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  1. Everytime im playing a game or burning a cd this stupid error message pops up and crashes the software im using "AUpdate.exe-application error The instruction at "0x77f8b812" referenced memory at "0x01040030" the memory could not be "read"." but it doesnt seem to do it on its own and this has only started when I finally got a new subscription for liveupdate Norton Antivirus 2002 and updated. Now I cant update the virus definitions or visit symantec's website it brings up page cannot be displayed (is there website down). so can anyone help me out with these thanks alot to anyone who replies
  2. Help Please

    i got it to work lol forgot about this thread ya it works on winxp but has some problems i think they are being fixed by people like with super pro or something not sure but it works
  3. where is everyone find info on the f-18 addon?
  4. Help Please

    i just got this game cause i heard it is pretty cool and i cant install it i click proceed and then nothing happens the autorun exits it and thats it. i dont know if its cuase im running win xp or what can someone help me out here please
  5. ya i know thats why but it still doesnt hurt to add the gun its not a bad thing or anything just a little unrealistic for the g model
  6. the f-4g doesnt have guns i had to edit the F-4G_DATA.ini and add this under internal guns. it should look like this // Internal Guns --------------------------------------------------------- [internalGun] SystemType=FIXED_GUN GunTypeName=20MM_M61A1 InputName=FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN MuzzlePosition=0.0,10.20,-1.15 LightPosition=0.0,10.30,-1.15 AimAngles=0.0,-2.0,0.0 MaxAmmo=639 EjectShells=FALSE MinExtentPosition= // Weapon Stations --------------------------------------------------------- MaxExtentPosition=
  7. i want to see more ww2 fighters made it would be cool to have a world war 2 campaign
  8. hey sorry about the life problems man but hey its cool we all understand take your time on it but dont forget to back up. maybe you can get some help on it im sure people woudl be glad to help. but that looks really good it will be kick ass when you finish it and sorry again
  9. lol sorry i cant i think he would get mad or osmething but i havent heard from him like 3 months lol so i dont know even if i did give it to you it really is in beta state the aflight model is nice and like but it turns to fast so thats not right i dont know i guess i could give it to someone if they wanted to finish it but not sure but it has no cockpit i can take screenshots for you guys if you want me too
  10. Pete Hawker was making the prowler for SFP1. That is the prowler right? well anyways i have th beta to it he let me test it and like its pretty sweet but the problem is he suddenly disappeared not sure what happened to him. havent heard anything since i emailed him but no answer back. dont know oh well
  11. im crying its so beautiful PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE BACK IT UP THIS TIME on alot of cds so you wont lose it again or just realease the beta
  12. awwwwww well thats not cool you like ruined it for me lol oh well. well why doesnt some one take advantage of it like make a A2G missle but make the specs or ini or whatever like an Air to Air missle so that you can launch it at ground targets that wouldnt be cheating now would it or would it
  13. ok it worked again i was flying the same terrain, same plane F-4E, but differrent loadout. I used the same Air to Air missles the AIM-7E Sparrows and the AIM-4D Falcons just differnt agm weapons i used the AGM-88 Harm and the AGm-45 Shrike. but none of those hit the targets but the AIM-7E and the AIM-4D Falcons hit the aaa ground targets and the sam sites and the bar lock radars. but i tryed to take a screen shot of my log but wouldnt work dont know how else ot prove it dont want to take alot of screen shots of the missle flying torwarsd it but oh well its pretty cool hope it works for every one else. oh i had my ground radar set to 10nm if that helps.
  14. ok i was flying a strike mission in single player not campaign on the dueces map and i was supposed to destroy a comms building. well anyways i had the aircraft level set to light and the anti aircraft set to heavy well i was just oging to see if i can hit anything with aa missles and i had my ground radar on and the primary target targeted. fired an AIM-7E Sparrow i was about 10 miles away from the target and it went straight torwards it and destroyed it. so i thought it was ust luck. so it automatically switched to an aaa battary after i destroyed that target and i fired another aim-7 and blame hit it dead on it went straight torwards it. so i tryed one more time just in case leveled out somewhere around 8000 to 9000 and fired another at a bar lock radar and hit it dead on too so i got excited and used AIM-4D Falcons and got like 5 miles within target before the lock tone went off fired the missle and it hit the aaa i had targeted and every single missle i fired hit the target i had targeted on the ground. now this is no bulls**t i looked at my log book after i quit and it said i was using AIM-7e Sparrows and AIM-4D Falcons and they both had 100% hit ratio. all at ground targets. so i dont know if this is a glitch or just no one noticed not to sure so i thought i would be cool to mention i hope it isnt a one time thing im going to go try again and see if it works again. oh i also had 500 pounders loaded and ww2 1000 pounders loaded on an F-4E well im going to go try be back to see if it works again

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