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  1. Steve's new video card

    Get the Radeon 9800 pro (256MB) from H.I.S, available from ebuyer.com, you can even upgrade it with an nVidia dustbuster style fan for about £10.00, which is actually quieter than the stock one and allows MASSIVE overclocks I did this and was able to go from 378MHz to 460MHz!!!!!!!, that was in the winter months, at the moment I can run it at 420-425MHz as its hot at the moment already, at no point did i see artifacts or corrupted textures, nor did it lock up. I just cant express how impressed I was with this, 82MHz OC and I hadnt even taken it to the limit, now thats price/performance. In 3Dmark03 it scored ~5800 points but when overclocked that jumped up to ~6600 points
  2. The eyecandy thread

    It would be good if when going supersonic in the Mirage you see the condensation form in the shockwave, im not sure if the harrier can go supersonic in a dive, the F-86 could just go over M1.0 diving, so maybe....
  3. can we have movable visors

    can we have an option to move the tinted visor up and down when flying towards the sun, otherwise you get blinded for a short time, kind of like the effect of flashbangs in R6 Rogue spear
  4. Heat Seeking Missiles

    Very good idea, im not to sure if the argentines had any SARH missiles on their mirages but if they did then it could mean that if you fire an IR missile right after the SARH then it may be a waste of a missile, you would have to be careful about how much time you leave between missiles
  5. 3d Cockpit Pilot Model Q

    Yeah having a limited downward view would work too (except for the throttle) unless the view is limited there to, BUT if you could see the top of the stick, then I would want there to be a visible hand, and fingers to press switches
  6. Fs2004

  7. Please Can I Be A Beta Tester, Please

    What, now would be the time to ask, when its beta it would be too late because they would have decided before then
  8. Fs2004

    there is a harrier add on pack for CFS2 so it probably works with FS04, BUT it CANT hover, its a cheat harrier with super efficient flaps (hover to M$ means 20 knot flight) But it does have almost all versions of the harrier (even the P.1127 Kestral)
  9. 3d Cockpit Pilot Model Q

    Can the pilot have arms and hands on the controls (aswell as the standard legs on the rudder pedals) It just looks silly having pilot with no arms controlling planes with the power of their minds, lol
  10. Please Can I Be A Beta Tester, Please

    If you let me i will make sure i will give many reports and have access to at least four very different systems from a duron 1GHz to a P4C 3.0 to test it on Pllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee
  11. If Its Sold Commercially

    Will there be a big detailed manual, like the one from janes FA18 or from F4, please
  12. Will We Be Able To Assign The Nozzle To An Axis

    Nice bum
  13. Mp Balance, Bah Humbug

    We all like Sims with a capital S, why should MP be any different, this wont be quake, the planes should fly as they should, which makes the player LEARN how to use aircraft specific tactics to win, and it will depend on pilot skill, in a particular plane. eg, in the harrier the pilot has to use viffing and good turn rates to overcome the mirage which uses boom and zoom tactics, and the mirage pilot would have to make sure he doesnt get drawn into a turning fight, instead he uses his speed and accelleration to fight with, I dont see why SP realism cant be completely employed in MP This would make you decide what plane and side you should fight with depending on where your personal skills lie, do you twist and turn, or do you put the go faster stipes on? But if needs be to have balance, you could always force a particular ratio of number of planes on each side depending on what planes are being flown and the numbers of them, by automatically forcing players onto the team thats at a disadvantage, this would "bring balance to the force/s" without having to sacrifice realism of flight models/performance
  14. Will We Be Able To Assign The Nozzle To An Axis

    Thanks for the reply to the e-mail :)
  15. Harrier Hovering Duration/modability

    err, no, we will be replacing them with F-35B's and the carriers with new shiny Nuclear carriers nearly on the scale of Nimitz carriers Having those tornados wouldnt be historically acurate, I was talking about a second modern times "Falklands 2" campaign in addition to a totally historically accurate one

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