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  1. Scooters

    On my screen look really dark, pratically black, is the only reason for my statement, I know how much precise you are, sorry !
  2. Scooters

    Mate, think that in the 1968/69 cruise onboard USS Intrepid, VA-36 colors was green.
  3. Scooters

    The MiG-killer of Schwartz,wow. And the news of Yakarov'Intruders... I'm without words,thanks!
  4. pre Mk80 series bombs

    As the other guys said, ravenclaw is the way.. There're also example with conical fins, hernia bar, etc
  5. Two Decades

    Wow, Happy birthday and Happy New Year to all!!! And maybe more important, thanks to all for the job done for us player!!!!
  6. Happy New Year

    Happy 2022 to all guys, hope will be better for anyone!!!
  7. 1991. Escorting the Bugs over Iraq...
  8. I'd the same issue, and in my case was a problem of graphic setting.Try this first from the option menu, sometimes the most obvious solutions are all what we need
  9. Merry Christmas

    Same to you and yours!

    Happy Holidays to all guys, and stay safe!
  11. Yup,done and work fine , thanks mate!!!
  12. Thanks mate, guessed something similar, but better ask ( also checked in the KB but nothing)...
  13. Hello gents, not related to the A-6s but how made a external fuel tank not jettisonable?
  14. Escorting the Hammers Just try my skin for Veltro B-17F/G
  15. A-7 Corsair II 1983-1991 skin pack.

    Great addition for the SLUF, now all I need are the new files with appropriate rails, etc... Someone else?

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