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  1. Madjeff, Saw this post & as I had already done the translation (into English), I thought I could send it to you for you to post somewhere (as site administrator). The file is 3,470kb & at the moment is in microsoft Works format. If you can tell me where to send it & the format to change it to (eg: Word 97 - 2000) then I am happy to do so. Overall the translation is quite accurate (and therefore a bit stilted as I have not really used vernacular English but rather translated as more formal language :( ) but there are one or two sentences where I think I did not really get the meaning quite right and they are a bit vague. But it is worth a woolly sentence or two as the navigation information is vital for understanding the SU25. The manual & training sessions were all Greek to me until I cracked this article. Well done Alas Rojas.... Dogsbody :D

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