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  1. Just in case you also have problems getting on the HL server for download, you can also download the new version at : www.9thawacs.com cheers scotty
  2. A-10 Skin.

    Thx for Reply :-) Do you have special training days ? We have on friday at 20.30 (UK). Maybe it is possible to a combinied training or some kind of little A-10 competition ?
  3. At our IL2-Lomac forum is a post how to change it , its fine and easy to understand. forum
  4. A-10 Skin.

    Hi everyone , I made my first template for Mig29 and it works fine :-) 9th awacs skinning Can anyone of you tell me which skin to use now for A10 to make a template from ? Just to get best all srews, bolts and thin lines from ? BTW, GhostDog did u lately sign up at 9th AWACS ?
  5. 9th Awacs - Worldwide

    Hello everyone. 9th AWACS is a group of ~ 50 simmers and over 120 members. We just built up our LocK On squad. A few things that might be a pro for our squad: - own Teamspeak Server - Own Webserver - Regulary Trainings - Average age between 25 - 40 - Members have adminrights on different sections to keep page updated all time - and a lot more Our webpage is : 9th AWACS Recruitment form : Recruitment Form Thank you for reading this 9th_scott_68

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