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  1. Fates Falcon 4.0 post

    Fates posted a news article on the website about simhq and Falcon 4.0, how about giving a link to this article?
  2. Why not simply close it down?

    Hi everyone, I have been comming to bio-haz ever since i found it, which is well over a year i think? Its one of my daily stops on a list of other sites i always goto. The site is great and always seems to get lots of good updates all the time. The forum should'nt be an issue, i run a website and get lots of hits everyday but i avoid putting up a forum because its just not worth the hassle. I put a comments section on each topic i post that way if anyone wants to say anything they can. No one comments but i dont care to be honest its just there as a tool of communication. Anyway im rambling i just hope the site stays up and just because people dont post in the forums doesnt make it a bad site. Cheers Mule My Website.
  3. Gallery Need Your Pics

    I have just created a Gallery in my website. If you have any interesting screenshots or nice looking ones please upload them to my gallery it will auto thumbnail etc so you dont have to mess around or anything. Project strike fighter screenshots are lacking and Lomac screenshots. Thanks you can get there by clicking the Gallery section here, My Webpage
  4. My New Flight Sim Website!

    If anyone has any Strikefighter stories or mission descriptions, please feel free to post them on my site. :) My Webpage
  5. Flight Sim"war"stories...

    Thanks Seawolf its up blogflight
  6. Flight Sim"war"stories...

    Seawolf may i post your story on my website? Blogflight
  7. A Sober Moment

    So very humbling.
  8. My New Flight Sim Website!

    If you can get some fs2004 stuff that would be great. I would also really like to hear your about your SF1 missions/tales
  9. My New Flight Sim Website!

    Hi everyone just thought i would let you guys know from this part of the flight sim community, i have built a new website where you can post your stories. You can find it here Blogflight I have been getting a great response from the guys at Falcon 4.0 Hq, i would really like to hear from people who have been using Strike Fighters,Lomac and well to be honest any flight sim. With thanks Mule.

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