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  1. Hell men, I'V been trying to tell all along that ubisoft sucks! I know you all would come around sooner or later !!!!!!!
  2. Since 11/20/03 i'v been trying to play this peice of crap. I can tolerate A lot, but this game has pushed me to my limit. When you and the enemy aircraft are at the same altitude flying the same speed and you have long range ATA and the computer aircraft has IR ATA (short range) and you fire your missles 15 to 20 nm outside the range of the aircraft with IR should'nt your missles get there before you do? and the worst part is it won't get any better
  3. can anyone tell me how to make the sound stop quiting when you go to the weapons veiw. they can't get even the simplest *(*)%#$ thing to work right. zzz sound v.5. only does it when using A-10
  4. I will try again, but my real problem is I can't seem to get it to work at all ! if you need me i'll be in my crater.
  5. I think the patch is A REAL IMPROVEMENT. The game runs smoother and more steady now but it could still use some improvements
  6. I just thought I would say thanks to GHOSTDOG, MADJEFF AND ANYONE I MISSED, for all your hard work and time spent on this site God bless you all.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to use threat missle padlocking, and how to disengage it if can get it to work! I just can't seam to get it to work for me.
  8. Does anybody know if there are V1.02 tutorials on tracking and avoiding ATA missle in lomac? Im building A SU-27 and trying to get it in the air, so it might be A day or so before I check back so thanks in advance !
  9. I found some really cool skins at http://www.dutchtigersquadron.nl/ and I thought yoall might want to know check it out when you got so time!
  10. This little bug is going to make things interesting! ok I just take'in off in my new tiger skin F-15 , and im jumped by A pair of MIG-29S so I take them out with AIM-9s. my wingman decides it safe to join me so he takes off, and I give him the order to rejoin. pretty soon I detected 3 SU-27 at 11 o'clock, about 40nm out. The flankers are armed with R-73s (no rader guided missles) and I close on them with AIM-9s selected. Now I quickly take out 1 & 2 and make sure they are down for good. now me and #3 ingage in A fur ball pretty soon I get the advantage and take him out. ok all bogys are down and im wondering how come my wingman never fills up his dam tanks before he takes off, all of A sudden bam! flanker # 1 R-73 slams in to from beyond the grave! has anyone had such an experience as this ?
  11. if you use the auto throttle , it will help A lot. Set your auto throttle (J) just A little faster than the speed of the tanker. then you can toggle it on and off as needed.
  12. But GhostDog , If I turn up the AI I might get shot down ! that would only make Angery- er LoL.
  13. Well you can fly the F-15 now , but they screwed up the A-10! The hawg won't fly level no matter how much you trim it up, the mavericks miss 100% of the time. you can move the slider, but then you can't decoy the AI missles.And to top it off , you still can't read the HUD Becuse of the colors.Also the TV seeker on the HUD sticks to the sides of the frames, and if you try to force it free it messes up the trim. And if thats not enuff then might I add A new one that I have'nt herd anyone bring up yet, the TVM is to hard to distinguish your target from the background! fix somthing brake som'in !!!!
  14. I'm having some trouble with the AGMs in the A-10. They won't hit the targets since I installed the 1.02 patch. not with auto lock or manual, the slewable TV seeker also sticks to the HUD sides and top of the HUD. If you try to force it free will mess up the trim. Im using A Saitek X-45. Anyone know whats up?
  15. Have you tryed the Nvidia desktop manager, under the mouse tab yet ? wow! I envey you if you can run the 6800 and lock on you must have A hell of PC !

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