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  1. That's great guys, love your works! This can be adapted to other planes ; I remember reading somewhere that the F-4G had a similar system indicating the selected target for the HARMs, but don't rmember the source...
  2. IMpressive like always my friend, can't wait for it!!! Mandatory screen
  3. AN/ALE-40 dispenser

    Mate I've asked my friend for info but he can't help, this was is response "Beyond my time in the Phantom ... and beyond my technical expertise ... " Anyway, I posted a link of this thread in the modelling forum of which I'm a subscriber ; there're is plenty of expert about the Phantom.
  4. AN/ALE-40 dispenser

    Can ask my friend Gene for any help, if at the time he still fly the Rhino
  5. F-111s problem

    Thanks for the help guys. Bazillius is exactly what I've done , extracted the Data.ini from the SuperPack and replaced those of the models that was wrong and now all work normally! Again many thanks to all for your time and suggestions Gianni
  6. F-111s problem

    Look ok to me, but here the Data.ini of the F-111A F-111A_DATA.INI
  7. Hello guys,was quite some times don't play with our beloved sims, but today want fly a mission with the Nam F-111A and noted that the load out don't rotate with the pylons! Checked all the modded games and look like if only the F-111A, -D and -E (not in ODS30) are affected. Any idea? Don't remember correctely if the planes are from the SuperPack Thanks, Gianni
  8. ODS 30th AnniversarY!!!!
  9. SF2 Vietnam Scooters

    Fantastic mate, just fantastic! I waited for so much time foe this release, you know ! This's a work of love and an example to follow!!!!
  10. Scooters

    That's awesome!!!! I'm very happy especially 'cause finally we will havw correct skins for the Marines VMAs, there're a lack of good liveries
  11. Scooters

    Oh dear, cannot wait for all these beauty!!!!
  12. Italy, Southern Europe (1993-2006)

    Great Rob!!! Rima Urbe is at 5 minute or less of driving time from my house, have a short runway but STOL bird can operate, remember a G-222/ C-27 landing and take-off during the airshow in the mid/late 80's- Now we need some new campaign ( OAF...)
  13. DCS MB-339A

    Fantastic, love the 339 since a child!!!! Started recently play at DCS, will be perfect have a trainer to train in the game, like in reality!!!

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