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  1. Really have no idea. Maybe is something connected with july patch? Btw im not enough expert to give advices ;) Thanks again anyway...:)
  2. Hi Eric, i tried both files U put in attachment. The second one worked fine. The first one had same problem. Thanks for help :) Alex
  3. Ok going to give it a try, Thank U. My patch level is Jul 2012. I have a merged install of SF2-SF2V-SF2E-SF2I
  4. Hi All, I'm flying Operation Darius campaign with F/A-18C from Lincoln Carrier. Anytime i try to land I cant touch down on deck. I just pass through it and go on water. Is like i can only see the carrier but its not really there. Thank You in advance for any help. Alex.
  5. Hello all, I'm emproving on modifying campaigns. Actually i can succesfully add squadrons and aircrafts, change nations and add with succes stock carriers to any terrain and campaign. I also just added the italian Carrier Giuseppe Gareibaldi to WOE campaign and put over it a squadron of AV8-B Plus. But I have a problem: I start the new campaign and is all ok...I plan the mission, I load the Harrier, then start the flight...all ok, I'm on carrier's deck and i normally take off. Then i do the mission...all ok........but....if i end the mission and i decide to do it again by hitting the "refly" button, then, after the load screen, my Harrier explode on the carrier deck and so all my wingmans.... Can anybody help me? Thank U in advance Alessandro
  6. Than U all very much Your suggestion were very precious..:)
  7. Hello all. I'm quite new in twaking SF series. But in few weeks I was able to add airplanes and weapons, and then start modding campaigns, Actually I build up a WOE campaign in Germany map by modifying one of the stock campaigns, where U can fly FA 18F from a carrier placed on North Sea. The enviroment is populated with Su 27s, MIG 29s, Typhhons and F15 Cs. The war in sky is quite challenging, but in ground not so much, because thre are no SAMs... I'm asking myself if I messed up something. Maybe is due to the fact that my campaign is placed in 2008? Can someone help me about this problem? I browsed the knowledge base but i didnt find a way to add or replace SAMS. Thanks in advance Alessandro
  8. And most of all....where to find the september patches compatible waepons editor? Thank U very much in advance Alex
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to make little tweaks in Rolling Thunder campaign in WOV. I already checked the knowledge base forum and i learned to make a duplicato of the campaign, then extract .dat files. I added a squadron (VF 111 Sundowners equipped with F4 Bs). Now is starting my problem: I want to make available in the campaign loeadout screen the Suu 23 gun pod I added this entry Supply[013].WeaponType=SUU23 Supply[013].Quantity=240 but when i start the campaign the pod is not available. What i do wrong? I use the default weapons and the suu23 is available in single mission loadout screen, but not in my tweaked campaign. thank U for advices Alessandro "TBear" Casadio
  10. I just patched WOI, In general this patch is ok and solved lot of problems...expecially "the black aquare" in map section. But after patching i lost my in progress Campaign GOLAN STALEMATE saved. Also if i try to start a new GOLAN STALEMATE campaign seem that the 3d world disappeard...no cockpit...no terrain..no any kind of object around..oly a blue horizon. Can someone help with it ? Thank U in advance Alessandro "TBear" Casadio
  11. Hallo folks, is there a way in Lomac to edit "saved staes" files ( i.e. *.sav )? What i want to do is to create a complete scenario with some objectives, all defences, veicles and air groups. Then complete the mission abjectives in different times: I start flying a SEAD mission against defences....then i back home, I save the state of the mission (to save the fact thet i destroied those defences) and then i set up another attack mission or a fighter sweep etc....till i finally reach all mission objectives. In other words i want to reproduce the "rank general" mission editing feature available in Flanker 1.5 For what i see is not possible to edit a .sav file....maybe someone did a special utility for this? Thank U Alessandro
  12. didnt work :( I passed all aftenood editing all aircrafts ini files to make them compatible with latest weaponspack....now i backup them and then I'll make a new install of SFP1...next week end...;) Anyway i want to thank this forum....never seen in my decennial flight simming career such quick answering and helpful people. thanks
  13. I followed all your instructions step by step and worked fine in WOV, but not in SFP1. Now it gives an error from misiileobject.dll file :( . I'll try to serch on forums some fix for it. In the meantime isnt it possible to find in the web 3.2 patches and older weopons paks ?...I think that this way i can have aesier life in modding SFP1....isnt it? Thank U ciao Alessandro
  14. Thank U really very much Mr Fubar. That was very exaustive answer. I'll go to work on it tomorrow morning (is sleeping time here in Italy ) then I'll let U know how it go. Have good day Alessandro

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