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  1. I hate looking at the bright blue lights at night. I think they should be toned down a bit and not so bright. I would like to see the color changed from blue as well. I looked in the data files but I cannot find a way to change this. Anyone know when the SDK will be out? Just a small gripe from me! :D
  2. Oh yeah, and i'm running WINXP SP1.. Have tried different drivers for video but still get same problem.
  3. Everytime i choose single player in the f4 and its a fighter sweep i get CTD after the first bogey gets killed. I also experience this in campaign and get the first kill. TK , anyone, seen this problem?? I played the same mission 3 times today and each time i get CTD after first kill. Doesnt matter who shoots it, me or my wingman. I have all the latest drivers for my computer ( I am an IT technician so I know what I'm doing). System Specs: P4 1.6GHz 512meg Rdram SBlive Western Digital 20 gig Ultra ATA HD ATI Radeon 7200 64Meg Any ehlp would be appreciated.. Waiting for this game to be completed soon!
  4. I was flying a quick mission last night in an F-4D i believe. I was trying to fire a n AIM7 but could not get a tone. I had the radar in search mode, locked on to the MIG but got no lock box in the hud or tone. I also could not pickle the sparrow no matter what keys i pressed. Usually button 2 on my stick releases weapons, and it does so for the aim 9 but not for this weapon. Am i doing something wrong? I was about 3 miles away when trying to shoot. The mig was directly in front of me as well. I also tried to pickle the sparrow from the f-104 but again got no response. Any help would be appreciated! :roll:
  5. hey guys, Just got the game today and its running like crap. I get a stutter every second or so and its constant. I have the latest drivers for my Radeon 7200 and it runs great with any other game i have. I even tried the tweaker that was suggested earlier and disabled T&L and no go. I almost think its a sound problem but i have the latest XP drivers for my SB Live Value. I heard radeon users had the same issues with the WALLEY version. ANy one have any other suggestions?? I wanna give this game a chance but i have 14 days to fix this before it goes back to EB for a refund! Here are my Spec: P4 1.6GHZ 650Megs RDRAM SB LIve! Value 20 Gig ATA HD
  6. Yeah, I tried that and it still sux butt... I get a stutter about every 2 seconds. Got the latest driver for my Radeon 7200 and it did not help. I can play FS2002 in very high rez with no probs. I cant figure this game out......

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