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  1. Hi Robert, I'm not too sure about the JSGME mod enabler from Sandbaggers web site, I did a search for the jsgme , Found a few different jsgme but which one do I use, none of them is from sandbagger. I also downloaded from the link you provided, opened them up and has 4 files for alb_DIII and DR1 sorry I don't mean to be a pain but I never moded any games and have no clue what I'm doing. Thank you for any help my fellow Canadian.
  2. Throttle problem

    Ok got it to work. Thanks again. What a difference when flying the Snipe at full speed. She's a beast.
  3. Throttle problem

    Thanks, guy's, looks like my CH pedals are affecting my throttle, I tried unbinding them but that doesn't work. While the CH pedals are selected the Z-axis fluctuates at 50% until I move the pedals then it goes up and down. How do I remove the Z-axis from my pedals?
  4. Yes, I did, But what am I suppose to do with it? My guess is to wright over the existing files with it, but What am I looking for to change the other files. I was looking for this line : <PlayerExperience FF_stall="y" FFB_ElevatorForce="0" FFB_AileronForce="-110"/> But couldn't find it anywhere to change it. And thank you for replying, I'm absolutely no programmer, So I get lost in space when it goes for coding.
  5. Hi, Not sure where to put this but I'm having a problem with my throttle, It seems to not go past 50% and then some times it goes to idle and stays there which causes me to hit the ground, I have bound it to my joystick throttle and also tried 1 through 0 and the +&- but nothing happens. I'm a newbie to WOFF BH&H2 and still trying to set up my controls. Thank you.
  6. Hi folks, newbie to WOFF and a big fan of the MSFFB, So I'm having the same problem as you guys with a limp stick, not sure if I take the blue pill or the red one. Oops, wrong stick, no just kidding, I'm no computer wiz so I'm having a little problem figuring out what files and where the files are that need to be changed. Can't live without my MSFFB would appreciate any help on the matter. Thank you.

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