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New Equipment Set up

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Hey guys.  

My new TracIR just arrived today by FedEx as well as a new 27 “Samsung curved gaming monitor C27 G55T I purchased yesterday along with  a new Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flight stick.  Appears the monitor has all the new updated drivers and looks great.  Just have to go to TrackIR site to go to and set things up. The last thing I require is a new PC.  Toying with the idea of maxing out my old 2015 HP Pavillion replacing the AMD Radeon R7 200 gpu to something mid ground (if I can locate one) max RAM  & installing an upgraded power source instead of purchasing a new rig right away.  I’m looking to see  which graphics card would be compatible with the Jasmine mother board originally installed in this PC.  This is a stop gap measure until cash flow becomes more available to purchase a much better rig.  All in all WOFF BH&H II believe it or not runs pretty smoothly on this old system, not with the settings maxed but I’m good with that.  I like Windows 8.1 as there were no issues installing and playing UE, PE & now BH & H II.  

Frame rates are consistent 50-60fps from 1915-1917. In 1918 they drop to around 35-40ish which is not a surprise due to the age of the rig and its very basic graphics card.  I do have air activity set to light as I realize if I put this on heavy air activity frame rates will be severely punished due to the amount of a/c even on light air activity.   I’m good with where things are at presently until I can purchase a new gaming rig or get one built.  Only thing I am observing is the monitor screen resolution which is at the recommended setting of 2560x1440 and also set for the same in game at the workshop seems off.  The graphics seem to be at the 1680x1050 setting from where my previous HP monitor was set to.  Maybe it’s me and I am not used to the nice new curved gaming monitor as the old HP was a flat screen and smaller.  I’ll tinker with some areas and see how things go.  Anyhow any ideas passed along my way is as always much appreciated.  Happy hunting!  Cheers! Djan/Janzen

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Can't offer much except to mention Windows will default to 60HTZ and your need to manually set the refresh rat to 144HTZ in graphics settings. If you forgot this expect a huge frame rate gain over 60htz.

With card prices what they are even a half way decent 1660ti will run you what I paid for my whole system from NZXT almost a year ago that came with that card, 16g ram, a 1TB SSD on a asrock MB with a I5 9400. 




At these inflated prices your almost far better off purchasing a prebuilt. I like NZXT because all the parts are consumer grade and not OEM--- and no crapware installed. 


My system was $999 and now I see the starter PC plus is at $1399, a $400 jump (again parts inflation.)  Looks like my identical system except it now comes with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6G which is a decent step up.

 Do note that the I5 as well as the ASROCK MB caps memory at 2666mhz although the actual sticks are rated at 3000mhz. And being a B365 your not be doing any overclocking. but this is really meant to be a decent entry gaming PC and it sure runs everything fine for me. 

Yes most offerings are a generation behind. this is because of availability. And again no OEM parts--- so EVERY component is top notch. You cannot even say that for Alienware anymore--- and cyber power or other brands. This matters. 



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