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    I wrote to DCS Support, they wanted an attached file which I do not have because I can not open the DCS game. Following are my serial number in red.

    ...........................Not for public viewing

    Thank You


  2. To: MIGBUSTER37 I try to fly in DCS today my aircraft will not come up. I checked at DCS all my serial numbers are red. Need Help Thank You Fatman
  3. Does any one have an idea when the Battle of the Bulge Campaign will be finish. Thanks Fatman
  4. 09/28/16 Have a two questions to ask, they are as follow: 1. Does anyone have a planning map of Europe that would show Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword Beaches? 2. How do you get the LCM to show up in the water and for them to operate. Thanks Fatman
  5. How many of you knew about these guys?

    08-02-16 Watch the movie Go For Broke (1951) The most decorated unit in US military history, and made up of Japanese-American volunteers, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team fights heroically despite widespread prejudice from fellow soldiers. The 442 battles the Nazis while slogging through Italy, and suffering humiliation from their scornful commander, Lt. Grayson. Fatman
  6. Wrench: Do you have the Planning Maps for the following: SF2:I IsraelME Terrain Remod Thanks Fatman
  7. My new computer will have Windows 10. Thank You Fatman
  8. 05/26/16 Just have one question: Does Windows 10 work with Strike Fighters 2 Series? Thanks Fatman
  9. 11/28/15 How come we can not download the following: Takao Class Cruiser Almirante Padilla Class Light Frigate Thanks Fatman
  10. Zola25 Thank You for the information on Windows 8.1. Fatman
  11. 09/10/15 Have a question does SF2 run in Windows 8.1 Thanks Fatman
  12. 03/02/15 The Planning Map of Battle of Britain is larger then the Planning Map of EUROWW2. Can some body please tell me the map scale of Planning Map of EUROWW2 and the Planning Map of Battle of Britain. Thanks Fatman
  13. 12/03/14 Downloaded SF2 Europe and installed Desert Strom and SF2E_ODS_Update1 to have Aircraft Carriers. ( The Problem ) You can take-off from the carrier, when you return from the mission and try to land the aircraft you go right through the flight deck in the water. Can someone help me with the problem. Thank You Fatman
  14. 11/01/14 Question Who won the DCS Contest? Thanks Fatman
  15. 09/29/14 Does anyone have a SU-33 and Su-35 for SF2 that I can Down Load. Thanks Fatman

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