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  1. What Is Missing In Actual Air Sim...

    In the Falcon 4 the campain is dynamic.... real dunamic..... and the ATC is must real....... ----------- probably she will be very necessary and more of the Real since we will have Harriers settling in the English Aircraft Carrier... And the campaign will be stupidly dynamic... But if to place everything this ai also civil the game goes to be heavy Excessively... a LOMAC of the life. ps: it had many civilians in the area of the conflict in the Falklands?
  2. Clickable Cockpits?

    If the Work is bigger also rewards it will be... :D
  3. Clickable Cockpits?

    A clicable cockpit as for Falcon 4 and F/A 18 is ideal ... But these analogicos flighters must be the majority....
  4. This Simulator Is Very Promising !

    Sweep Nice! This simulator one really promises! Only the possibility of being able to fly the Harrier already leaves me very happy! and... O Jô está , como sempre, muito divertido . Seu programa se chama PROGRAMA DO JO e ele está na Rede globo :D
  5. Will It Have A Mission Editor?

    The Mission Editor of the F15 Janes is the Best of the Best !
  6. Will It Have A Mission Editor?

    I agree to you :D
  7. Clickable Cockpits?

    Well...... clickable Pit of more the realism to the simulator since we cannot click in the screens.... (still) ehehhehehheheh A great example of clickable pitl is Janes F/A 18 and Falcon 4 ... This the best simualdor that I know! That it comes JET THUNDER AND FALCON V :D
  8. Mirage V Sea Harrier

    Well people! I go to finish teaching to say portuguese.... or some similar thing... ehheehehehhee :D
  9. If You Need Beta Tester.

    No memomento eu não estou me tendo em ninguem ! uahauhhuhaahua
  10. What Do You Want More??

    realism ! more important in game is the realism !
  11. Mirage V Sea Harrier

    A REVISTA FORÇA AEREA É A MELHOR DAS MELHRES THE MAGAZINE "FORCE AEREA" IS THE BEST OF THE BEST ! In number 24 have great plublisher of Malvinas.... The Title is "Com Bravura e um Pouco Mais" (ALGUM BRASILEIRO TRADUZ ESSE TRecho) É SOBRE OS A4 na GUERRA DAS MALVINAS ..... tem um relato completo ! com otimas fotos Muitas fotos dos navios Ingles no momento do ataque ! Fotos dos A4 em combate ! e claro ! A ultima foto de muitos Argentinos , pilotos de A4 ! mortos em combates ! -------------
  12. Screenshots

    MORE PHOTO ! MORE PHOTO ! MORE PHOTO !! Greate Photo !
  13. Will It Have A Mission Editor?

    It's a very important Question !
  14. If You Need Beta Tester.

    I TOO !

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