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  1. Su25!!!

    Dark Soul, If you look within the training section in the game (accessible via the main menu), you'll see a complete set of 4 or 5 missions related to the SU-25 and beautifully explained by Shepski. Hope it helps... Ian
  2. Beta-testing

    Great answer Fates! Thanks for all the good info, that's why I like this board, people in the know take the time to write informative answers! I especially like the: LOL! Ian
  3. Beta-testing

    I know, it's difficult to keep a post up there, especially with many persons using the general forum as the tech support... Yes, I am curious on the relationship between the testers and the developpers. Ian
  4. First of all, let me make it clear that in this thread my intention is not to criticize the beta-testers or LO:MAC. I like this sim alot and I think that a program this complex for this price is totally unbelievable in today's society. What I was wondering is this:What do the beta testers do exactly? For example, how many are there for a program like LO:MAC? What kind of tests do they perform, do they simply play the game or tests specific things? What prompted this question is the whole problematic (discussed at lenghts in many threads, mainly PAPADOC's thread on the AMRAAM) concerning the PK of ALL the missiles with self guidance systems, wether IR or internal radar. Is it normal that this was not discovered during beta testing? Anyways, let me remind you that I am just looking for information on the subject and not trying to criticize anyone. I would just like some feedback from someone who is familiar with the process of beta testing. Ian Note: message also posted in UBI general forum, so don't be surprised if you are a user of both forums.
  5. New Site Layout - Please Vote!

    Jeff, I think it's all a question of compromise, and it might be a bit difficult to judge from a person who comes often on the site. I think that for the people who hang out alot here, it'll be pleasant to have everything at our fingertip, just a click away. On the other hand, if there is less eye-candy (i.e. thumbnails related to the various articles), then people might be less inclined to click on the title for a further read. (Some people do not take the time to really scroll down much) Also, this might be just my connection today or the server, but things seem slower. But on the whole, for myself, I give it a positive note. Good work!
  6. Hey guys, I started a while back to translate an article originally written by a member of the Alas Rojas concerning the SU-25 avionics. Unfortunately, I have been busy with personnal stuff (in the process of switching job) and the project got delayed. With the LO-MAC release, the article seems a bit pointless since you can find alot of the stuff in the manual, albeit less detailed than the article. However, I am about halfway through (14 pages) and I would like to know if anyone is still interested in an English version. If some of you are, drop me a reply here and I'll try and finish it off in the next 2 weeks and post it in the articles section. Thanks, and have fun with LO:MAC! Ian
  7. Geez... Is Shepski everywhere or what? Where do you find the time to devote yourself so much to this sim? Great job!! (Once again, kudos on the training, as I mentionned on the UNI forum -where I am Ian_L-)
  8. I was wondering... Is it common for Air Forces to send a single aircraft strike force? This is not meant as a "this is not realistic bla bla bla"-type post, just simple curiosity. :) I'm guessing that maybe the F-117 or B-2 often have single plane mission? Ian
  9. Another question about Track IR: When you want to look at the side, you turn your head to the side... but you have to leave your eyes on the screen, right!?! So I'm guessing that for a 45 deg. rotation in track IR you get a full 90+ deg. rotation on the screen?? Thanks and have a nice weekend! Ian
  10. Very nice video MrMudd! Quick question: do you capture the video while playing the mission or do you replay it afterwards and use trackIR then? If so, is that why there's a label on the friendly plane at the beginning and on the MIG off your left wing while egressing? Great work, and love the storyline! Ian
  11. Hey guys...just done playing a little late night LOMAC here and I thought I'd get your input on a few tactics. I've been playing tonight the mod 2 on 2 migs vs mirages mission. I've tried a couple of tactics to see what worked best and I'd like to see what you guys have tried. To me 2 tactics seem to work pretty good. 1- Start of the mission, you are getting painted but not locked. Immediatly turn in the direction of the radar, turn on your radar and you're up for a game of "my radar is better than yours" versus the mirages. Usually, I get a lock before they do and release a long range r-77. My wingman does the same with a few well placed orders and usually the mirages immediatly go defensive without even launching theirs. Me and my wingman's second volley of missiles downs them. Effective but not very fun. 2- I order my wingman far back in a trail formation and we dive down to the water surface as soon as the mission starts. THe mirages are on our left the whole time. Being down low, they have a hard time locking us up and we are pretty close when they finally start to. By then I try beaming them and order my wingman to engage. a few seconds later, I turn into them and try to lock them up long range (I think about 20km). It works ok but not as well, as when I finally turn into them, I often take too long in locking them up and they force me to go defensive about half the time. However, since me and my wingman are coming at different angles, it helps and we usually come out on top after an exchange of a few missiles. Anyways... feel free to share your tactics now, and I'll look forward to try them in the next few days... Goodnight! Ian
  12. Welcome Our New Newsdesk Editors

    Thanks for the welcome guys. As I mentionned to Jeff, if you guys need anything translated from french to english (and related to flight simming and aviation of course!), drop me an email at mrfrench@biohazcentral.com and I'll be happy to try and help you. Ian aka MrFrench
  13. Help

    This may sound like a stupid question, but on the A-10 missions that you are trying to play, did you change the name to A-10Ademo.mis when you copied it in the Quickstart folder?
  14. Iff...?

    Hey I have a feeling that you guys are saying that I'm not using my head when flight-simming... ;) Okay, okay... I admit it for THAT particular flight.
  15. Last night I was flying the excellent Kamenta2 mission. On the way in, I was getting picked up pretty good by the AAA radars (I guess I was a bit too high, I need to learn to stay lower with the A10) so I ordered my wingman to take care of those annoying little buggers while I scanned the sky with the AIM-9's seeker looking for choppers. So we're inbound and as we close in to about 5 miles, the Sidewinder locks up to a contact. A bit too eager and nervous, I immediatly launch the missile... only to see that in the middle of the circle was not a chopper but a nice "cross-like" silhouette. D'OH! I had just launched on my wingman who had sped up in front of me and was making a pass over the convoy! :o Luckily, he was actually pumping flares continuously because he was so close to the convoy and I saw my missile explode into one of the flares. Did I just miss it in my excitement or isn't there suppose to be some kind of X on the HUD when I'm targeting a friendly? Any thoughts?

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