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  1. Harrier GR7

  2. Tornado_HUD_update

  3. Burning Sands 1983 SP4 Update

  4. This looks like a cool collection. Ever thought about some "retro" stuff? I realize that the 81st TFW did not fly the Charlie model, we were the biggest wing in the USAF back in the day. Any hope of adding the 78th, 91st, 92nd, 509, 510th, or the 511th TFS? They have a whole slew of variants here -> http://www.usafepatches.com/site3/81tfw.htm Shoot, if I have the time, I may just do so myself, with your fine addition as a guide...
  5. I've whipped up a couple goofy little traing missions, but I'd like to see some properly triggered type missions for CA. That would rock! F10 options to call in CAS, the works! One can dream, yeah?
  6. Did this puppy die on the vine? I posted something up on it at the ED site, and it has been sitting there rotting for 6 days. I did find the metal2Mesh site and the last entry there was about severing IRIS alliances. I need me a MudHen bad, man...
  7. Now this has potential. Many thanks, HoweFries!
  8. Can't test this rascal out for another 10 hours, but I shipped it home for after work, and can't wait! I'll have to get some screenies and post some gloat shots for a Canuckistanian friend of mine. I'd anticipate him being in the 3rd wire fols by the weekend! From what I can see in the ZIP, it looks to be another high quality job by a dedicated individual. Many thanks for the long hours spent on a highly anticipated project, FastCargo...
  9. Looks like it's time that I give a shot at making a USAF version. It is what if, yeah? :) I wouldn't even give it a shot without this template. Many thanks, Big-J!

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