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  1. a-6

    geez so in real life what did they do to bomb then on the early models?
  2. ok i tried searching so dont get mad if i ask a stupid question! :) i recently heard about WoV the other day and im thinkin of givin it a try. I had strike fighters but i kinda got bored with it i guess since it was pretty much unfinished when it came out. i see that WoV has the a-6 and i was wondering if it models all the bombing systems the a-6 had, or is it still "i feel lucky" dive bombing?
  3. ok yall gotta check this out lol. ive seen this happen multiple times with the f-100 and once with the c-130. its a photo sequence showing the ai trying to land lol. they come in a slow as possible, way to high, then cut the throttle in the middle of the field at like 300 feet up and fall, then crash......usually they dont even explode....just bounce......bugs can be some funny. the c-130 was even funnier as when it tried to land, it floated down from like 20000 feet right above the field at 25 knots. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p...uid=651477` ryall
  4. hell yeah i wanna see them! hey also, on the cobmat air support missions, are they ever gonna include a real FAC aircraft that fires real smoke rockets? or are they stil gonna use the cheap radio message? its pretty dumb when you hear SNOOPY telling you hes at your 12 oclock low rocking his wings, but in reality, hes not there.........
  5. is it just me, or does the ground scan radar not do a dman thing? in the manual it says you can detect and designate targets like buildings and tanks, although, ive yet to do either. in fact nothing ever shows up. also, didnt the f-100 have a primitive bombsight(like a cpid or whatever the hell its called)? and whats up with the cluster bombs doing nothing, and shady ground explosions? are they gonna fix that? kinda sux also that you can choose to fly a SEAD mission, but theres nothing to shoot at since AAA and crap is non existant. oh, and is there a way to manually depress the gunsight in the f4 like it says in the manual? theres an indicator below the hud that shows how much its depressed by. oh, one more thing, whats the lads timer or whatever its called in the a4?
  6. i know you gotta keep the target in the hud etc, i have to problem with that. i get a good lock as well. the brackets go over the target on the scope. then i press insert, and it draws the line to the blip on the scope, and the little dot travels up to the blip. once it gets there means i have a lock right? if thats the case then what the hell is wring with this stupid thing cause i still dont get any diamonds over the target on the hud, and i cant use the sparrows!
  7. ok is it just me or is the f-100 a big piece of crap? i cant barely stand a chance against mig 17's, and my wigmen all get chewed up. whats with this plane? you cant even do a gentle turn without bleeding off like all your speed, and if you go below 300kts, your screwed
  8. i seem to have this problem too....i cant seem to get a target box in my hud around the target. ill have the radar in search mode, then press home to select a target, then insert to acquire it. the radar does its thing, and the line on the radar crosses the target, but no box in the hud, and that missles dont guide........what gives? bug? or am i doin something wrong?
  9. how the hell do you accurately bomb in this game? i tought that buy then they had ccpid or some primative form of it by then......also, whats p with the ground scanning radar? how come i no tanks or buldings show up, so i cant lock on to them? and what the heck is an aim-4 or a-4 or whatever that other undocumented missle is called? ryall

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