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  1. Adding skins

    Thank you so much for your help and your time. I'll check those 3 packs out tonight!
  2. Adding skins

    Thanks for the advice! May I ask which Skins pack you reccomend?
  3. Adding skins

    Good evening everyone. I have a question regarding adding additional skins to the campaign experience. I am downloading the WOFF User Skins (Version 4.0) right now. I am hoping to expand the number of skins that the campaign uses. I beleive that by installing this pack it will do the trick. Can I simply copy the skins into the correct folder or must I use the JSGME software to acheive this? Also, will a skin pack interfere with the basic game in any way in so that I must remove the skin pack before I update to a newer version? Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. New patch existing career compatible?

    Thanks very much for your help Polovski. I look forward to cranking up the details
  5. Hi guys, Please can you advise whether I can get away with patching woff bhah and expect my career to be unaffected? Namely, the latest.17 patch is what I'm thinking of using.
  6. View snapping problem

    Mouse look works perfectly. I'll try and narrow it down and if I find it ill let you guys know in case it helps others
  7. View snapping problem

    PS: I have Wings over the reich too and it behaves exactly the same!!
  8. View snapping problem

    I put them all to "up" but still no change. It must be a driver somewhere - Occulus or Vorpx - but I have made sure both of these aren't running even in the background. Many thanks for all of your help and congratulations on such a fantastic game!
  9. View snapping problem

    screen shot attached. If this is wrong, would it be worth you sending me a .xca file to just copy in?
  10. View snapping problem

    Ps: Pov 1 : HEAD pov is listed in all of the bindings for every device. Is that normal?
  11. View snapping problem

    No had tracking but I'll have a go at removing anything that looks.odd. I've already reset to.default and tries many times. Thanks again
  12. View snapping problem

    No this is a desktop with a Thrustmaster Warthog joystick and Throttle. I'm totally stumped. I know my way around a pc and have tried almost everything! Thank you for trying to help¬!
  13. View snapping problem

    Using the default setup, with scroll lock off it does nothing. With.num pad on it moves slightly to the right or left respectively.
  14. View snapping problem

    The numpad keys with numlock on and scroll lock off have no effect whatsoever on my system! Rotate eyeball is the command listed under 'view' commands in the re-map keys / controllers section. (I'm using the brand new WOFF between heaven and hell. )
  15. View snapping problem

    Hi Polovski, When I turn scroll lock on - the view does indeed shift but only like 5 degrees. I want to be able to turn my head 90 degrees either left or right. Should I be using the rotate eyeball command to achieve this?

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