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  1. Falcon4 is an F-16 sim. Many people want patches and addons to enable them to fly almost everything you can think of --but it is primarily now and forever an F-16 sim. LOMAC is a succesor to Flanker --an SU-27 sim. I see the SU-27 (and 33) as the primary base planes for this sim. We are all more lucky than some realize that we do have a few more planes to fly in these sims. As for the F-15 in LOMAC --possibly it will never get better --but I would bet $20 to a jelly doughnut that it will in time. The SU-27 and SU-33 are obviously based on the programming in Flanker and most likely did not need a lot of work to incorporate them into LOMC. A really good job was done on the A-10 and the SU-25 (and the Mig-29 also) -- that was no doubt one reason LOMAC was so long in coming out. It takes a lot of programming to create an exceptable flight model and cockpit. Most of LOMAC was completed and we all wanted it in hand as soon as possible--they gave us what they had which was pretty damn good. The F-15 is not completed --I think the LOMAC producers would admit that --but I am sure it is on the high priority list. But all in all --LOMAC is not an F-15 sim. Learn to fly and fight the SU-27 and be happy that it is modeled so well.
  2. I am having a lot of problems understanding where you are coming from with your statements. I have owned several expensive sticks and the X-45 is right up there with the best of them --and for a lot less money. As for size --I am a grown man and have at least average size hands. I have no problem with the size of the stick --in fact I am about to make a base attachment so that I can rest my hand about 1/2 inch higher up the stick shaft. With my index finger on the trigger and my little finger on the "pinkie switch" I have about 1/4 inch travel with my other two fingers between the two switches --- that is plenty of room. As for stifness. I can control the flight of my planes in MSFS, Falcon4 and LOMAC with ease. I can smoothly move the planes micro amounts with no effort. However you do have to adjust the stick sensitivity in each sim to be able to do this --that is normal and expected. I have heard of others using cable ties to loosen the stick spring a little but I have not found it to be necessary. My X-45 is smooth and light on the touch. LOMAC needs serious sensitivity adjustments in the input menu for most all sticks. These adjustments will lessen the sensitivity from the default settings. This appears to be your problem with "overcontrolling" The overcontrolling can be dampened out and the stick made to behave by making changes to the sensitivity curves. Start out by setting the sensitivity values as follows--- Pitch ------ Shift at 80 dead zone at 10 curv at 25 Roll -- settings same as for pitch Rudder --------- Shift at 100 dead zone at 0 Curv at 25 Make these adjustments and if you do not like them then make small changes until you find a set of conditions that you prefer better. But do not expect things to get better unless you make some adjustments.
  3. Recently I read that the X-45 must be programmed in the stick profiler software only to be able to function properly.

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