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  1. Joystick not recognized

    Update: The hints regarding a button stuck was the correct one! What was wrong: The VIRPIL Constellation Alpha has a 4-Step-Trigger (!), means a lever switched forward (button 1), switched backward with contact to the trigger (Button 2), then the trigger itself (Button 3) and a second step on the trigger (Button 4). If this lever is forward, it sets button 1 to "up" --> Means its pushed all the time --> Means, when i want the game to recognize an axis, the button permanently sends data and the game does not "see" the axis im moving... When i bring everything in the standard position and all the buttons are shown as "up" - then it works. So basically my fault with the buttons on my Joystick. Cant blame the game for it!
  2. Hello everyone, i need some support: Bought and installed WOFF 2 today successfully. When it comes to the workshop and my input configuration, the problem starts. I use: - Joystick: Virpil Constellation Alpha on a Virpil WarBRD base. - Throttle: HOTAS Warthog Throttle - Throttle: Saitek / Logitech Throttle Quadrant - Pedals: MFG Crosswind Pedals - Trim: Saitek / Logitech Trim Wheel - Track IR Problem: When i am in the input configuration and want to bind the joystick axis to elevator or ailerions, it beeps and tells me "only joystick axis can be assigned!" WTF?! The input shows me correctly that the X-axis and Y-axis move, when i move the joystick, so the axis are recognized. I tried with all other devices unplugged, only with the joystick plugged in. I use this configuration with WOFF 1, IL2 1946, IL2 Great Battles, FSX, P3D, MSFS, DCS without any issues. Why does WOFF 2 not allow me to bind my usual joystick x- and y-axis to the ailerons and elevators? PC WIndows 10, 8600K, 32 GB Ram, RTX 3070, etc... Any ideas? Regards, Jan

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