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  1. Emailing a (former) driver

    He served long before me, I forgot to mention he was USAF and National Guard... not IAF... he invests in companies in later stages than my own company and of course it can always lead to a business opportunity thanks for the idea Erik!
  2. Hey guys, During the latest cyber event here in Israel I had the pleasure to meet someone who was a fighter pilot (flying Vipers, which I didn't know at the time and found out later, unfortunately) and now in venture capital.. How do you think I should sign off the email? Thanks!
  3. Portable Rifle Rest

    Hot pu**y? hahaha
  4. Still in the Game

    Great to hear you're still in the game ;)
  5. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy new year guys
  6. Imagine my surprise when...

    better than the real deal :P
  7. Happy Birthday, USMC!!

    Happy b-day & Semper Fi Marines!
  8. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    The Volvo is a good choice, they have the best safety measures than most manufactures... in the good old days you couldn't destroy a Volvo
  9. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    I'd prefer a car with turbo charger/s that would be comfortable like my Hyundai I30 (similar to the 2010 Elantra touring in the US)... perhaps an SUV if you're looking for a big car and not a sedan/hatchback
  10. NORTON users

    you tell me https://www.pcworld.com/article/2150743/antivirus-is-dead-says-maker-of-norton-antivirus.html https://blog.checkpoint.com/2016/09/29/antivirus-isnt-dead-but-its-no-panacea/
  11. NORTON users

    AV is not a necessity since it doesn't really work or help... otherwise, no one would have developed new technologies in the field BTW, I'm using Windows Defender (since it's free and there..) and a deception based endpoint protection my brothers(/partners) and I developed :)
  12. NORTON users

    It's common with malware/viruses to disable existing protection in order to start their malicious activities without a problem Norton or any other signature based AV is not a good solution (they only stop between 20-40% [at best]), try using better anti-malware... I might suggest as well to use sandbox software for unknown executables
  13. Prayers for the families and victims

    sad and horrific news... prayers for the victims and families affected!
  14. You had a good run Hugh

    The only person people are not saying he's in a better place Thanks Hef!

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