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  1. So uhh ive been using OpenTrack with IL-2 1946 for a while and wonder is it usable for SF2, if it is how can i do it? Also (pretty dumb qyestion ngl..) is there a way to minimize the game when ya play it? usually if i press the windows key it would bring me back to my desktop and minimize the software i was using in fullscreen, works with IL-2 1946 but not for SF2. and cant find a good software to record the game with
  2. Nah, i want Sukhois since my country fly the Su-30MKII and Su-27SKM and also has a order of 11 Su-35S (No its not cancelled Russia never says it was and there was no news from the defense ministry that our Su 35 were cancelled)
  3. Which of Mue's tool to look into the HUD node? if its the lodviewer i already have it but dont know much about using it on HUD's
  4. Ok so i made it this far, i need to Know which tga is that AG gunsight thingy... and What the Airspeed Indicator is usually called in the Avionic .ini (Airspeedtext not working)
  5. ngl mate ive tried everything ik so far to get huds to work, changed the .ini's a lot of times and mostly it broke the plane and i had to restart with the backup and re do it.. your Su-35 is a completely different 3d model than the one i use but the cockpit didnt change at all, still same HUD... guess more trial and error for me
  6. Sorry that i made a mess btw.... Should've just sent the .ini files... Su_27_COCKPIT.ini is the one that i want the HUD from and the Flanker-F_COCKPIT.ini is the cockpit im using Flanker-F_COCKPIT.INI SU-27_COCKPIT.INI
  7. i'll send the .ini's so ya guys can help... if ya guys do can ya explain which was changed from the .ini so i can do it on my own later on?..
  8. Sooooo since the last topic was kinda ded i decided to post again. Basically im editing the Su-35 cockpit and i like the re texture ive been workin on But the HUD i really wanna change to the Modern Flanker cockpit HUD made for Marc's Sukhoi's (HUD pic below) sooo im asking on how to do it, since the HUD the 35 cockpit came in would look too old to put in a modern Fighter like the Su-35. Please help.. so i can finally release the Su-35 mod.. sincerely -Noon
  9. sorry....
  10. Hello Ya'all Im editing the cockpit of the Su-37 mod so i can fit it in my WIP Su-35 Flanker-E, ive only changed the textures for it for now and im looking on ways to change the HUD display from the one default in the cockpit to the one below tried to just delete the HUD folder in the cockpit folder and copy this HUD folder there and i thought thats just it since when i change the Revi sight on 109's i just change the tga file and edit the .ini soo might need help.. tried looking into the old forum post "Cockpit tips" or something by Russok and didnt found much that helps with HUD's
  11. thanks mate, im currently looking on how to start making cockpits so i can re use the Su-35 on SF1 and make it into a Su-35S for SF2 with my own design cockpit (currently using the SU-35 cockpit on Su-37 as substitute). Hopefully it turns out great and dont lag my potato off, kinda enjoying learning this game to mod since its quite simple compared to others. Cheers
  12. too late already made my own...
  13. S-199 Cockpit

    Overall i like the cockpit i hella love it, only problem is when i look left or right the camera rises and goes outside of the cockpit, same goes if the camera points upwards and it goes outside of the cockpit
  14. Heyoo if ya noticed a couple of minutes a go i posted some ss of my Su-30KI, now im not gonna post it for download because im planning to make it into the 35S with Thrust vectoring and a new cockpit. now.. what do i use to edit cockpit models? what software needed to design it or any utilities? (the Su-35 cockpit for download dont look so great and i wanna improve on it a lot) Secondly, How do i add thrust vectoring nozzles to an aircraft without Thrust vectoring?. > The model i use as a base is Marcfighter’s Su-27 and i also have the 37 installed and see it has the nozzles modeled and working. Sincerely, Noon
  15. Thanks Y’all, got the Su-30KI to work with decals and the skin just need to findout why the afterburner affect not working

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