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  1. Hallo @Jerhear, very nice!! I have used your skins for PE before and I think, they are very good. I will download it this weekend and add it in the mod-list here, CA. Greetings!
  2. Hallo, Sorry that I repeat it (see wish-list), but IMHO this is one argument more for a clock in the HUD, independing on the source for the cockpit-clock. Other arguments are the early aeroplanes without a cockpit-clock (the pilots did wear it) and the nonhistorical digital z-buttom-clock. @catch: I have reduced the glosses-frame a little bit (7 or 8), so it's easier to read the FPS in the corner. Greetings!
  3. Okay, a few little things: + clock-gauge in the HUD (a: to simulate the fast view on your clock, b: because of the early aeroplanes without a clock in the cockpit, so the piots did wear it on the arm, c: the time about the digital Z-Buttom is not very historical), + change of the flight-formation only if you are a squadron-leader, in any other case the system should decide between different formations randomly, as a decision from your chief, + Ability to restart the engine not only on the airfiled, but also near to a ground-unit and with a 2-seater everywhere (of course only when the second man is still living ...) + That there is a use to land and turn off and on the engine. F.e.: If you land at a ground-unit, they can give you a little bit fuel, max. 30%. If you land at an foreign airfield of your side, they can give you fuel, max. 30% and ammunition, max. 30%, and/or in both cases they can bring you to a hospital, if you are injured. + Rank and pilot-name If you get the according document to a medal, + an actual aces-ranking-list, national and international Greetings!
  4. Guess what?

    Okay, got it now! Download ca. 20minutes (very fast, I was surprised!); Data-size correct (uff!) > uninstall PE via toolbox (uninstall and registry) and Ccleaner for Registriy-check > PC-New-Start > Installation BH&HII, DX9 and first patch > PC-New-Start > Stick-connection and first Sim-Start > Yes! Workshop: Joystick and its axis okay? Yes, enough for test! > Generate test-campaign > Quick Combat, Free Flight > Loading > YES, here we are! For all these steps I have needed ca. 2 hours (faster than I did believe). First impression: Glasses are great! FPS60 (more than I did believe) and no stottering at the beginning of the flight. Now I need a cup of coffee, Greetings!
  5. Hallo All, because of the release-distribution via different ways in the past it is difficult to get / keep the overview about the mods, not only for new and returned players. So I decided to open this thread for the BH&H 2-mods with this intention: The mod-overview for the user via a mod-list and where the user can find the mods. I will try to keep this mod-list up to date, but it’s only an attempted solution and it’s not my claim to make a complete list. If you miss a mod or see a wrong link please don’t be angry! Then I forgot the mod or the link is wrong, in any case an unintentional mistake of mine simply. And of course I have not any responsibility for use of the mods, whatsoever. To the modder: Sandbaggers Website is the best solution for the WOFF-mods in my humble opinion. And additionally I would like to recommend the download-sector here at CombatAce. It has a similar good structrure (I haven’t known it before). Please look at both options! I hope it’s useful! BH&H 2-Mods (new or compatible), 07.05.21: Mod: JSGME ModEnabler utility (Version 2.6.0) by 'Lothar of the Hill People' - Modifed by 'RJW' Download: Sandbaggers Website: http://www.thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html Mod: Scenery Improvement Mod by @Panama Red: Download: Sandbaggers Website: http://www.thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html (or Forum SimHQ: Wings: Over Flanders Fields, Thread: "PE Scenery Improvement, FPS increase and BT elimination mod", Download: @Panama Red, Dropbox) Mod: VonS_WOFFgpuTunerPatchFolderInside Download: Forum CombatAce > OBD Software: WW1 & WW2 Combat Flight Sims > WOFF UE/PE-File Announcements, Thread "FM Tweaks for WOFFue/pe" (also the Mod for WOTR) Mod: WOFF UE PE Historical Weather Mod 2.02 by @BuckeyeBob Download: Sandbaggers Website: http://www.thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html (or Forum SimHQ: Wings: Over Flanders Fields – Mods, Thread: "Optional Cloud Mod", Download: @BuckeyeBob, Dropbox) Mod: WOFF UE PE OCM 3.0.0 by @BuckeyeBob (compatible, @BuckeyeBob is working on an update because of the cloud fixes with patch 1.07) Download: Sandbaggers Website: http://www.thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html (or Forum SimHQ: Wings: Over Flanders Fields – Mods, Thread: "Optional Cloud Mod", Download: @BuckeyeBob, Dropbox) Mod: All files of Consolidated Custom Facilities-Mod by @Robert Wiggins/@Panama Red Download: Sandbaggers Website: http://www.thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html Mod: WOFF PE Historical_Victory_Information_1.4_by_@Aris (most likely compatible; @Aris and @Shredward are working on an update!) Download: Forum SimHQ: Wings: Over Flanders Fields - Thread: MOD compatibility for PE (Updated), Side 3, Download: @ArisFuser, drive.google.com Mod: UserFiles Backup Utility by @Robert Wiggins Download: Sandbaggers Website: http://www.thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html Mod: All User created Aircraft Skin Mods by @Jearbear Download: Sandbaggers Website: http://www.thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html Note: Some of you know my thread "Release of PE-Mods: Where?" on SimHQ > WOFF > Mod-Forum. I'm going to leave the PE-modlist there, because the user can find also the appopriate mod-threads there.
  6. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Hallo @Erik, thank you very much for your kooperation! I have sent you a message. Greetings!
  7. Thank you @VonS ! You have mentioned all necessary things. I'm new on CA, so let's find the best way for the user to get an overview about the BH&HII-mods. Greetings
  8. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Hello @VonS, short info, after I have had contact with Erik: I'm a new member, so I have only a few minutes do edit a new post. With more posts I level up and get more time (similar to attachment-MB). At the end there is no limit to edit the post. I think, it's a very interesting and exciting feature, which makes CA unique. Thank you for your offer to use your sub-thread ! My mods-list-thread on SimHQ must not survive here only because I have had the idea. Important is to find the best way for the user to get an overview about the mods (that was the intention!). Additionally CA has an other structure compared to SimHQ. We will find the best way ... . See you later and Greetings!
  9. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Hi @Von S, thanks for your info! It confirms what I have thought. Now I recognice, that I can't edit my own posting again. It seems, editing and changing of the posting is available for limited time only. Is it right? I think about it also because of my PE-mod-thread on SimHQ and the transfer to CA. If I have maked an update there, I edited my posting, updated the mod-list and saved it again simply, without a new thread. Thanks for answer again and Greetings!
  10. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Ups, this repeat is a mistake. Does anybody now how to delete the own posting. I click on "edit" but don't find a solution.
  11. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Yes Adger, I can imagine that we will see a lot of shots because it's easier here. Here is one shot more with AlbDIII Early 1917, Jasta 15, with Gontermann, Glinkermann and Udet. The Default-Jasta15 with the the simple "B" on the fuselage I don't know, … any completely unimportant pilot . The next shots will be from BH&H2. Greetings!
  12. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Hi all, this shot is only a test (Jasta 15, AlbDIII Early, 1917). ... ... and WOW, it's easy here on CA! Nice! Greetings!
  13. Welcome!

    Hallo all here on CA, it's my first posting after my account yesterday, so let me say at first "Hallo". Some of you (or more) know me from SimHQ-WOFF/WOTR. Because Pol has said we are back at CA ... I can imagine, that this forum will be the base for BH&HII probably. The first impression of the OBD-forum here is a good one. I like the background, it has atmosphere! See you later and Greetings.

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