit=FALSE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE DestroyedNodeName=LEFT_WING_SLIMER_OFF [HideRightWingSlimer] ParentComponentName=Right_Inner_Wing ModelNodeName=RIGHT_WING_SLIMER_OFF ShowFromCockpit=FALSE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE DestroyedNodeName=RIGHT_WING_SLIMER_OFF So now,I need to add another line for each slime light as WHICH_NAME_SLIMER ? Will be in sequence after the ones already existent ( LSTAB_SLIMER_OFF followed by LSTAB_SLIMER foe example ) or I can add them at the end of the lines already in place?
  12. Remove slime light

    Hi guys, I applied what Crusader said and all work fine! Oviously if I turn on the light,then magically the stripes returns but, hei,I'm very happy now!!!
  13. Remove slime light

    Thanks mate,I don't cease try ! In the data.ini,under the VertTail section are present the followig lines: SystemName[001]=LeftRudder SystemName[002]=Left_Stab_Slimer DetachNode[001]=LSTAB_SLIMER_OFF Are these lines which I need remove/hide? If yes,how?
  14. Remove slime light

    Thanks for the reply guys. Yakarov,despite I actually I've Mue's LodViewer,I don't know use it well;I tried to hide the slime lines in the data.ini but nothing happened. I fearing to mess up something,so for a (digital) stupid like me the best choice is to left all as it is. Thanks for spent your time for me.
  15. HI all guys,I'm currently play a campaign in ODS:Redux using the A-10A_87 and I love it,especially the HUD. But reflecting on the bird ( and the A-10A_79 also),during the conflict the Hog still haven't the formation strip,as received this upgrade a little late in his career.So I started think if is possible remove them from the airframe and what I need to do. This will be more historycal correct. Like always thanks for any help/tips! Cheers.

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