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  1. AV-8B USMC (83) Or something along those lines https://combatace.com/files/file/16771-av-8b-harrier-ii-sf2-ver2019/
  2. Does anyone happen to know where to find the template of this particular bird? I've been planning on trying to do a skin on it
  3. Ah, figures well it is kind of a shame tbh, i've been meaning to use this thing for awhile now :(
  4. does it have anything to do with the decals(file)?
  5. So for some reason the decals for the VAQ A-6's didnt showed up :/ Any ideas?
  6. Cold East Ground Objects Bonanza Vol.1

    honestly man this all looks amazing, hell brilliant if i may say. Any plans on making modern russian vehicles though?
  7. A Bitter truth

    Not exactly, the game just wont enter the moment the ram limit's reached basically
  8. A Bitter truth

    full on high, but i did set the water to low, effects to medium, along a few others ig
  9. A Bitter truth

    i've been dealing with a black screen issue for a while now, looked up some old forums and none of them seemed to fit and i thought that i would never find the answer Turns out, my laptop cant rlly handle an SF2 Merge containing more than 70-80Gigs of this game In short: My potato PC is gonna have to make me choose on either 80s era graphics. Or A limit to the ammount of mods i can put on it Looks like im going to have to save up to buy a new Gaming PC to replace this one afterall -Al
  10. Looks like Old smokie K's finally getting some new flankers on his deck Looking forward to it GKABS! ^^
  11. Your First Sim

    For me it was Il-2 1946, I remembered coming home from Junior high school and playing it on my dad's PC course teen me didn't care about the whole "dogfighting and realism" thing with me opting to create ungodly amounts of crashes :v
  12. Something weird happened awhile back, i opened SF2 and it just showed me a black screen Any ideas on whats happening here??
  13. Thanks man Really appreciate it
  14. Does anyone happen to have a CFT skin thats basically this without the roundels? cant seem to even find one in templates

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