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  1. Out of the loop...

    May the Holy Gods of Vision, Of Screens, and Television, Give You your Sight, As is your Right, Along with Circumcision, Or Not. Get well Troops, get well ....
  2. Wings Over The Reich Dev News

    Well, it was worth a try .... You are good Mr Polovski. It won't be so easy next time ....
  3. Wings Over The Reich Dev News

    Four months go by swiftly for persons of a particular age. Why, it seems like yesterday. Yet a lot has happened in that time. A European war, rising inflation and cost of housing, increasing homelessness, refugees, climate anomalies, a wheat and energy crisis, a Will Smith slap, hearings into the Capitol riots, a change of government in Australia and Heard vs Depp. Refreshingly, some things remain the same such as Boris Johnson's hair or Dungeness. And OBD. Is it time to unwrap the wraps and let us all have a sneaky peek at what lies under? Too soon?
  4. Out of the loop...

    We really need a braille version for us old timers. I couldn't do any worse. I wish you all the best for your recovery Troops.
  5. Okay you got my weak spot Capt. These pics are absolutely quirkiful. I saw 'er but fly by and shall love 'er 'til the day I die. You've done good lad. And Capt Triggers too! You've struck gold ....
  6. Future plans ?

    Ah yes, aging is the queerest thing. But that's why God invented booze and smokes and Dungeness innit.
  7. Couple of newbie questions

    Good show G and welcome. I seem to remember something similar along the lines of the love you make is equal to the love you take. Can't remember where. Never mind. I think you'll enjoy WoFF: BH&H II: Recon Wars a lot. But headtracking in some way, shape or form is, I'm afraid, a mandatory requirement to fully enjoy what WoFF has to offer. You must try harder.
  8. Future plans ?

    Lol I used to be catch22 in a previous life in a now defunct OFF forum from the olden times. Aye lad, them was the days! I'm just amazed that you two OBD guys are still at it. Talk about fortitude and dedication. Admirable.
  9. AMD Ryzen processors?

    No worries cobber. Let's go ! My shout ! .... Oh dammit I seem to have misplaced my wallet ....
  10. AMD Ryzen processors?

    It's not often I get the opportunity to address a Knight of the Realm Sir Woofer but I can inform you that, in my humble and subservient opinion, AMD CPU's work well with WoFF and, if I may be momentarily vulgar, offer a bigger bang for your buck [ahem] than that other mob. Respectfully, Your Servant.
  11. She's a beautiful bus socrate and no mistake. They don't make 'em like that anymore. And I still marvel at things like the amazing engineering of rotary engines and synchronising/interrupter gear, neither of which I fully understand, but were so much a part of the Great War.
  12. WOFF: More Lethal than Ever

    You said it Gramps ! I like how even old people can get into this excellent sim.
  13. re: Patch 1.21

    I think so too Alby. Recon, photography and arty spotting were the main functions of the air services and of vital importance to the PBI. Get me up in that Quirk quick and let me at 'em ! Mind you, it's dangerous stuff and not for the faint hearted. Have you got the right stuff chaps ? Will you do your duty for King and country ? Yes ? Well then, grow a moustache. Your country needs you !
  14. Remain calm and composed Rick. It's Bueller's day off.

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