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  1. Fair Point

  2. I have a friend that accidentally entered the White House airspace a few good year ago (when he went to pilot school in DC), he responded to the call and lucky for him that only the police were waiting for him
  3. The order to shoot down the jet was after talking with the Russians and making sure it's not one of their own, then Netanyahu had to give the green light (from what I understand)
  4. We also intercepted 2 SS21 missiles shot at northern Israeli towns.. and of course dozens of airstrikes in Gaza in response to terror attacks and rocket fire at Israeli cities mono, you came during "happy hour" here.. Gepard, there is no mistake, when an enemy pilot enters our airspace he needs to be shot down... what if he decided to drop one of his bombs in Israel? no one can guarantee his intentions when accidently (or not) entering Israeli airspace...
  5. https://www.timesofisrael.com/interceptor-missiles-fired-again-as-sirens-blare-in-northern-israel/ Splash one Fencer!
  6. Sir, I have a bad connection..

  7. Alan Bean passes away at 86

  8. This Cracked me Up....

    it's not necessarily a trap... it's known that in Russia, Ukraine and around, that there are more women than men.. so, they find creative ways to expand in the market ;)
  9. This Cracked me Up....

    I've been there in 2011 (just for a few hours) and Capitaine Vengeur has a point, you fall in love 5-6 times a minute.. they're f***ing gorgeous over there (no ugly broads, they're hidden in caves or something) and they last over their 20's and 30's... but depends on how they keep themselves :)
  10. Yep, we also had RAF C-130's flying in the airshow
  11. R Lee Ermey Dead at 74

  12. WARNING - Never eat this food

    too late for me, save yourselves

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