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  1. SF2 and Windows 10

    Thx guys, great help as always.
  2. Hi all gents. I know that this topic was discussed in the past,but I'll finally change my PC,switching from Win 7 to 10. I remember that some users have had trouble running 3W sims, so before starting all I will know any possible advice. Thanks for the help
  3. Ok gus,I've made a new installation,NA-based,but nothing I've the same problem in Campaign:the game loading 'till 80% and then freeze,the mouse arrow appear on the screen and crash on the desktop. Conversely I can play the single missions or instant action. I'm really pissed as ODS is my preferred mod....
  4. Mate,I used the Europe full merged exe to run ODS,if I want reinstall you suggested to use NA,this mean that I can delete also the old exe and restart the whole process of a new exe for ODS?
  5. Ok guys,after a pair of Campaign the proble mentioned at the start of the topic returned...but concurrentely to this I n oted that now in the aircraft folder are present all the stock aircraft,as if a some kind of update occurred.I tried also to delet the Version. and Option inis as suggested bi MigBuster in another discussion but nothing. Probably I'll reinstall the mod in the week end,but someone know a probable cause?
  6. AV-8B Harrier II - SF2. ver.2019

    Start a ODS campaign and I've the same problem...
  7. Any ETA for the Locusta skin? Also a ODS skin and decals for the GR.1A will be welcome;I modified the ODS skin from the first GR1 release ( obviously isn't at any level of your's guys but did the trick...) A more serious one ( and decals) is nin need...
  8. Some questions

    Ehi guys just for curiosity,but which file is responsable for the roster pilots' name in a Campaign?
  9. ODS issue

    Your're right about the Tonka Daddy,the screenshot was of a single mission as an RSAF bird and I've changed the paint scheme just to show that this is possible in Single Mission. You don't find the number 'cause,for and HDD space problem,I've installed the latest Guuruu's GR.1 with the ODS skins from the previous release and the skin for the RSAF bird (again from the latest release). I've edited the various Campaign and plane inis ,after all the Saudi Fin was a subvariant of the RAF's. For the screenshot I'll post one from my current Campaign as a Shamrocks Hornet in which I can't choose anything and one as an USAF F-15E that show how is possible manage all. In hindsight and after look with attention at briefing screen of other installations,only the Individual Numbers and Paint Scheme will be options in a Campaign. Finally yes,the issue is for all the planes. Thanks for your time.
  10. ODS issue

    Nothing guys?Pleaseeee....
  11. Hi all gents, I've published this proble also in tha campaign forum. Last week I was forced to reinstall my loved ODS mod. I followed Wrench tip and deleted only the mod folder and not the .exe;I've created the new folder running the exe and followed the instructions to install the three zips content. I added some ini of which I've made a back-up,principally some load out or data.inis but also the Campaign ones as i modified some air unit.Installed the new Tonka by Guuruu. I played a pair of single mission to check if work and all was fine,even faster to load than before. So I decided to start a Campaign but in the briefing screen I noted that ( load out a part ) I can't change any indvidual or even unit markings.Is a minor issue,true , but I'm a little pissed as for the RAF bird one of the funny things is change the various beautiful pin up of the birds. Any help/suggestion? The game is a full merged patched at Jul y '13 Here the original discussion started by zeitgeist
  12. Ok guys,I'll confirm taht in Campaign I can't choose any Markings option,only the paint scheme.
  13. Ehi mate,I reinstalled the whole mod and look like if work.I played a couple of single mission and all worked ...but,I tried to start a Campaign, with a USMV F-18A or USAF F-15E and in the briefing screen with the exception of the Aircraft to Arm,I can't change Individual,Service or Unit markings, or Paint Scheme. Look like if this affect the planes in the Campaign as in the screenshot below of the new Guuruu Tonka' Single mission,all look nice. Any idea? I don't continued the Campign as I prefer solve the issue,a very small one indeed,before any progress

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