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  1. Seeking Advice

    Ok thanks again i'm starting to get to grips with it all now nicely.
  2. Seeking Advice

    Thanks for that guys thats helpful. When I mentioned structure to the game it was meant in regards to modding - as I come from Il2 - offcial patches only and LOMAC - the lovely MODMAN tool, I'm not so used to modifying indvidual files. I'm normally OK if the download has a decent readme but a couple i've come across don't and i'm a little wary about using them. A related query I have regards a campaign i've downloaded from this site - Blood for Oil. It looks like the kind of campaign i'm after and has a perfectly clear readme instructing me to download certain aircraft and skins. Some of them are already contained in WOE and others i haven't had any problem downloading and installing. The ones I am having problems with are the following. MIG-28 BIS/F5E Combo Pack - the readme says its on cambatace but I can't find it anywhere. HarrierFRS.2 - The only one I can find is the Sea Harrier FRS.2 - is this OK? F-16A 10 & F-16B 10 both USAF - I can find similar files on this site but there is no readme and as there are more files in the archive than just the aircraft folder I'm a little confused about how to install. Thanks again Herbie
  3. Greetings all, I've just invested in SFP1 Gold, WOV and WOE. I've been playing Flight Sims for a fair while (since Janes USAF) and recently have been playing Lomac, Falcon 4.0 AF. Il2 and BOB so i'd say i'm fairly experienced. All these other sims i've been with since the beginning however as this one has been in development for a few years I must say i'm a little daunted by the number of user made mods. I've followed the guides in the knowledge base and they have been invaluable with getting these games up and running and i've also installed a few new terrains and aircraft without creating any problems (so far). My real question is for those of you have been there since the start - what mods etc are most reccomended for me to get familiar with how the structure of this game works but also enjoy the game. I'm mainly interested in modern aircraft and associated campaigns missions etc. Cheers Herbie
  4. Su33 Campaign

    How do you hit the ship with KH-41 - i've tried about 10 times.

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