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  1. Graphics problem, hard to describe

    I shall try that. Thanx.
  2. Graphics problem, hard to describe

    Well, already did that. Set everything as low as possible and the problem persists. I am starting to think that I wasted my money. Sounds like a guy has to be a technocrat to play much of anything these days. I never had this problem with Strike Fighters Vietnam.
  3. Graphics problem, hard to describe

    Laptop is not overheating. Graphic options on UNLIMITED is...well, I have no idea what that means. And laptop probably about 10 years old. The laptop
  4. Okay, I searched this forum and I can't find any reference to this problem. I hope that doesn't mean that I am the only one to experience it. When playing, almost all the time the graphics go absolutely crazy. Colors just bouncing all over the place, like a Pink Floyd laser light show. It makes the game absolutely unplayable. I tried to take a screenshot so you could all see what I'm talking about, but all I got was a black screen when I attempted to post it here. So there goes that idea. This does not happen in loading or menu screens or anything like that. It only happens when actually playing. And once it happens, it keeps happening until I back out to the menus. Sometimes, it happens immediately when a mission begins, other times, it take a few seconds. But it happens every time. Direct X us up to date. My OS is Windows 7. I have no mods installed. I have uninstalled and re-installed, and have even uninstalled and re-downloaded from Third Wire. Same problem no matter what I do. Oh, and I am using an Intel(R) HD Graphics card, which is up to date. Also, I have tried every variation of resolution and other things. One last thing. My FE 2 is up to date. This is driving me crazy. This game wasn't free, and I can't play it. Any thoughts? I thank you in advance for any helpful counsel.
  5. quick question...

    I have purchased the First Eagles 2 for Windows 7 from the Third Wire site and never got an access code. I also never got any returns from my e-mails concerning what happened. The purchase went through, but I keep trying to get an access code, but Third Wire never responds. Has anyone else been through this? If you have, what did you do about it? I hate being scammed, and I would also hate to think that this is what has happened. If anyone has any advice, I am all ears and I thank you in advance. I am about to throw my laptop through a window.

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