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Kadaicha Man

Problem with installation

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I recently purchased a copy of Strike Fighters after reading about how good it was.


I then attempted to install the Service Pack 1 patch. However, it came up with an error which stated that:


The file

C:\progra~1\Strate~1\strike~1\system\messagesystem.dll is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded.


When I press the "OK" button, the service pack installation crashes and disappears.


Does this mean that I don't have to apply Service Pack 1?


The thing is that if I then try and apply Service Pack 2, I get a similar message but naming a different file (the desert terrain one, IIRC).


Can anybody help?

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If you look bottom right on the main screen what version does it say?

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I've worked out the problem. It is one of the infamous Wal-Mart editions. I am not a happy chappy. To say I am annoyed is a massive understatement. Serves me right. One gets what one pays for and I thought I'd be able to do it cheap through eBay. I'll be leaving an adverse comment for the seller, I can assure you!


Unfortunately, it appears to be nearly impossible to purchase a copy of Strike Fighters downunder. :angry:

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