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  1. Shadow in the Cloud

    Yeah, I saw the trailer.. that's why I asked my question hahaha B17, WW2 & Monsters.. all & all, Hollywood no longer have ideas for a decent movie so they take what ever comes their way? 🙄
  2. A Christmas to Remember

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our Christian friends around the world!
  3. Shadow in the Cloud

    Excuse my language sir, but what the flak is this sh*t?
  4. For normal people it doesn't, for us programmers it can say a thing or two.. for hackers/crackers it's to know what tools to use BTW, if it's written in .NET based language or something similar, it's easier to reverse engineer the code and even change it (if it's not well protected) I prefer English 🤣
  5. Is the A400M considered better than the C-130? Or is it because it's European..?
  6. I only use C#, it's easy & fun.. you can have quick results in no-time (perhaps not like Python but still easier IMO) Of course I learned a lot more in the past.. don't remember sh*t hahaha
  7. Probably C++, you can try de-compiling the executable or one of its DLLs to see more about the code behind the game Good luck learning, I've been a programmer for the past 15+ years + 4 years of high school & junior college.. you can learn new things all the time 😉
  8. Situation is bad, video games wise

    I have more games than free time, thanks @Skyviper
  9. Situation is bad, video games wise

    Quick SitRep, I played CS yesterday, got owned by some kids... Played America's Army Proving Grounds just 2-3 training session (the day before) and DCS world and sucked really bad,.. All and all, situation seems worse 😂😂
  10. Situation is bad, video games wise

    I'm also a CoD fan, use to play it back in the days... unfortunately, I haven't had time or the proper machine to play in a long long time
  11. Situation is bad, video games wise

    @Skyviper Now all I need is someone to help me with the business and someone to take care of the kids hahahahaha
  12. Last time I played a video game was more than 5 years ago Ahhhh
  13. RIP Chuck Yeager

  14. covid-19

    Hope for a full & speedy recovery for you and your wife
  15. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends..

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