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FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 All-In-One Installer!

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It is finally here! I do apologize for the wait... The issue was finding a host with enough bandwidth! Problem solved. :D


It includes EVERYTHING the Online Standard does except the 1.5 Patch and Patches (Because of legal reasons)


This download should smooth out the install process of FS-WWI considerably. Please hi-speed internet users only!


What's included:


FS-WWI Plane Pack 4

FS-WWI Nations v2.0

Full Somme Terrain Repaint 2

FS-WWI Parfile updater

Rhineland Revamp

Snowy Somme Terrain

Tobruk Terrain

Stock Terrain Modifications

Latest Property Files


Please read the included Readme file before setup CAREFULLY! Basically you just install the SDOE game and run it once, install the 1.5 Patch, install the FS-WWI All-In-One and install one of the Patches last. The FS-WWI Parfile Updater and WWI Rhineland Revamp are optional files just like in the initial FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 release.


Download here: FS-WWI All-In-One Installer (433mb)


If you already have the FS-WWI Online Standard installed, no need to download this!


Enjoy! :)

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