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  1. I charge over $100 per hour and would never attempt to put a product anywhere, free or not, without proper instructions. I tried 4 helicopters and only 1 worked. I'm going back to Falcon 4.0, CFS3 and Over Flanders Fields. I appreciate all the hard work but before you post a file, you should ask someone to follow the posted directions and see if they can do it. If not reconsider posting it or modify the directions. By, Freddie
  2. Over Flanders Fields is a free new add on for CFS3. Downloaded it last night and it is awesome. Really big download. Took 5 hours with cable modem. It is well worth getting, requires CFS3 cd. Those guys/gals did a wonderful job, installation was virtually seamless. Ffreddie
  3. I purchased the first gunship and ran it on a toshiba laptop in 1986 or 1987 with an RGB monitor attached. Soon after bought a tandy 286-8 with no hard drive, just 2 3 1/2 floppy's, cost was about $2800.00. I though I was in heaven when I saw it, I believe that it had a self booting 3 1/2 disk, they had problems with the original and I had to send in the mail, for a update. Long before the internet. took weeks to get the update, waited patiently for the mail man every day. Wow, a stroll down memory lane. I still am very disappointed that no one seems to have come up with a good helicopter sim, played comanche, it seems more arcade than an actual sim. I remember in Gunship, getting blown apart, trying to fly the crippled ship back to the base. Man I miss it. I remember running home from work to play, wife wasn't excited that I wolfed down dinner. Freddie
  4. Call of Duty 2

    Just finished it, wow. What a great experience. Freddie
  5. Check Here Great list http://ca.geocities.com/saganuay820/Downlo...page_fixed.html also here http://www.majorleesaerodrome.net/ Click on Strike Fighters project 1 on left side and then on the terrain and map link on the top of the next page. I hope that is correct, as I am having problems with different things. The Korean terrain looks great, I think its better than Falcon 4.0 terrain. It did take me a long time, and probably coincidental that I got it working. Freddie
  6. Please, please, please. Another example of a guy having trouble ( no sound with helicopter). I got the same issues with Solomon islands in 2 planes. Don't remember which ones. Haven't played solomons since. The guys that do all this wonderful work, could save themselves some follow up time if they would just put more specific add on directions. Please, this is not a complaint but a suggestion. I bow to all your expertise and patience, but for us to enjoy your many hours of hard work, it must be easy to install, or we just give up, just as I did with the helicopter problem that I had. I bought a used copy of comache and long bow on Ebay because I am just not into trying to fix folder and file problems. I got the Comache sim thursday and played for several hours. I was offered problem solution help, and I really appreciate that, but it just is frustrating. I am into playing in short bursts of time so the time for problem resolution just isn't there. I would gladly pay a few bucks from my ebay account if I could get the folders and files correctly done so i could just jump in and fly. Freddie
  7. I tried several different helicopters. Maybe you can help me concerning the files that are in the root folder of the extracted files. Where do they go? I will drag the entire folder. Do the helicopters just work in campaigns or will they work in single missions. Thanks for the reply. Freddie
  8. I am following the directions about dragging and copying and I am somewhat frustrated. The install directions leave a little to be desired. Perhaps for us new guys the directions from now on could be a little more user friendly. Copy folders to aircraft folder, copy sounds to sound folder is a no brainer but what about the other files in the root folder of the zip? Seems to me the huge amount of time spent on doing these projects could be tremendous if a little extra installation directions were forth coming. Or let someone else make an executable. I don't think I would design a database without giving very specific directions on how to use it. I teach database design and you must sometimes hand hold the users. Thanks for any help. Freddie
  9. One of my favorite WWII planes is the P61 Black Widow night fighter. I always wanted to fly one. My father was lead naviagator in B24's flying out of England. 8th Air Force. 10 missions. I recently was looking through all the old maps, logs and other stuff he left me. Trying to maybe understand a little of what a 19 year old could have gone through then is just amazing. In this 1 log, he writes how a B24 was hit with flack, going down, no chutes. I saw it in Memphis Belle, but to actually read it as fact. I just froze. Freddie
  10. I am having some trouble getting the Korea pack to work. It seems I have copied everything in to its proper location. Updated to latest patch 3.2 before I copied Korea. I did incremental copying and then ran program after each file copy to see if it worked. In single mission I have the ability to pull down the menu and have both the Korea and dessert showing. I do not have the ability to start a campaign in korea, only the dessert. Maybe this is the way it is supposed to work. Also it seems both in missions and campaign, either dessert or Korea, I have no missiles in any plane configuration. I have a suggestion for us dumbies. Could someone just give us the already configured terrain add-ons with required folders. I also am looking for the Taiwan terrain and can't find it. I used to play Falcon 4.0 and find this sim a lot more enjoyable. I see lots of great opportunities to customize this, if only I could do it. Thanks, Freddie
  11. I'm fresh over from CFS3, this looks like a great sim. Installed and patched, all 4 patches. Tried to add terrains, first got no additional areas to fly, then nothing, ctd, had to reinstall. I am sure I just must have just copied and pasted something wrong, going to try again tomoorw, but any suggestions would be helpful. Looked at newby guide but didn't pick up any suggestions for adding terrains. Thanks, Freddie

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