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  1. Hi Bernard! I have tried the hard mode and you were absolutely right! Much for fun :D Until next time...
  2. Hi Bernard! Thanks for the link. I will try my luck and report you...
  3. Thank you Bernard! I will try the hard radar mode and search for the tutorial. I'm just hoping there is no bug in hard mode because I don't know how the radar should work :D
  4. Help Please

    I have read this as a possible solution to get the preferences menu to work: On your desktop "right click the usaf icon, choose compatibility set it to windows 98. click on unable visal themes..." And it should work...(hopefully)... ;)
  5. In easy radarmode I can't acquire a lock by using the insert key function. I can select the target and mark the target on the radar screen, but no yellow diamond box appears and it's not possible to fire a radar guided missile. I always have to wait, until the programm automatically locks on the target and the red box appears. After hitting the target I have to wait until the aircraft crashes into the ground to get the next target acquired automatically. It worked fine without having patch 2 installed. I have made two clean new installs of the game and tried it with several aircrafts. but no way... I play the german version. - Athlon XP 3000+, A7N8X 2.0, 1024 MB RAM, 400 Mhz Infineon, Sapphire Radeon 9600 XT 256 RAM (Ati Catalyst 3.7), DirectX 9.0, XP prof. sp 1, 1024 x 768 / 32

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