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  1. damn.. i can`t get it run,what happens to me ? okay i try it again and again... Netweasel
  2. sorry to ask you again..but where i can found the top gun mod ? i tray it here at the lomac dl section,but found nothing. mods are really cool... Netweasel
  3. sounds good i grab the Zimster A10 pack soon as possibile. i love the A10,but i want to fly the F-14 Tomcat. hope for an update soon.
  4. Hi Ghost Dog Yabba Dabba Doo.....it works, just great..thanks a lot. i found a lot very cool skins and the Loman tool,very easy tu use, i thought i need hours to understand. thanks again Ghost Dog i like to collect flight sim skins and mods from different sims like Cfs2.Cfs3, Jane`s WWII Fighters, B-17 The Mighty Eight, Il2 Fb, Lomac.... got a huge collection of 4 cd`s full with skins,mods,effects... too many to use all of them. Netweasel
  5. Hi all !! my name is Netweasel and i`m a newbie in this forum. so i got a lot of questions about lomac. 1. where i can found some skins for lomac ? 2. how to install the skins ? 3. is there a mod available to fly the ai planes ? like in cfs2 any help would be greatly apprechiated... thanks can`t find anything in the forum...am i dumb ? Netweasel

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