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  1. How was your week so far?

    They had multiple successful hits https://13news.co.il/item/news/politics/security/rocket-hit-934987/ In this case no one was hurt but it was pretty damn close, there were a few homes that got direct hit with some damage, 180 injured on the Israeli side (most I think it's just anxiety) There were Iron Dome interceptions in Tel-Aviv but I could see it all the way from my home in Ramat Gan (3-5 miles out) holding my 1yo.. we have a safe room for these special occasions haha
  2. How was your week so far?

    But it's okay, we started this sh*t this time, at least no casualties on our side and hopefully it will stay that way...! A cease fire should be in effect but was broken by 5 more rocket launched to Israel.. what we often hear as a 'miss fire'
  3. Yep, using their 787-9
  4. Does this make any sense?? Anyway.. all of El Al's 747s are now retired.. long live the Dreamliner haha
  5. https://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-5616816,00.html It had breaks issue prior to its flight tests scheduled to Sunday.. emergency response was called but no one got hurt Enjoy the images in the article ;)
  6. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    https://www.prageru.com/video/why-isnt-there-a-palestinian-state/ (enough said) Read (the Hebrew version of) this https://www.israeldefense.co.il/en/node/40635 about the situation in Syria, interesting point of view... I don't think anyone fully anticipated an agreement between Erdogan & Putin, but it's probably part of the Chess game played in the global arena
  7. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    Needed a brush on my history lessons, thanks :)
  8. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    The aid is used to pump money to American companies while helping Israel, like buying F-35s, so we appreciate the help, don't get me wrong.. I will read the article soon, don't think it's going to change my mind about Obama, he was a bad president and not just for Israelis (I have a friend who is African-American jew [that I met during birthright trip], when we bumped into each other in Barcelona in 2012 she admitted to be disappointed with him but elected him for a second term because she's a democrat... )
  9. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    I don't think the current or any administration would abandon Israel (even Obama which was clearly anti-Israel couldn't abandon), nonetheless, this is why we never relied on anyone but ourselves! Heck, when the Frenchies decided to embargo us, we stole the blueprints to the Mirage and made it to the Nesher haha BTW, your current administration had pretty much the same experience as the previous administration... https://www.facebook.com/letfreedomringyall/videos/551716401618456
  10. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    Why does the US have stealth fighters if it doesn't use it for these kind of situations...
  11. https://www.facebook.com/TheInfographicsShow/videos/386932338642871/
  12. https://defence-blog.com/news/boeing-releases-video-of-newest-f-15ex-fighter-jet.html
  13. Hebrew lesson

    BTW, Yalla is originally in Arabic but used in Israeli slang
  14. https://news.walla.co.il/item/3308989 (scroll down to watch the second video) Things are heating up here..

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