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  1. ...for creating Misssions/Campaigns? I realize I probably read over this in the Doc's provided with SFP1 but I would love to create missions/campaigns on the EAW Euro Terrain. Any hints? Thanks...:)
  2. Sluf Skins?

    :D I am soooooo saving those for future reference...:D
  3. :D Tee heee....just found it.... there is a section for every axis in the default.ini. In my case this was [RangedControl002] AxisControl=YAW_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=-1000.000000 DeadZone=11.000000 Saturation=88.000000 ReverseJoystick=FALSE MouseScale=1.000000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=TRUE SelfCenterRate=2.000000 KeyControlRate=1.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=YAW_RIGHT DecreaseControl=YAW_LEFT CenterControl= Set the bold text to "TRUE" et voila.....rudder inverted. B)
  4. and I am finally able to drive NATO - Diesels on my Radeon... Does anyone know how to invert a (joystick) axis in Strike Fighters? I'd love to use my pedals, but stepping on the right pedal gives me rudder to the left. I think I had it running properly some months back, but cannot remember how....

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