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  1. Ehi Menrva, check the PM,I sent you a pair of pics that maybe will be useful ( or maybe not...)
  2. You're lucky Viggen! I really want to play ABA missions,will be a must for the first missions as a strike plane,otherwise why have Brit Tonkas and JP-233? Maybe only with AMI Tornadoes I attacked a runway,but I don't remember exactly,I used the Italian almost a year ago...
  3. I'm already so excited,ODS is one of my preferred mods,maybe 'cause I "lived" the real conflict as a young interested enthusiast;I remember that registered on VHS any news from TV to have video of planes in action.... BTW,despite not directely relationed to this topic,I've played at least one mission at day with ODS Redux since I've joined the community ( almost a year now) and never ,never,never played a single air base strike (ABA) with any Services or Nations...exist a way to implement this type of missions? As also the way to end the campaign in the real date of the conflict 02/28/1991).
  4. Thanks mate,you're perfectly right,I keep confusing the template with the skins....
  5. The base was Incirlik,where the 7440th Composite Provisional Wing was based;I will suggest also King Abdul Aziz AB,Saudi Arabia,where the Marines based the the OV-10A/D of VMO-1 and -2 and the AV-8B of VMA-311 and a det from another Harrier squadron ( don't remember actually). Gianni
  6. Another great beauty in sight! Any chance for a similar work for the F8 family? Look like if this plane lack a more up to date lifting...
  7. Oh my, I think for much time if is possible loft bombing in SF2,and now,voilà! Killer job mate!
  8. Guuru, operatively was rare see a GR.1/1B with the external shoulder rails on the inner pylons. This don't mean that is impossible ( I think all see the commercial/trial pics of Tonkas armed with 7/9 ALARMs) ,but only that,in a loadout.ini,personally don't will load anythings here. Also,the belly rack can be uploaded with up to 3 LGBs ( if not equipped with a targeting pod). I've in tha past a lot of first-hand infos from a Brit friend that was an RAF armourer int the ODS years,but unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago...
  9. Thanks for the reply mate,so I'm waiting...BTW,you a-6's skin are great!!!
  10. Already downloaded and installed mate,great job!
  11. Done, so easy... But why is so massive? In my other installation look much smaller Also when I move the the head,look like if also the probe move
  12. Ok guys,I've reinstalled the A-6A/B,this time directely from the A-6 Superpack,again with the FOTI cockpit.The only issue look to be the absence of the IFR probe when look from inside the pit. The solution? The same plane in SF2NA Exp pack look perfect.

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