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  1. Excellent work Rick. I shall have a fiddle. Now all we need is to have the Lewis fire upwards in any of the various tilt down positions. Without wasting ammo on the Vickers.
  2. Training V2.0

    GAH ! Please, I was just getting over the experience. The man is a psychopath !
  3. Right. Thanks for clearing that up RR. I guess Pol will come back with some answers in the fullness of time. I am however reluctant to pester him ceaselessly because he has patches and stuff to work on.
  4. Albert Ball for one. Used this method in the Nieuport 17 and I think he was instrumental in having the SE designers implement a similar configuration. He was a man of some influence at the time. I would have preferred the SE had twin Vickers though.
  5. Where are these guns 1 and 2 RR ? Couldn't find them. @Polovski Is it not possible down the track to enable the Se5a to fire the Lewis when tilted down ? And to fire the Lewis and Vickers individually ?
  6. As I have been abducted by Rick Rawlings (not his real name) and forced into the Se5a's of 40 squadron circa Winter 1917, I thought I should familiarise myself with the kite, particularly the weaponry and the new Lewis tilt feature. Now I'm prone to being very crafty at times and, if the opportunity arises, like to fire up into the belly of hostile aircraft by tilting the Lewis down so that it is positioned in an upward firing position. The question is ... can the Lewis by fired on its own separate from the Vickers? And if so, how? I just had a brief go at it with no luck.
  7. New Logo

    I am bereft of any talent whatsoever Erik so that includes me out. Not to mention lazy. But the logo could do with a makeover. My suggestion would be something based on the box art on OBD's site? Looks good to me. I miss the days of boxed products.
  8. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Meet Squizzy Taylor. Born and raised in the slums of Melbourne, Australia, his early life was not easy. At the tender age of 7 years, his mother (Lily) drifted into prostitution after his father (George) was killed during a disagreement at the local pub. Members of the "Razor Gang" were suspected but never charged. Times became tougher for young Squizzy when Lily was forcibly removed to a sanitorium for the mentally feeble after suffering mercury poisoning from a social disease cure. Mother and son were never to meet again. Lily died of complications in 1900. Now orphaned, the authorities sent the child to the "SunnySide" Orphanage, a state run facility for homeless and disenfranchised boys. It was not a happy time where beatings, kerosene baths, poor nutrition and 14 hour work days combined to make life intolerable and hopeless. It was under these conditions that a benefactor entered Squizzy's life, a certain Leonard "Toe Cutter" Thompson. Leonard, posing as a benevolent philanthropist, was on the look out for young, cheap and suitable workers to man his "operation". It was during his employ with Toe Cutter that young Squizzy was taught the finer points of SP bookmaking, extortion, pickpocketing, blackmail, bribes, pimping and sly grog shops. In order to fulfill his duties, he became familiar with, and to depend upon, his weapon of choice. The cut throat razor. He blossomed as a petty criminal and flush with money and dames, he became a man of sartorial elegance. What one would call a flashy dresser. His nickname, Spiv, was bestowed upon him at this time. Life was good but becoming increasingly complicated. After political grumbling about rampant crime, the Police were no longer (officially) taking bribes and the politicians wanted action. The net was closing in on Toe Cutters operation. It was time to vamoose. At the age of 21, Squizzy set sail for England to escape the heat. War was declared not long after his arrival. This presented the young gangster with excellent opportunities to scam the military and make some real money. To become a vital cog in the war effort. Supply and demand. To join up was for naive suckers. And so he began supplying dodgy low grade linen and cheap, untreated wood to the Aeroplane manufacturers. Always with a complicated method of delivery so as to make it almost impossible to track the origins should worst come to worst. Which it never did. Mixing now with the upper class, Squizzy was living the high life. At one particular manufacturing convention a visiting aviator by the name of Ridley-Smythe suggested he learn to fly. Squizzy was interested but when told the cost of private tuition, immediately baulked. Despite his wealth, the poverty of his youth never left him. And so, figuring the war couldn't last much longer and dissent becoming stronger to end it, Squizzy signed up with the RFC for free pilot training. And I get paid! Anyway, it'll all be over before I even get to the front, he thought. And so, on the 11th November 1917, Squizzy was shipped to the front as a 2nd Lieutenant in No. 40 squadron, RFC. And then the story really begins ....
  9. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Lol he looks like George Raft who I understand was similarly gifted in a variety of nefarious activities.
  10. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Lol I was only thinking about it and then PRESTO! I'm in. Just like that. On the list. Confirmed. Twice apparently! Me and my big mouth. Has this Rawlings character always been like this?
  11. London Scenery

    My log book records 4.8 hours in the Be2c over a 2 week period beginning 1st Feb 1915 at Suttons Farm. It may not seem a lot but I was desperate to get away from Capt. Triggers. The front seemed much safer. So ....
  12. Nah, as he's obviously freezing to death in the DH2 cockpit, he's probably thinking of the nice, warm fire in the Officers Mess.
  13. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    The sad tale of catch getting shanghaied! Press-ganged into service! "Take your hands off me you cad! Don't you know who I am?" [struggles to no avail, hair sexily tousled, biceps bulging] "Mummy!" [breaks down and sobs] ================================================================================================================================================== I can guarantee if anyone posts to say, for instance, no, can't do it, Rick would accept that as signing up! I like your MO man. Effective. Looks like I'm in.
  14. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Hmmm I wonder. Should I ? I did like the video.
  15. Thanks Becker. I'll give that a shot. So then we can't actually move the "Z" info around the screen to a more suitable position? I seem to recall we could once with something on screen but I can't remember what or if it was the Z stuff? A long, long time ago I can still remember how that music used to make me smile .... but other things just fade away ....

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